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  1. Woad, I apologise for the last sentence of my previous post. It was rude and unbecoming. I certainly will not use those comments when I go to court. However, your comments have previously have included as much sympathy as a slap in the face with a wet Mackrell. My posts haven't sought to garner sympathy rather provide a accurate account of a unfortunate, and I think unfair, series of events. What I wrote last night suggested you and others see whether you could relate to draconian measures of a similar nature imposed on minor violations. Tax does need to be paid I totally agre
  2. ["Hardly punitive, arbitrary and disproportionate. You knew that you would be going on holiday, you knew that you had to insure, MOT, and tax a car, and yet you still went ahead and bought it knowing you had less than 36hrs to complete this" Thanks for your -limited- 'thoughts' Woad. Yes I did know I was going on holiday soon after. I also knew the car had a current MOT, insurance was a five minute call to sort AND car tax was a simple couple of clicks on a computer or smartphone.... Except it WASN'T! I tried that IT DIDN'T WORK and by the time the test drive and haggling was
  3. As stated in OP: -The online system would not allow me to tax the car. -It had a valid MOT, I insured the car at the dealership and had possession of new keeper supplement. -I could not however register tax online at either the dealership or at home. I was not getting a answer why, the page just sending me to the start of the process again and again, I confidently expected the system was down/ under Ddos and would be sorted by the next day. -I went to work early- pre 7am- and tried again around 2pm on the online system to the same result. -It was at that point
  4. Thanks for opinions on my scenario. As a matter of principle I would rather go to court and fight with prospect of a larger fine than just roll over. I may bring a case myself to a small claims court.
  5. Bought car on evening of the 7th December. Car insured at dealership. Attempted to tax at dealership but website wouldn't allow. Drove car to gf's home and tried online unsuccessfully again a few times but thought must be a site issue. 8th left car parked and commuted to work. Tried website but still not able called DVLA number and attempted to pay online. Was told i would have fill out information at post office. Finished work after post office closed. Had leave gf's house early next day for 2 week holiday before Post office opened. Returned to UK on 24t
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