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  1. Hi thanks again, no I haven't shall I SAR them then ?
  2. Sorry-eventually I'll get sorted-actually this was same time I stopped making full payments and went to Payplan to arrange small payments to each CCard including Barclays,
  3. Hi and thanks for your reply and help-I opened my payplan with them in August 2012. I CCA'd them in Jan 2014 , after no correct CCA received I sent a letter saying it was in dispute and I was ceasing any payments.
  4. Hello-I opened it -date of application with signature in December 2000. Shall I copy and paste-I can do that-I think ?
  5. Hi BC sent default in April 2015 but only for small amount of £16.44 due -it says, also this is the small barclaycard debt of £1108-00 they haven't done this to the larger one which owes £4800(previously egg) -just adding % even though they admit to not having signed/correct CCA -they have now sent letter being very nice saying they understand my current financial situation etc and please fill in the expendicture form attached, I am confused as they have stopped calling 7 times a day now and admit to not having the correct CCA last year, do I j
  6. Hi Bazooka-are these correctly uploaded now ??
  7. I hope these are now correct files-
  8. Now I can't find how to upload again-help !!!!!!
  9. ahh Thanks my goodness you are so helpful xx have done it now so will upload shortly-I hope
  10. ooooooo took me so long to do that -how do I convert or should I scan it again please-not too good on this
  11. Hi-at last I have the scanner and here are first of them-Amex-CCA they sent and new letter from NCO-do I ignore it or reply please
  12. Hi I will tomorrow when I can use a scanner-thanks for your help xx
  13. No they have gone really quiet which is a bit unerving as waiting to see what they do next but peace is nice-think they are plotting my sentence Thanks for advice I will keep everything and make notes xx
  14. Hello-I was making payments through DMP but quite high payments-then I heard about CCA etc and stopped once I didn't receive correct CCA-I will post them tomorrow when I get access to a scanner .....xx sorry hadn't finished answering-I am seriously in financial difficulty-was made redundant 3 months ago and since can't find a job-68 is an age that seems to put employers off-but I still keep tryingx
  15. Thanks shall I just sit quiet or do the SAR do you think ?? xx
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