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  1. Lowells. Its for a couple of hundred pounds with a once in a lifetime offer of half that amount if i settle quickly. I will certainly write back.
  2. So, after paying these fleecers the money in full i get another demand for more money for the same BC account. I cannot express how frustrated, angry and absolutely astounded at their business ethics and genaral morals. How can this be possibly be legal?
  3. they are so behind with these DSAR's, mine took 6 months. They admitted on the phone that they have a huge backlog.
  4. If they are not able to claim these charges back to me in the first place then surely not?
  5. The original debt has been paid off. I am now paying their "costs" which would, at the moment be over £750, but only by about £300. I will certainly complain now to the FCA.
  6. Sorry for delay, here is their threat when i was a day late.
  7. but the debt was sold by BC, so surely they are not involved.
  8. ok, i just want to be sure before i go down this road. they have been sending reminder letters saying if i do not keep up the payments then they can restart the legal action which may incur further costs which i will be liable for?
  9. by the way, this is bwlegal who i am dealing with.
  10. no ppi or charges, yes received SAR from BC eventually (around December!)
  11. I agreed to pay them monthly to stop the bankruptcy process, they adjourned the petition hearing a couple of times while they could see that i made the payments. they then applied to the court to have the petition dismissed, which i have from the court. I never attended the court I have never seen a breakdown of the costs and I just don't know if they are legally able to do this and if not what can i do about it. I have virtually paid off the alleged debt now.
  12. Update to this, and advice needed. The bankruptcy petition was dismissed. I am still paying them monthly for the alledged debt and their "costs". What options have i got now with regards to their costs?
  13. I have only just noticed an item on my bill for TrafficTV @ a cost of £3.333+VAT. This is a service i never signed up for and never agreed to. I called Customer services who have now removed it, but they will not refund any of the previous charges. I realise i should have noticed but I didn't. This seems very sneaky and even the CS person i spoke to said its not right but there is nothing he could do, and he couldnt even be sure how it came to be on my bill. Can i demand to have the money refunded, seeing as i never agreed to this knowingly. He did say it could have been a 1 month free s
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