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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all. I've dug out an old laptop that I want to give to a friend, but I can't remember my password. Burnt Windows Password Recovery to a USB Drive. When I put it in the old laptop, and got it to boot from USB drive, I just get a blank screen with a Smiley Face in the top left hand corner, by the cursor. Any keys I press just adds another Smiley Face. I can't find the same problem happening to anyone else on Google, so I'm quite confused. It is a Samsung R519 running on Windows 7. Thanks in advance. SOD'EM
  2. I'm in a bit of a pickle and am hoping someone can help me work out how to get around this: I bought my partner an Apple laptop via eBay three years ago. All seemed above board, but I collected in person and the seller insisted I pay cash as they didn't want to risk a Paypal chargeback - fair enough, I thought. At the time, they assured me they would send me a copy of the original Apple sale receipt and I asked several times. The seller then stopped responding to my messages. Not an issue, I thought, since I had the laptop and didn't think the proof of purchase would be an issue
  3. Got a Dell Laptop from a Car Boot Sale for buttons, but it's password protected. I can't even start it in Safe Mode or Boot Options without Admin Password. Is there a way I can bypass it without paying for software? OS is Vista Home Basic. Thanks.
  4. Anyone like to express a view on password managers - what is best/easiest/best value etc etc etc. Ta
  5. A really great .pdf document about Passwords, and well worth the read. Full Article
  6. Hi all. Im on JSA. Was asked to make UJM account to search for work and make log, all is good. Last time i was in the JCP to sign my coach has told me that i MUST bring in my user name and password so they can access my account. I previously gave them my email for the account so they can check im doing my bit as per job seeker agreement which i have no problem with at all. This request for username and password is not wrote on my most recent JSA agreement i note! Its just, im not sure they should be asking for my username and password. I thought that was private? my password
  7. Ebay has asked users to change their passwords following a cyberattack that compromised one of its databases. The auction site said that the database contained encrypted passwords and other non-financial information. The US firm added that it had no evidence of there being unauthorised activity on its members' accounts. However, it said that changing the passwords was "best practice and will help enhance security for eBay users". http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-27503290
  8. I lost my password but got it back after digging out a really old backup of my firefox profile. Lucky I had it, only took a few days to find it. The forgotten password link by the login did not work, I tried 5-6 times over the days I was 'lost' and nothing, not in my inbox or junk box. I messaged the site team using the 'contact us' at the bottom but nothing happened there either. Someone might want to check these features still work as I had no luck.
  9. Hi, I am new here. Decided to post my problem because I cannot find any info' at Santander or answers elsewhere. So by posting on here and including words & phrases like characters, symbols, what can I include in my password, what characters are allowed not allowed, how do I create a good Santander password, it may lead others searching to this page. The create / change Password & Security number page at Santander on-line banking does not explain what can be used to create a password of 6 - 20 'Characters'. It says characters but I believe it means letters & numbers. I fo
  10. Hi Techies, I have a windows 2008 R2 Machine and for the life of me I do not recall what the password is to log on to the machine. I also do not have the installation disks either. How can I gain access to my unit. Trying hard not to go down the rebuild route. What suggestions or options do I have. Help please.
  11. i have been inundated with calls from moorcroft. the problem is that my phone number has been recycled from the last subscriber and i am getting all the calls for her. as usual despite repeated requests to cease and desist, i get ignored. i have demanded they send me a copy of their complaints procedure by email which i have just received, i then receive another email from moorcroft with a password telling me i need to use it to open up the complaint document. I smell a rat Dear Mr Further to your recent telephone contact please find attached a copy of our response. Th
  12. Hello, Tried to log in today, received the following message; However the 'this page' link only takes you back to a page with that link. So I then tried to log out and try to reset my password by the forgot password route, this worked untill I logged in with the new password and got the above message again. Its no big issue as I've managed to set up another account but thought you might want to know. Many thanks.
  13. Hello, I am having problems logging on to the forum. It never seems to recognise my password and I end up having to request a new one each time i log on and then having to change it from the one emailed to me. please can you advise? jacobina
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