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  1. I already did some while ago, RBS claim to have no records going back further than 2000, just my name, previous address & a couple of account numbers, no other information except no PPI found. I intend attempting to sar NATWEST archives, assuming that they still exist, if they've any sense they won't.
  2. Thank you dx100uk, I have found other information via Google. "back in the late '80s early '90s, Natwest didn't generally disclose the loan account numbers to customers, because the loans were supposedly linked to your current account and as far as I'm aware you couldn't get a loan without having a current account. You didn't get any statements for your loan accounts. The only time you potentially got to see sight of the loan account number is if you made an overpayment and if they happened to give you a receipt or something with the loan account number written on it.The other
  3. Ok, that's that then. Thank you very much for your help dx100uk.
  4. All I have is Personal loan No.1 (1st payment)..£xxxx Personal loan interest... £xxxx. No account or any other numbers. How would they justify the extra £43.00 paid overall? One of the loans is for £2000.00 which I haven't yet added up, but I think that would be quite a bit more than £40.+
  5. Thank you Dx100uk, I only have the bank statements, no other paperwork.
  6. I have details taken from bank statements, of one bank loan taken out in 1983. £500. 00 loan repaid over 24 months, the repayments and interest were deducted separately from my bank account. I added up the 24 repayments the total of which was £543, excluding setting up charges, please can anyone advise if this £43 is likely to be PPI, or could it be some other charge that was commonly applied to loans in the 80's? Since that loan, it seems that I took out many similar loans over nearly 20 years, so if it is likely to be PPI, I need to get to work scanning another 800 p
  7. "(if later), more than three years from the date on which the complainant became aware (or ought reasonably to have become aware) that they had cause for complaint. 5. Whether and when a customer becomes aware (or ought reasonably to have become aware) that they had cause for complaint for the purpose of our time limit rules is a matter of fact that will depend on the individual circumstances of each case. A customer’s previous experience of the PPI policy and dealings with the firm about it may impact on the extent to which the customer may be aware (or ought reasonably to have been awar
  8. I must have authorised them, but was I capable of making an informed decision at that time due to learning difficulties? I am more concerned about the Mortgages & loans with PPI I had. As to SO's being authorised, I have recently been diagnosed as Autistic, hence I am and always have been a vulnerable adult, to whom the bank was throwing money. When I went over my overdraft I was offered the "Credit Zone"-- more money to spend-- yippee.
  9. Thank you. Is not the "outwith 6 years." legally from the time one realised or found out that X was so? I'm sure that I read that somewhere.
  10. I don't understand, do you mean that I can't claim anything although I have evidence?
  11. Hello, I've found that I had kept every bank statement from mid 1980's to 1998 with Nat West. I had a couple of mortgages, several loans and what appear to be excessive bank charges, I will send an SAR, but it is likely that I have more information than they hold, unless they're very good at archiving. During the course of reading each one I found various bodies who had received money regularly from me, but I don't have a clue who they were/are, some seem to be directly connected to the bank account. I would appreciate any help with identifying the following, I have tried g
  12. Thank you DX100uk, I only used Resolver to check if I had any PPI with studio, now I will send an SAR, but can you tell me if this:- "The sale of the insurance policy The policy was sold prior to 14 January 2005 which was the date when general insurance contracts became regulated and had to meet standards set out by the regulator. Prior to this date, there was no statutory (legal) duty for us to assess your needs and suitability for the policy. The disclosure of commission At the time of sale, there was no statutory obligation for us to disclose commission to you. Whi
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