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  1. Hello Just wanted to come back for an update and once again thank all of you for your help... - I wrote the solicitors a letter explaining the situation. - Received a letter saying their client acknowledges that I had no knowledge that the fabric that I used was counterfeit and since I have ceased selling this fabric, they would not require payment of costs provided that I sign and return the letter that they've originally sent though. - Received another letter a month later asking for the signed letter again. - I wrote to them declaring that I would never put any off
  2. Dear Bazzas I'm confused now. Does this mean that I'm not allowed to sell any Cath Kidston fabric on eBay at all? Even if I have receipts from their store. Which I have found several when I was going though my paper drawer last night. As I've said I buy fabric from their store and other sellers on eBay/etsy and re-sell the remnant left over from projects again on eBay/etsy. Am I breaching intellectual property rights when I sell the fabric as Cath Kidston?
  3. I really appreciate all your help. As you can imagine I panicked and acted impulsively... Here's the letter as requested. pb letter.pdf
  4. But I feel like I still need to contact the solicitors (there's an email address on the letter) and I don't know what to write... How can I ask for more time? And if they give me more time, what should I be doing...
  5. Bankfodder, I followed your advice and rather than contacting the solicitors, I e-mailed Cath Kidston instead: “I received a letter today from Palmer Biggs IP Solicitors who claim to be acting on behalf of your company. I sew cushions, curtains, etc. as a hobby and sell the fabric leftover from my projects on eBay and Etsy to cover some of the cost of my handmade items. I live very close to Cath Kidston’s outlet and purchase most of my fabric from there and have several VAT receipts for these fabrics (and tablecloths that I use as fabric). I also purchase my fabric from other eB
  6. I've got the scanned pages now. But I've been reading the threads that you've sent through and in one of them it says that they were contacted for sharing the contents of their letter and my letter also says "strictly private and confidential - adressee only Copyright protected - no consent for reproduction in whole or in part of the contents of this letter" I really don't want to get in to even more trouble... Though I know you said you couldn't help me if you didn't have all the information...
  7. The part in the letter where you say "In the event of your client bringing any civil proceedings against me on his claim, I confirm the same will be defended in full measure and I will seek my costs." I feel like I'm challenging them which is not my intention at all. Am I reading this wrong? Sorry for all the questions! I did write above that I bought the fabric for £90 and sold it for £250
  8. Thank you so much for all your help. I've been reading the other threads that you sent the links to and I still don't know how I feel about this The draft letter is much appreciated though! I've gone through my emails to see how much I sold it all for and as suspected it was about £250 and I bought the fabric for £90. I have about a metre of it left and happy to hand it over to them since I can't even stand to look at it now!!! I will upload scanned copies of the first couple of pages as well as the last attachment that they're asking me to sign tonight. I think I found someone
  9. Sorry, I thought you asked for the company Cath Kidston and I replied to that twice. If you're asking for the solicitors, it's Palmer Biggs. I bought 10 metres for £90 and sold about 8 metres of it. I sold some of them in 45x50cm pieces so I'll calculate the total price in a few minutes and post here. Sorry, I wasn't trying to be difficult. I thought I was answering your questions, I'm just a bit confused, that's all.
  10. I didn't buy it from ebay. I searched for Cath Kidston fabric on google and found this website and it don't think it said anywhere that I can't re-sell it. http://www.towntiger.com When I visit this site now, it says that the website is shut down for selling counterfeit products.
  11. They bought 3 metres for £80 and another piece for £8. I must have sold a total of nine metres of this fabric so far...
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