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  1. I work within a big organisation split into smaller sub sections. In the other sub sections there is one person doing my job, but my sub section is much bigger so the role here is split between 2 people, myself and one other, we split the role normally done by one person. I have recently discovered that there has been an agreement to uplift the pay ranking of everyone doing the equivalent of my role, including the colleague who shares the role with me, giving them a nice payrise. I have not been uplifted, or been contacted about it. I have contacted HR to say I'm aware of this payrise and to ask why i was not considered. I have also sent them a job description of the normal singular role, where I have highlighted who does what out of the two of us, and the tasks are equal, if not slightly weighted on my role. My colleague has also only been here 18 months whilst i have been here much longer, and in fact I was the one responsible for training them. HR have agreed to reconsider my case, but I would still like answers as to why I wasn't considered the first time. Am I being treated unfairly? Am I right to be asking for answers as to why I wasn't considered? I have also found out I'm pregnant and whilst my immediate organisation are aware, HR are not aware as i don't want my impending Mat leave to have an influence on their decision now.
  2. Yes, I feel it's very sneaky for them to write there. That was an old address, but they have made contact with me at my newer addresses since then. I was paying them monthly payments but they stopped in 2010 when I had a baby and was on maternity leave. I'm 99.9% sure that after that I did not pay anything. I do recall a year or so ago trawling through bank statements for the last few years to see if there were any other payments, but it's always possible I have missed a one off card payment over the phone as it would not necessarily show up as them. I will sit tight for a bit longer and see if they carry on....
  3. Thanks Andy. Is it possible for them to be trying a sneaky CCJ by using an old address? Or is it not possible to do that due to the age of the debt? I'm pretty confident that the debt was not acknowledged within the last 6 years, but my memory isn't what it used to be, so don't want to rock the boat by sending them a letter and them replying saying I did pay something. I have had the date in my diary for some time, and it dropped off my credit file that month too, so I assumed I was correct, but don't want to chance them writing back!
  4. I have been chased for a number of years by Lowell for a debt. They go through phases of really chasing, then I don't hear anything for a while. In May of this year, the debt became statute barred. It has now disappeared from my credit file and my credit rating has gone to good again. However.... Lowell have REALLY started chasing the last few weeks. I have had letters galore, I have had about 5 phone calls a day and a couple of texts, and now they have started sending letters, addressed to me, to my parents house. My question is what action should I take. I know the debt is SB, but I'm concerned by their sudden chasing. Do I need to worry? Should I ignore it all, or should I write to them? I'm concerned as to why they are sending the letters to my parents address rather than mine, are they trying to get a CCJ by deliberately sending to the incorrect address? Is writing to them to tell them a debt is Statute Barred not an admission of ownership? Thanks everyone!
  5. Hi Dx, To clarify, I don't actually want any money from them via the reclaim, I just want them to agree the debt is settled to be honest and stop pursuing it (I realise this might be high hopes on my part!). As they are resuming debt collection activity, I wonder if I should write back and say that this matter is being disputed with the original creditor?
  6. My noddle report is pretty poor as it has 2 defaults on it which are 5 years old (and both currently being disputed). Today I paid the fee and viewed my experian report and that says I have excellent credit and no record of the 2 defaults? I have an old experian report from 2012 and that has one of the defaults on it, but not the other, but now they no longer appear on it. I even called experian to check, and she said there was no active record for them, so they are not part of the credit report. My 2012 report was in the region of ~700, but now it's mid 900's, and even says at the top that it has improved because there are no longer delinquent or defaulted accounts on it. One other thing that confuses me is that Experian have no record of my current bank account. They have my main bank account down as an old closed Barclays account. Again, I asked them and they said if the account was opened over 10 years ago it may be that my bank never agreed to share the information. So my credit score is now so good, do I risk calling my bank to ask them to share info? I've been a customer for 15+ years, have a 1500 OD that I basically live in. This may look negative!
  7. Hi All, I'm very confused today! I paid the £14.99 and joined experian (I had used up my free trial some years ago) and I nearly fell off my chair! My credit score is amazing, and it has no records of any defaults or delinquent accounts on there? And it has all my old addresses too. It does say that since 2012 my credit score has increased by 100 because there are no no longer defaulted accounts on there. I'm very confused....
  8. Hi All, It's been a long time since I updated! since my last post, I have received a few letters from Robinson Way saying their client is looking into the matter and they will get back to me, but I've had no direct response from JD Williams (who I had addressed the complaint too and the claim for charges as above). However, yesterday I received a debt collection letter from Robinson Way. Saying I have repeatedly failed to pay the account (the usual DCA letter they were sending before). So what has happened? I haven't yet heard back from the Creditors about my complaint, so how come they are suddenly resuming collection activity. Are they allowed to resume collection activity whilst the debt is being disputed? Any suggestions as to what I do next? Hold tight and let the letters come, or write back to Robinson Way saying that this matter is still in dispute? Thanks all!
  9. That is useful to know. So although the debts become SB (last payments made in Aug 2009) the defaults won't automatically come off until they are 6 years old? That's frustrating as they are there lingering on my credit file for another year then. Is it likely that these defaults are causing my low credit score? They aren't payday loans or anything. One is a very small credit card debt, and the other a catalogue debt.
  10. I use this forum and money saving expert forums foo. I have posted here before regarding my debt issues and have taken advice from other posters regarding the letters to send.
  11. Can you explain why I am a Goof as stated in your email above? When I say 3 letter process I mean the letters asking for CCA and not acknowledging letter and the SAR request.
  12. Hello, I have 2 current defaults on my credit file (both of which are being appealed). Both are from April 2010, and both debts become SB in August of this year. I am in contact with both debtors with the 3 letter process and nervously awaiting any action they may take before August. My question is regarding the affect these old defaults have. My noddle credit rating still say 1 out of 5 despite the fact I have no other problems and an up to date bank account and mobile phone contract, and on electoral role etc. What would happen after the 6 years, will these defaults disappear off my credit file, or do I have to request to have them removed. Could these 5 year old defaults be the reason my credit rating is so low? Thanks Everyone.
  13. Okay, will try and avoid conversing with them then.. will just keep a record of all letters and hope they don't send me a letter in BC's custom cream envelope!
  14. Oh God, you guys are hardcore! Sitting on my hands is so hard! In an ideal world I want to resolve this so i never get a court threat from BC's, but I know that you guys say I should just wait. Maybe I will wait a bit longer and see how quick they pick up speed. I'm SCARED!
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