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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, On the 3rd of April I made a stupid mistake of attempting to shoplift for the first time from TKMAXX. I was with my 15 y/old friend and as we were walking around the shop I saw a few items that I wanted but could justify paying for. I didn't take anything out of packaging as the items I saw were already just loose and not in packaging. The My friend pulled a bar-code off an item and stuck it in my bag. I went to the till and paid for a couple of items and then as I was leaving the store a man grabbed me and told me to follow him to the back of the store. We followed him and were taken into a small room through the back of the shop. In the room there was a man who I believe to have been the security guard and the Store Manager. I was asked to remove every single item from my handbag, my jacket pockets and my shopping bags. When removing all the items I was asked for receipts, which I didn't have as I don't carry receipts with me. The security guard told us that he had watched me walk around the whole store through CCTV and remove items from packaging (which I didn't do, my friend did), testing items and putting them in my pocket. During the time held in the room I was asked for ID and my full name, address, date of birth and a contact number. This was all written down on a scrap piece of paper. (The friend I was with didn't get asked for any personal details) Whilst this was going on the Store Manager asked another staff member to go and collect that packaging that I "ripped apart". The The staff member came back and they totalled up the cost of all items being around £50. The Store Manager told me they were going to get the police but then changed their mind and said as their shift was going to end soon they couldn't be bothered waiting around and wasting anymore of their time. I was told that we would need to sign a form that confirms that we will not enter the premises again, they never brought us the form and we were allowed to leave the store. When leaving the Store Manager said that we were lucky that no further action would be taken. Now today the 13th I have just received a letter through the door from the "Retail Loss Prevention Limited" asking for a fixed contribution to all of the losses in sum of £150.00. In the letter it explains that a court proceeding is a last resort. I am wondering if I need to pay this £150 and if I don't what will happen??? Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone, Thank you for all the posts and advice on other threads - I have read through them diligently over the last 5 hours, but I am still terrified and feeling downright ridiculous and am more concerned with the 'integrity screening' repercussions from future potential employers. I was in TKMaxx earlier and removed a face bronzer from it's packet and repeated that action with a nail varnish before putting them both in my bag. I was stopped outside the shop by security and escorted to the back office where I admitted to the theft, returned the items which amounted to about £12, offered to pay for them which was declined and was asked for ID. I presented my passport and student ID card and was warned to expect an RLP letter to my home address. I signed the form banning me from entry into all TKMaxx and Homesense stores. I am a 23 year old female student, recently on antidepressants (no excuse, but feel like I am totally losing touch with myself and my principles) and this is the first time this has ever happened. In my panic I volunteered my student ID card as I had no proof of address and they noted down my university name and registration number. After studying for so many years and having student debt up to my eyeballs I am now horrified at the thought that Cireco and associated integrity screening databases could render all my hardwork (and debt) useless because of this frikking awful incident. For all of you who have been very helpful on other posts and are in the know (scarlettpimpernel, 2grumpy, dx, honeybee and the rest), I would so appreaciate having your advice on the following: 1) I understand that Asda, Superdrug, Tesco, Iceland and Boots have access to Cireco's "dishonest database" however can anyone tell me which other non-retail clients RLP have? On their website they mention communications and finance companies as part of their client group. 2) I am in the process of my graduate applications which will include those to law firms (painfully ironic) for grad schemes, government and civil service fast track schemes and grad schemes within the EU, UN and domestic politics. Apparently my name will be on the "dishonesty database" for 6 years so I am almost convinced at the moment that my idiotic actions will have cost me employment in the future due to screening in recruitment processes. I appreciate that this is a dramatic assumption, however I know I will be subject to high-screening for the roles as trainee lawyer, MP staff etc. Does anyone with law/civil service/RLP background know how much of my career I have actually sacrificed? 3) Considering that my priority is my career and therefore not wanting to draw attention to my name on the database, I think I will pay the fine. I understand 99.999% of you will think this completely unnecessary, but I do not want to be remembered or risk anything more that could damage my future any further. Therefore, my question is once I have paid the fine/contribution/office xmas drinks, will RLP come running back for more money? To be completely honest, even though I don't really have the money I can borrow it from my partner and my guilt/shame will be slightly eased by paying for it and not having to worry about my parents opening countless letters from RLP while I am at uni. (I gave them my home address in my panic - so so stupid.) 4) After volunteering my university info and registration number, could RLP notify my university or use that information against me in any way in the future regarding screenings, asking for more money etc? 5) I have a part-time job in a boutique clothes shop and I very much enjoy the work and am a loyal, honest employee. Could TKMaxx/ RLP notify my work place of this incident? Lastly, (and thank you very much for reading this far), I understand this is not a criminal affair but anything that stands against my name could be very damaging, so anyone in a similar situation or with any knowledge about the scope or effect of integrity screening processes for future employment as a lawyer or civil servant, please please please come to my rescue. I am too ashamed to tell my parents - it's not how I was raised. Many Thanks Jerry
  3. Hi ,everyone This is my first time to come. I am not british. Sorry for my english ,first. I need some one would help. Recently, my friend went to shop ,and he was caught by shoplifting. It was his first time, he noticed totally wrong. He was banned from TK MAXX, and informed of a letter from RLP will fine him. He will leave for U.K next month and now preparing the disseration and exam. He wonder how long will he receive the letter? Becuase the address he told was the old address, now he is moving to another place. And he is worried about any criminal records? or bad effects for renew the visa? Of cousre, he will pay the fine.becuase he felt guilty. PS: THE WHOLE THING ,POLICE NOT INVOLVED. ~ Thank you very much .And sorry for the wrong thing again.
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