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  1. *Update* Not heard anything back from Loans2go. Put in a complaint with the CCTA and have had no reply. It has been more than 28 days. Basically Loans2go did not register the loan on the HPi.
  2. So im going to be sending them this letter today, what do you think? Thanks Dear Loans2Go, The interest was registered with the register on the 16/10/2016. Therefore, the agreement between Loans2Go and "" took place then. Agreement reference "". The Bill of sale was registered on 18/11/2016. Therefore, the Bill of sale is invalid as it wasn't registered within 7 days of signing the agreement. As mentioned in the Act: “ Registration Requirements: s.8 of the 1882 Act requires that The duly attested bill of sale must be registered within 7 days of its execution “. I have also co
  3. Apologies, uploaded as a PDF and attached convert-jpg-to.pdf
  4. i have done some research, the BOS was registered with the court on the 18/11/2016 and the HPi company are now stating the finance was registered on the register on the 16/10/2016. The BOS says it was made on the 16/11/2016. i'm a bit confused as to why the HPi was registered apparently on the 16/10/2016 but the agreement made on the 16/11/2016. Somethings not right! I have attached the BOS and HPi. Any ideas? Thanks Also the Police have contacted me and the CID team advised me that the Loans company has been defrauded by the seller and the title of
  5. Thank you. Also if i was involved in a accident and the vehicle was written off, then where would i stand? Would i be held responsible to pay Loans2go?
  6. Guys some advice wanted. If i put forward a case to the claims court, who would it be against the Husband or the wife or both? The wife took out the loan and then put the car onto her husbands name, then i purchased it from both of them. The wife is claiming her husband has not got anything to do with it. I have the BOS and it has been stamped by the courts within 7 days!
  7. Thank you. Ive done some checks and they do own a house and are working for RBS bank! Ive asked for the BOS from Loans2go and the HPi company are investigating as to why it wasn't showing up on the HPi before and is now. Will keep you guys informed. Appreciate the help guys
  8. I have contacted them but i did not print off the HPi at the time that showed there was no outstanding finance etc now when i log into the cazana website, the HPi i carried out has been updated! they are investigating this and are going to contact me back on the outcome. I don't know how truthful they will be to be honest! Ive reported it to action fraud and i am now contacting the police to report it. Also sending out a letter to seller. Honestly sometimes you just want to name and shame such sellers.
  9. Thank you dx100uk. I have read that. Is this purely a civil matter? Am i able to report it to the Police?
  10. the logbook is on his name. It was on her name prior to him. She took out the Loan. The logbook was transferred onto his name on 03/03/2017 and i purchased it on 23/03/2017. They both said that they have got a Zafira now and for insurance purposes it had to be transferred onto the husbands name. So far have only managed to track down the wife and not spoken to husband. The wife says she is no longer in contact with him and doesn't know where he is. I have the address and text messages from when i purchased the car of the couple.
  11. Hi Guys, The story goes, purchased a car from Lincolnshire from a couple. Paid in cash. Did a HPi check (Basic one) and everything clear. The couple signed receipt to say no finance etc. HPi check done with cazana. Car purchased March 2017. No logbook received i contacted the couple and it looked like they was playing games. i applied for a logbook myself and came with 2 weeks. Did a further HPi check with cazana.com in April 2017 as was getting worried why the logbook hasn't come and the HPi came back clear with no finance etc. I sold the car
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