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  1. prat west did a ppi but then cancelled it and refunded back the next day - was a way of ( they said) decreasing the interest rate. Can someone tell me what they woudl do ( if anything ) if i just stop paying nat west anything at all?
  2. on current payments it will take only 100 years or so to pay off nat west ..
  3. Had letter yesterday. they say the loan was partly used to pay balance on a previous loan they said i took out in 2003 so the £9945 odd was what was left after paying previous loan. Its a bit strange that they have taken 6 years to "find" this information despite a CCA request and a DPA request plus a load of letters confirm my demand to know what they did with the rest of the money. Now because FOS are involved they have dug up where the money went - They still have not done a credit agreement. Am no unsure what to do. In about 18 months i should be able to offer a full and final to all the creditors from a tax free pension pot but is this the right thing to do ? I still paying them about £17 on a DMP. SHodul i carry on paying this ? or stop paying them ? Totals at moment Cabot £5,238.00 Cap Quest £2,367.00 Link £6,513.08 Moorcroft £1,297.00 nat west acc £2,400.00 nat w loan £20,700.00 Total £38,515.08 ( all above were credit cards except nat west which was a loan and a bank acoPiers Morgan) Plus can a bank miss details from a SAR then use the information later ?
  4. awaiting reply from nat west
  5. I will update when i hear back .. took a recorded delivery letter then a recorded and guaranteed delivery letter before i knew they had the letter. ( seems their address might have changed)
  6. Havnt done a SAR as i did this before. I have also contacted FOS as well and they will write to NW as well.
  7. Sent off a final complaint letter to nat west .. if no satisfactory reply it will go to FOS ( fos have confirmed they are happy to look into ).
  8. The loan went to them an their solicitors when they tried to sue me.. That failed as no free agreement Yes was paying for account
  9. No idea. ..they said in a letter that they paid the money to the bank account but it did not all go there. Life was a bit confused around then.. Money affairs chaotic and my wife at the time was having affairs.
  10. The account was already set up like that. Yes they sent loads of statements but they all say 22000 odd as the loan .. But what they actually paid me was 9945 but they call it 22000 From what I remember there was no force to have the account as gold ... We used to have it for the travel insurance. You think I should do another sar ? The only stuffive had from them in 4 years is a statement each yr.
  11. I did do that in 2010 plus a cca request as well. they could not find any loan agreement and they claimed they could "fully document and prove the loan funds went to my advantage gold account ... and the proof they sent was that £9945 was paid to me .. they conveniently forgot to send any confirmation of what hapened to the missing £12500 odd that they did not pay me ..
  12. As the underpayment to me on the loan was about 12300 - i am looking at asking them for a bit of compensation - Interest on the money they did not lend me £ 2797 ( they charged it i should get it back) Interest on money i borrowed to cover the £12355 i was short £7371 ( its cost me this extra over 9 years) Extra i have had to pay to rent rather than buying a flat £1000 Loss of the increase in home value i would have had £9000 ( a flat would have gone up by this if i had been able to buy instead of rent) Emotional cost £500 a year for 9 years £4500 Taking all that lot into account i want £16138 paid to me from nat west ...
  13. It was eadyest option during divorce an re marriage... What I am aiming at is compensation for the £13500 they under paid me in the loan compensation for 10 years of financial problems caused by any west incorrect amount of loan.. Loan statement says 22500. Bank stement from nat west themselves £9945 I asked them 4 years ago what happened to the other 13000 odd. No reply on that question.
  14. Hi it is still on credit record.
  15. Hi Background... I had a loan from nat west in 2006 funds paid to me were £9400 Nat west own statement confirms this. They say the loan was for £22400 ( or thereabouts). I had problems with my finances .. the bank account went overdrawn, got divorced, house went to the ex. In 2009 i snet CCA request for the loan agreement - they coudl not find it. They tried and failed to take me to court ( because they coudl not find the agreement) I know there was an loan but acording to what the bank statement shows it was for £9400 not £22400. Nat west of course argue that its the higher amount. Since 2009 ive been on a DMP with payplan and I have to keep arguing about the nat west loan amount. What I want to do is get the amount of the loan confirmed, they ( N west) say ist £22400 i say whats left is about £2200. Llast contact I had with nat west was to confirm that unless they proved otherwise i will treat balance as what i say it is. I want to look at doing some final settlement offers in about 2 years ( when i can get some pension money) Couple of questions ... How should i approach this ? - write and complain to NW ? then go to FOS ? I was looking to complain that the lack of the £13000 plus missing funds from the loan have put me in the debt situation im in .. ( at the time i took out the loan i had debts with multiple cards. ) any help appreciated Rob
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