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  1. sorry i paid with debit card but have asked bank about a charge back not sure how this works. They say i have to write to company and request money back and then contact them on 24th February. I can not belive the way the company spoke to me "you people always want something free" and then screaming at me "do you recognise my voice" as he was the owner not the person who served me.
  2. No i paid for grippers. I really dont understand the owner was so rude on the phone saying "you people always something free well it costs" My friend went to the shop pretending to be customer and said the same as me that there would be beds in the room. The shop assistant said that was fine as they could push them to one side. I dont want anything to do with the company but they wont give me back my money
  3. I purchased carpets for 2 bedrooms and stairs told the guy i would not be able to clear rooms. Came with free fitting never said anything paid for carpets. Then he said you will have to clear the rooms. I said i just told you i could not. said well they can work around and do one room and then come back next day and do next. said no wanted it on one day Well they arrive i cleared rooms bar the beds they refused to fit had a long argument with owner who said they could not becuase they had to put grippers down. Then when i said but the rooms ar
  4. Hi Sorry been a little ill. Now sure what information you want but here goes I was in DMP wih paypal had several pay day loans on replayment plans one was with wonga. Out of blue they emailed me and said due to changing system they would not be moving my loan over so was now 0 i then read lots in papers about irresponsible lending by payday companies and they may have to pay back monies to customers I check on FOS database for irresponsible lending and read the cases. All the ones where compensation awarded they proved that they other loans at the time and that lender h
  5. Hi No problems I will write up this week Good if it help others as I got a lot of help from posts on this ste
  6. I am not currently trying to negoaite full and final settlement agreeemtns with the following Cap quest £169 Lovell 2 debts total £350 Moorcroft formally MBDA £3000 Link formally barclay card £1200 PDA formaly egg £1000 RBS formally AA finance £9000 If any one has had any success or tips can they share
  7. Hi in 2009 i had personal problems and got into financial mess. I went overdrawn on bank account and took out many many payday loans. I was taking out loans to payback loans. After putting my head in he sand for many years i decided to sort finances out. I complained to each of my lenders on grounds of irresponsible lending and here are the results Wonga 5 loans £1000 outstanding written off due to technical error? Quick quick 16 loans many rollover £1000 written off plus £250 compensation did take several letters before agreement Payday express 2 loans £1200 written
  8. Heard from adjucator who said lending stream had agreed to write off what was left of loans. I have cleared the loans and paid lots in interest so said no to pass to ombudsman. I have now heard from ombudsman who found in my favour and said i was to be paid back all monies over loans with 8% interest plus £250 for distress caused. they went into my account using cpa despite me asking them not to. Now I just have to wait till they pay up no doubt they will string out as long as possible
  9. QQ rejected my complaint at first. Then I asked if it was final offer and sent them details proving I had defaults etc at the time of loans they then wrote back and wipe out existing loan £600 + interest and sent me £150 for inconvenience. I probably had paid more in interest but just wanted to be get rid of debt. As long as you can prove through credit report loans were irresponsible you should have no problem. I use noddle as it is free and shows all loans and defaults.
  10. Hi Thanks for reply no it was an adjudicator. I pointed out did not make sense as if they think the lending was fair then I pay back the interest if not then I have anything paid over what I borrowed refunded. Which at present is about £200 without compensation and bank charges incurred refunded for use of CPA He said I take you point but i stand by my decision!!!! To make matters worse I was in a payment plan with lending stream so when I went to FOS in July I asked if i should continue to pay them and they said yes. I have asked for it to be passed to ombudsman. I am con
  11. Hi I went to FOS over loans with lending stream. To cut a long story short. I had 4 loans with them and claimed they irresponsible lending. This was because I had other payday loans etc. They also lent me (2 loans) after I had defaulted with them. Yes I was irresponsible and was ill at the time I agree I should not profit and pay back what i borrowed but not the interest. I heard from FOS who said Lending stream were willing to wipe out the balance on the 4 loans. They said this was a fair offer and the decision they would come to However I have already paid back more tha
  12. I got a copy of my credit file from noddle to show that I had other payday loans and not in a good financial position. I also sent these to payday loans. Quick quid and wage day advance decide clear loan and mark as settled
  13. Hi How did you get on with lending stream. I have complaint currently with FOS with them. They do not reply to emails. I have a feeling they are going to try and take as long as possible to delay outcome
  14. Hi i currently have a complaint with FOS against lending stream. I have an arrangement with them should I continue to pay it or wait for adjudication with FOS.
  15. Success quick quid wrote off debt and gave £150 for trouble was not expecting that Waged day advance refunded all interest Nasty west wrote off bank charges £453 Halifax wrote off ban charges £330 Lending stream now with fos Rbs refuse to budge asking for statements so I can check correct amount paid D back for poi and fraud insurance Tx for support
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