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  1. Hello, I've found that I had kept every bank statement from mid 1980's to 1998 with Nat West. I had a couple of mortgages, several loans and what appear to be excessive bank charges, I will send an SAR, but it is likely that I have more information than they hold, unless they're very good at archiving. During the course of reading each one I found various bodies who had received money regularly from me, but I don't have a clue who they were/are, some seem to be directly connected to the bank account. I would appreciate any help with identifying the following, I have tried g
  2. Hello again, Is anyone else having real problems with Nat West credit card PPI? I filled out the online form to enquire if i had been missold PPI on two credit cards. A few weeks later i got a letter saying they had nothing on file and couldn't find an account number for me. Got back in touch and said i had specifically asked about credit cards as i don't have a bank account. Absolutely nothing from them. Filled out the online form again and highlighted it was credit cards only. Again nothing. sent letter and money requesting SAR, a few weeks later got a letter saying they
  3. I have been playing snail mail ping pong with Nat West for several months now. I took out a gold card/ current account with them at the beginning of the nineties and closed the account in 2004. I was involved in bank charges litigation with them up to the end of 2006. I'm unsure whether I had PPI on this account and so I sent a letter to their PPI complaints department. They said that they weren't able to locate any account details and that I should send a SARN to their data protection department. They were unable to locate any data either. I supplied them with address data and d
  4. Firstly, if my post is in the wrong thread plese feel free to move appropriately and advise. Now, I know that this is likely to touch a nerve with a few caggers but I'm like a dog with a bone so please bare with me. My Nephew (for the purpose of this thread we'll call him John) was researching various traders for a vehicle and having previously been wary of [problem]mers, had successfully turned down previous vehicles because of suspicious activity on said websites. However, unfortunately, he has fell fowl to a vehicle [problem] on Auto Trader (online) to the tune of £7000. N
  5. Another one that slipped past me.. Did you take out a joint loan with a partner - then later you divorced? Was there PPI on that loan and did your partner claim and get all of the money back.. with you being non the wiser? http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-3871798/Thousands-divorced-women-deprived-PPI-payouts-NatWest-Royal-Bank-Scotland-receive-compensation.html Other banks apparently complied with rules and shared the pay-out between separated partners.
  6. My partner has a bank loan which unfortunately due to the Recession and being self employed has been unable to make the monthly payments. Wrote to bank and they agreed monthly £1 payments till things picked up. They have asked for an update on finances and so we sent them a Personal Budget Sheet with a letter explaining that circumstances have not improved and this could be seen from my income and reduced expenditures sheet. They have written and said that because of excessive spending on my phone £45 per month and £250 per month for travel and vehicle costs that they cannot acc
  7. I've just been reading through an old thread on here regarding Carmel Butler's Memorandum to the House of Commons Treasury regarding mortgage securitization, which I have referred to in my skeleton argument for my defence in a possession hearing I have tomorrow. Does anyone such as supersleuth or enoughisenough or Smarterchick have any updates on how they got on, as the other thread seems to have dried up? If anyone can tag/link them in here as I don't have enough posts yet, that would be very good of you.
  8. I had several accounts with Nat West, personal and business. When requesting statements do I need to send £10 for each account or £10 for the whole lot?
  9. Dear All, In June 2014, my partner and I arranged an overdraft with our business bank (Nat West) as match funding for a government loan scheme. We were asked to sign a personal directors guarantee and, at the same moment in time, signed the waiver to legal advice form in the bank's office. Sadly, our business has now been declared insolvent and the bank are now calling in the personal guarantee for £20k. Originally, we did not believe we had signed a guranatee but the bank have now come up with the evidence (although that was never originally forwarded to us so
  10. :-)Hi Have 2 NatWest credit cards taken out about 1995/1996 - on which I have been making token payments of £2 per month which just jogs along. £1400 outstanding on one card - £2200 on the other card. Token payments commenced about 2 years ago as lost job due to illness and have not worked since. I am 65 and now have heart failure problems - so trying to sort out affairs in case of further problems. I know I should CCA them - but what then. Do they write off debts? My GP can confirm my health position. It's crazy really - we all bailed out NatWest during banking crisi
  11. Hi Background... I had a loan from nat west in 2006 funds paid to me were £9400 Nat west own statement confirms this. They say the loan was for £22400 ( or thereabouts). I had problems with my finances .. the bank account went overdrawn, got divorced, house went to the ex. In 2009 i snet CCA request for the loan agreement - they coudl not find it. They tried and failed to take me to court ( because they coudl not find the agreement) I know there was an loan but acording to what the bank statement shows it was for £9400 not £22400. Nat west of course argue that its the
  12. Hi does anyone have a copy of terms and conditions for travel insurance advantage gold account for the year 2000 I am trying to put in claim to get back monies paid. I had a pre existing medical condition Cancer which the bank knew about. They are saying I can not claim as my insurance was valid. I know it was not. I never went on holiday so the policy was useless.
  13. Hello-I have a Nat West credit card details below, this was opened September 2007-Balance £3268. I stopped paying after equesting my CCA which they didn't have and sent me lots of re construed papers minus any details,signatures,nothing just terms and conditions. This was on a DMP and the % is still frozen and I haven't heard anything from them just monthly statements,haven't heard anything since Jan 2012 when I wrote saying I was stopping payments re no CCA returned, then nothing-which is quite scary that they will suddenly appear at my window or something? What shall I do next please?
  14. Hi I had a Nat West Business account with overdraft until 2012 when they decided to close it, without even trying to negotiate a repayment plan, last couple of years for been tough with work and health issues but I was just beginning to get back on my feet. I have never signed a overdraft renewal agreement with them, they just kept renewing the overdraft. I have had thousands of pounds worth of charges taken. Today I have received the attached letter in the post from a company I have never heard of requesting that I make contact to discuss the overdraft, referr
  15. Hi I am trying to help a young relative who has fallen on hard time. Some years ago she had a loan with Nat west and entered into a debt Management situation and defaulted on this. There is a certificate which states that the creditors must now chase themselves for the debt. This was in 2007 . This is now statute barred. Can she still claim PPI on a nat west Consolidated Loan which she was forced to take out PPI on . Or would this open up a can of worms. Any help would be appreciated as she is a single parent with children havi
  16. Hi I have been trying to build my credit rating back up and I have been succeeding. It had even moved back up to the "good" rating on Experian. Anyway I am now in a position where I could open a savings account and actually put money away. I decided to open an instant access savings account with Nat West, so no overdraft, not a current account but to my surprise they did a credit search that has left a footnote on my credit score and knocked my score back down to "fair" So it seems that by wanting to be a customer and hand money over to them I have now paid the
  17. I left the UK permanently in June of this year. I used my debit card abroad and inadvertently went overdrawn on my account by £6.52 (including interest). I did'nt have an authorized overdraft. When I recently logged in to view my account online I realized that Nat West had added charges nearing £276, since August, because of my 'unauthorized overdraft'. I was shocked. I no longer use the account. Have not used it since August. I won't be returning to the Uk. Unfortunately I never informed Nat West to close my account when I left the UK. None
  18. My parents took out an overdraft and personal loan in joint names around 2005. After failing to meet the payments on these, defaults/overdraft termination were issued by Nat West in April 2007. After this, Irwin Mitchell were assigned the debt and went to court where a CCJ was issued in April 2008, the same month that an interim charging order was put on their house at Northampton County Court. In August 2008, this was turned into a final charging order at the local County Court in Brighton. The last contact my parents had with them regarding this m
  19. Help Dryden fair fax have had a ccj register at the land registry for a debt on a over draft with nat west against my house , so when i sell it they will take any money owing the amount at the bank is for 6000 even though i never signed any agreement to increase my overdraft from 1000, i have written to dryden fairfax and offered a final payment 3 weeks ago not heard from them. I am worried sick what can i do i been living abroad and have only found out about all rhis in the last few weeks HELP
  20. Hi, please can someone advise me. I have had my complaint updheld by Natwest for 10 loans with PPI. The 10 loans total £127K. Today Natwest sent me 10 letters and added up together the offers add up to just over £4K. I have wriiten back saying this is no where near enough compensation and that they need to up their offer. Is this normal that they would offer such a small amount. Natwest say that as my loans are part of a chain so the offers are small. One of my loans the last of a chain of 5 loans is for £25K and they have only offered me
  21. Can you please direct me to the template letter re Bank taking benefits to offset charges etc, and is a) this still valid and enforceable and b) Does the possibility of pursuing unlawful penalty charges ( Not PPI) still have legs? Many thanks
  22. Could somebody please give me some advice about those mentioned above. Its taken me a long time to get round to sorting out ex banks. Precis ...... 2005/06 Divorced, moved area was with Lloyds 2 current accounts and savings. financial meltdown and they weren't very helpful as ex refused to sort out money 2006 Opened account with Nat West 2 current and a savings and they were as bad as Lloyds. 2006 went to Barclays and they were great.and are good. Dec 2006 divorce finances sorted and by March 2007 Iwas only using Barclays. Nat West and Lloyds kept o
  23. Hi Every body; Contracted Nat West ; Nat West Loan was a combination of loan and Overdraft which the bank advised me to take. Defaulted on both loans due to unemploymement. Nat West obtained a CCJ. Payment in order since Court order. Can I apply for refund of the PPI on both loans from both banks although there is a CCJ on both loans and how can I effectively do this.
  24. Hi, my credit file is showing a loan with nat west as settled in 2009. However, I am being sent threatening letters by CCS who claim to have bought the loan. I thought that if the loan was showing 'settled' then that was it and it couldn't be sold on. I have moved house since and afraid I don't have any paperwork from Nat West to prove it, just what it says on my credit files. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks
  25. I had a business account with NW and recently sent them a SAR (and £10 cheque) which they received on 16th August now well in excess of their 40 day requirement I have also now sent them the letter before court action, time period also expired without any contact. Wherer do I go from here?
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