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  1. Totally agree, its not ideal when it comes out of reverse as we live on a hill and I've lost count on how many times I've nearly rear ended the neighbours car. We have sent rejection emails and recorded letters to the finance company (Motonovo) and the original dealership on Thursday but all has been quiet so far.
  2. Evening all, My parents purchased a very expensive tan Italian leather suite from Leekes around 3 years ago. Over the last few months the colour has been coming off the suite and there are mass swathes of white patches all over the sofa. Even on areas that your not sitting on the colour is coming off and the cushions have been collapsing on the suite. Having spoken to Leekes we had an independent sofa expert come out and look at the sofa, he confirmed it was a manufacturing fault and the sofa was never sealed correctly when it left the factory. Leekes have offered to put new cushions and respray/reseal the sofa but having this done on a previous sofa the colour was never right and was full of patches. With this independent report am I within my rights to demand a replacement sofa? We have no intention of allowing them to spray tan dye in the house with cream carpets and tear apart a 5k+ sofa to install new seat cushions. Any advice would be appreciated. Dan
  3. Thank you both, i'm going to fire a letter off to the dealer in the morning. I've read through the Autotrader article and I am going to ask for the cost of the privacy glass and the film tints back plus interest. The dealer thought just having the films refunded was "deeply unfair" according to the sales manager so i'm not expecting much. We are not really interested in rejecting the car as its a pain in the a**e to get another diesel Zetec S but I will if I have too.
  4. Hello All, Looking for some advice about a new Ford Fiesta we purchased from a ford main dealer. When I started my initial negotiations with the salesman, he told me the car we wanted available, and that the car came with factory fitted privacy glass and upgraded alloy wheels. After collecting the car I noticed that one of the rear trim panels was loose above the window. Whilst attempting to reattach the panel I noticed that the panel was in fact damaged. On closer inspection I also noticed that the glass was not totally black like our Focus, but had a plastic film placed over all the windows which was badly fitted. I spoke to the salesman to complain that he had not supplied a vehicle with factory fitted privacy glass as agreed, and that in the process of having the film fitted the car had been damaged. Disinterested is a mild way to put it, they said they could probably look into replacing the trim and that was it. We then found out from the salesman that they had charged us for the film tints and added it onto the finance agreement! I then asked to speak to the sales manager but he never returned calls so I had to get ford involved before he bothered to call back. He said he was not aware of the issue, said why are we complaining as the films we're a cheap option and they often do it and that he think it was very unfair to ask for our money back!! The real privacy glass is a 200 pound optional extra, I have asked for this back plus the cost of the films with interest. Am I being unfair as Seems to have fallen on totally deaf ears with the dealer. Where can I go with this? Cheers
  5. Hi Conniff, The engine cost was just under 2000. I've been talking to him via email and I get the impression he just doesn't want to know. Thanks Dan
  6. Hello, Some advice needed from fellow CAG members. I'm going to avoid mentioning brands/companies at this stage until I see whats what. We had a major engine issue with our car back in September. Our mechanic who we have used for years gave us some options on what we could do with the engine. I decided that the engine should be fully re-manufactured at a specialist and he would take out/refit the engine. Our garage took out and then refitted the engine. We first had issue with it after the mpg dropped significantly, then it was dumping diesel all over the drive. Our mechanic found that a plate that was part of the engine was missing. He also found that the new head that was fitted to the engine was heavily leaking oil. I emailed the specialist at the start of November to say it was leaking and he said if our garage stripped any part of the engine the warranty would be void. He suggested we drive the car to him so he could look at it. I agreed but when dates we're given it was always inconvenient and now i'm looking at mid February before he will consider looking at it. Its now dumped diesel again all over the drive today, my mechanic has come out and said his work is fine and places it would normally leak are dry. I've emailed him saying I want the car looking at straight away but yet again its been brushed off. Im considering speaking to a solicitor tomorrow but is there anything I can do first? We spent a considerable sum with this firm and i'm wondering what small claims would think of this? Dan
  7. Well National has admitted liability on this and is trying to sort the car through insurance. As mentioned in my original post the oil filter was not fitted correctly and all pressure to the top end was lost. Turbo is oil lubricated and so is the top end so that's why it's knocking as it was oil starved.
  8. Thank you Conniff, the car is a Diesel and a motorway miler. I have drafted a letter and will update you on what they are arranging to do.
  9. Hi Conniff, I still have the invoice and I have copied it numerous times, when calling head office they have stated that "he probably just booked out the wrong one". I just can't understand how they can say that, when that filter was changed the day after the oil pressure issues vanished. I also have a report from the RAC stating that the oil pressure light was on when they recovered the car and a photograph of the dashboard showing it as being on. Madly enough I also have a photo of the dashboard on the morning before as I was uploading my MPG on the car to my excel spreadsheet!! The car is on 107000 but its a 4 year old ex lease car with full Audi history. Never had a blip of a problem with it. The garage was National Tyres and Autocare. Dan
  10. Hey Guys, Major advice needed, I have had my fingers really burnt at a National garage after an oil and filter service. We took the car in after having no problems at this garage previously, car had the oil and filter changed and was given back to me. I hadn't even driven off the forecourt and the oil pressure warning came on. Took it straight back and was told not to worry as it was full of oil, again back out and light was still on. Took it back and was then told don't worry they'll speak to Audi in the morning as it must be a sensor that needs resetting. Took the car off the forecourt again and got 1/2 mile down the road and the engine died and would not restart. Had the RAC come out to recover the car home. Called the garage in the morning and they came out and changed the filter, The mechanic admitted that the oil filter was "loose in the housing" and the new one was fitted in the car. The oil pressure light immediately extinguished but now i'm left with an engine that's knocking itself into tomorrow and a whining turbo. I called the garage and they denied everything stating the fault must have been there when the car arrived and if we wanted anything done we would need an independent garage to look at it and state that it was the fault of National. I then called into head office and they sent the senior mechanic up to look at the car. Computer was plugged in showing that everything was operating as it should but we found on the invoice that the wrong oil filter had been booked out. The senior mechanic called the guy who fitted the filter and he admitted the car was not knocking when it came in and there was no lights on the dashboard. He thought that the filter that was originally fitted did not engage the pressure valve at the bottom of the engine and stopped oil circulating around. That filter has now obviously vanished. They've now asked for an independent report but have authorized work of up to £500?? My garage said he can only really comment on the cars condition now but believes it needs a new top end rebuild and a turbo. They have been good with us but also very grey when its coming to the nitty gritty of sending to the dealers under insurance. What the hell do I do???? Thanks Dan
  11. Checked the credit report and Lloyds still owns the debt. Lloyds we're charging interest on the file up until August 2010 then it was defaulted. Loan was originally for 40 months ,It wasn't paid for nearly 3 years so now we are catching up with all the payments on the file.
  12. Hi All, I'm trying to sort through my partners finances and I've finally got around to looking through all the paperwork Lloyds Bank has sent us. First one I am attacking is the Lloyds Loan taken out in 2005. A few key points Original loan amount was £3500 Interest for loan is £949.20 Total amount repayable was £4449.20. Lloyds have sent us a reconstituted credit agreement with no signatures and in a different address where the loan was originally applied from. I have also worked out the interest charged on the account from all the statements we have been sent which has come to around £1800. We've been paying the amount back through a number of DCA's and now the latest one is Moorcroft, we have sent a CCA to them and they haven't bothered replying. What can I do with this one if anything? Thanks in Advance Dan
  13. Thanks so much for the help so far. I will be sending CCA to Moorcroft and Robinson Way and the SAR to Lloyds. For the blackhorse finance credit agreement there was a CCJ issued on the 28.10.07 then another for the 08.11.09. This debt was at one point being dealt with by 3 collection companies. The only reason why the second CCJ came about it because i didnt have a clue who to pay. Whats your thoughts on the 2 CCJ's?
  14. Hello, I need some help regarding some agreements that I have with various DCA's. Being young and naive I had taken out a credit card, loan and car finance with lloyds tsb/blackhorse back in 2006. Defaulted on them all and ended up going through a number of different DCA's for payment. Ive been paying these debts now through Moorcroft and its dawned on me after reading through CAG that i could have paid fees and charges that i should not have. I don't for once dispute that I took out these debts and i'm im not trying to get out of paying them. After reading through a variety of threads and posts i'm unsure wheather to send a CCA request to the DCA's or a SAR to lloyds. Could i just send the one SAR for all the accounts held with Lloyds? Whats my best options? One of the debts already has 2 CCJ's so i don't really want to have to go to court only for the judge to say its enforceable even though they may have no CCA. Any advice would be really appreciated. Dan
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