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  1. Hi I previously received the simple procedure paperwork regarding a LloydsTSB Credit card debt from 2013 for £1900 ish I did a bit of research and found this place so sent my response back as per what I found on here and fired a CCA request to Cabot ( I made one mistake and said I'd sent it recorded when in fact I sent it 1st class with proof of postage - no matter as they mention it in their reply which to me is an acknowlegement) I now have a case management meeting Next Week I have also received a reply from Nolans - both of which I'll add as PDF's (now that I've f
  2. i had a current account with Lloyds which was closed back in 2007. the balance was over 10k. are there any time limits on Lloyds, or their agents, chasing this debt?
  3. I am currently trying to get £1,670 repaid from Lloydstsb I have sent the first letter off to them and they have replied stating that it was in my terms and conditions about the charges and that I should consult the OFT if I feel that I have been wrongly done to. I am prepared to go to court if I have a small chance of winning, however I have heard that Lloydstsb are one of the only banks that do not repay charges that they have made. Lloydstsb have currently got me overdrawn by £670 and I am in dire mess through them I have missed a mortgage payment and a secured loan payment I have had
  4. already had part payment from lloydstsb between 2000-2007 but they say that unless I can produce some documented evidence that I was paying ppi on the same credit card between 1995-2000 they don't have case to answer even though they have a signed credit agreement from me they won't pay out have proof that I spent in excess of £35000 on card
  5. Could somebody please give me some advice about those mentioned above. Its taken me a long time to get round to sorting out ex banks. Precis ...... 2005/06 Divorced, moved area was with Lloyds 2 current accounts and savings. financial meltdown and they weren't very helpful as ex refused to sort out money 2006 Opened account with Nat West 2 current and a savings and they were as bad as Lloyds. 2006 went to Barclays and they were great.and are good. Dec 2006 divorce finances sorted and by March 2007 Iwas only using Barclays. Nat West and Lloyds kept o
  6. HELP! I had a loan with Lloydstsb that in 2011 went to Westcot. After 2 years paying Westcot monthly instalements (7k in total!) I still own according to them, same amount as owned Lloyds in 2011! Question is: how to find out if the debt was "sold " to Westcot? LLoyds would not discuss the matter with me at all and will only transfer my call to Westcot. Is it worth to pay off a lump sum? or to stop all payments to Westcot at this stage?!!! Help!! Thanks!
  7. Hi all, Its been a while since I posted on CAG, however I have always kept an eye on the forums regarding DCA activity! I need some help, probably rather simple, however I hope someone can point my in the right direction? I have been paying an old CCJ (Lloydstsb creditcard debt) to SCM since 2007 and would like to find out how much I have left owing as I have never heard from them prior to the standing order being sent up in the same year. Does anyone know the contact address or telephone number for them? Also, on a separate note I have never checked statements for cha
  8. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone can give me any advise. I received a letter from TSB stating i could claim for mis-sold ppi on an old loan. I filled out all the information and sent it back. I then received a letter saying they had received it and was looking into my complaint. Today i received a letter stating they are not paying out. Reason are 1)The credit Agreement require additional consent in the form of a click to confirm box to confirm that you wanted ppi policy to be added to your loan It therefore be concluded that you did knowingly consent
  9. I have received a letter from DLC which is acting on behalf of lloyds TSB and that I owe them £700 so I asked for proof of debt this was back in June 2012. I have not heard from them other than they have returned the debt and request back to LloydsTSB. Today I got a letter stating that the debt is mine and that lloyds have a legal duty to collect the money from me. The debt apparently dates back to feb 2007, I am unsure what do now as I asked them to prove the debt but they haven't other than a letter from DLC stating it is my debt. Apparently the debt was assigned to Hillesden
  10. Dear All, I hope you can help. I had a payday loan with Debitcard Loans. When it became evident that I could no longer afford to pay them back, I ensured my wages went into another bank account and then let Debitcard loans know I could not afford to pay them back and requested their banking details to draw up a repayment plan. All requests were totally ignored. they attempted for about 4 months to take the money from my empty bank account, this forced the empty bank account to go overdrawn. After the first time, I went into my local branch and requested that t
  11. Hi all, back in 2000' I took out a CC with LloydsTSB, was fine for years but Lloyds kept increasing the amount I could have until what I could afford to pay wasn't even paying off the interest let alone what I had spent. I wrote to LloydsTSB and gave them an expenditure and paid £1 a month and they froze the interest, this was around 2009' ish, I have been paying the £1 a month since not missed any. Last few days I have been getting calls from Cabot, so I just done a noodle credit report and for the past 3 months I have been paying the £1 to LloydsTSB to no affect as
  12. I've received and appreciated some great advice in my other 2 threads, and this is the final piece of the jigsaw that hopefully ends my 7 year financial nightmare.! I've completed my FOS PPI questionnaire to send to LloydsTSB, but I have some queries before I send it off. As it's worth about £3500 I want to try and cover all bases so there's no surprises. First obstacle is that it's from a loan taken out in 2002, and paid early in 2004. However, even if the bank claims not to have the records - I do. In fact for some reason it's the only pre-2005 financial data I've got.
  13. Well, I'll keep the story brief, I put in a complaint against LloydsTSB, with whom I have banked with for the last 3 years, as I have been asking for an account upgrade from my basic account, which they still refuse to do. I have run a good account, have my wages paid into it each month, which is well in excess of £2,000+, yet they won't upgrade my account! Now, the reason for having my account upgraded is, apart from the fact I would like a 'normal' account, is the fact their debit card only works in their LloydsTSB machine's. Now I work all kinds of hours, and sometimes very long hours, if
  14. Hi, LloydsTSB upheld my ppi complaint, but have not reimbursed the full ppi amounts. I submitted a claim, the court replied with a date of 20th Feb in which the defendant had to reply. I requested Judgement on 21st Feb, they acknowledged on 21st as well. My judgement request was first. MCOL state that this is common practice, yet CPR rules dont say that. Shall I make an application to strike out the claim, as Lloyds have upheld my complaint in any event, and they have no real prospect of sucess??? should I make this application at my local court and not northampt
  15. Hi all, I have recently sent out SAR to LLOYDS TSB please see my letter below, then the reply from LLOYDS TSB, what a joke, how can they delay my SAR like this?? Any suggestions what I should do / template reply letter. I do not have any account numbers etc.Also the cc and loan I had were with TSB (who they now own) should I have stated it was TSB ?? LLOYDS TSB PPI CUSTOMER SERVICES BX1 1LT Date 20 FEB 2013 Dear Sir/Madam Please send me all data that your company holds relating to my entire account history. Previous address other than above, if there is specific in
  16. I'm wondering if anyone has a number for LLoydsTSB where I can contact them about my account being transferred to LLoydsTSB Scotland. Briefly, my account is held at my previous branch in Somerset. When I moved to Shropshire, I asked to transfer my account to the local branch but LLoydsTSB refused saying it was not necessary. I have used the local branch in Shrewsbury for the past five years with no problems. However, my branch in Somerset is being transferred to LLoydsTSB Scotland along with my account. None of the local branches in Shrewsbury are being transferred which leaves me
  17. Hi, I have found some old paperwork regarding another matter (under a different thread), that also includes all the paperwork for a LLoydsTSB bank loan that I took out sometime around 2001. Now on this paperwork at the bottom it states: Optional Loan protection YES ticked Premium advanced as part of loan YES ticked Now I was not working at the time loan was taken out & was in fact registered disabled. So there was no way I could have claimed anyways. Can I claim anything back at all & if so, how do I go about this. The Documents I hold are "Credit agreeme
  18. Lloyds sent me a letter in July claiming an account was in arrears and demanded payment. I immediately wrote back to them disputing their claim. They have now employed 6 debt collection agencies to deal with this account and each time I have send a CCA and followed up with an Account in Dispute letter and they (DCAs) have not responded again... until now. I sent the last agency the Account in Dispute letter (12+2+30) at the beginning of November and they have replied saying: “ If you read our letter on 22/10 you will see that we returned your fee of £1 advising that the
  19. Hi, I'm not sure if this is in the correct place? Anyway I recently sent a SAR on the 27/09/12 via signed recorded, which they apparently didn't receive it till the 01/10/12. More recently they have sent me one of their standard signature request letters dated the 12/10/12 , which I assume is a stalling technique, as the letter I originally sent was signed, dis-regarding this I decided to go with the flow and send them back the signed request to get things moving ASAP, they have then written back dated the 16/10/12, that they have received the signing mandate and will be process
  20. I joined Lloyds in december 1996 with my small business, throughout the past 16 years service has been varied, it was better when I was chucking loads of money into the account. Recently due to the recession my business has suffered quite badly and at times has gone slightly overdrawn, but it always recovered, ok I had a few charges here and there but that was expected until recently when I was surprised to see a cheque I'd issued put the account 1p overdrawn, Lloyds bounced the check and charged me £70.00, considering this harsh and excessive I called the business managers (that's a j
  21. Hi I was discharged from Bankruptcy 3 years ago, and was advised that I should start to rebuild my credit rating. To start with I was advised to check my credit score, which I did with experian. In the report, two red flags flew brightly. These were two old LloydsTSB accounts showing as defaulted (circa £10k -which as an aside were pretty much 100% made up of bank charges incurred whilst going bankrupt!). Experian advised that I should get confirmation that I am discharged from bankruptcy and show this to Lloyds so that they can amend the status on these accounts. This I duly did.
  22. Hi - I am in process of claiming back ppi on a number of loans and credit cards going back to 1998 with LTSB. All of the accounts in question were settled. However, I am in arrears with a later loan with LTSB which has been passed to Apex (for collection, I don't think its been sold). If any of my claims are successful can they be kept by LTSB and used to pay off balance on later loan?
  23. Hi - I am starting the claim process with LloydsTSB on a number of loan and cc accounts. Two of the loans I had were taken out when I was postgrad student - 1st in 1998 and 2nd in 2003. LTSB have given me the details of both loans. I wasn't able to access their professional studies loan option but they did give me the regular loans. Both were sold in branch by advisers who were supposed to be knowledgeable about student finance. My only income was a research council grant and from occasional teaching at the university which was irregular. I have used this as my main comp
  24. Hi All, I went bankrupt November 2008, i included all my debts and everything went fine and i was discharged in November 2009. I had a loan with Lloyds Tsb for about £6000 which was included in my bankruptcy and this was marked as satisfied/settled on my credit files. However i recently checked my credit files to do a clean up and discovered that there was a company on my credit file, TTI SPC, which i had never heard of but the account number and amount owed were the same as my Lloyds tsb loan. I contacted Lloyds who have said that their credit file was correct
  25. Hi I recently read a lot about claiming back PPI money. I got my credit card about 2007 and never realised the insurance was not obligatory. I've read most of threads and I suppose I know what to do. I'd like to send the first letter to LloydsTSB.. Could someone check and correct the letter as English is not my mother language and there could be some unnecessary words...Also could someone tell me what chances have I got to get money back based on the letter. "I am writing in relation to the above payment protection (PPI) policy which I believe was mis-sold to me. I believe you ha
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