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  1. Hi, my credit file is showing a loan with nat west as settled in 2009. However, I am being sent threatening letters by CCS who claim to have bought the loan. I thought that if the loan was showing 'settled' then that was it and it couldn't be sold on. I have moved house since and afraid I don't have any paperwork from Nat West to prove it, just what it says on my credit files. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I too have a secret commission document, a copy of which they sent as part of my cca. its a copy of a fax from 'Rainbow'' to the dealer I got my car from in 2004 however I can't see where its been recalculated back into the figures but i guess that's the whole idea ...... can i use it to get my money back for the whole agreement ?
  3. Try MSB Solicitors in Liverpool, you don't need to live near them for them to help you. They are specialists in consumer credit and where applicable can act on a no win no fee basis. After 8 months of research, talking to the OFT and trying to get help from the Financial Ombudsman', I've finally got the answers and back up I need and it is such a relief. At the end of the day what have you got to lose - a phone call might just give you the same feeling I've got just now which is close to euphoria !! They really really do know their stuff and what's more know Welscum.:-D:-D
  4. Hi everyone - could any of the legal eagles have a look at my stuff that i've uploaded, I need to put something in writing to welcome. reading what's happening i'm worried that someone will come along and try and take one or both of our cars even though we've paid over two thirds, and the ágreements' look unenforceable. Thank you
  5. my agreement of 2006 state under Key Information 'you have no right to cancel this agreement under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, the Timeshare Act 1992 or the Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004'' What on earth has the Timeshare Act 1992 got to do with it - this was supposedly a re-write for a car !! Also there's only one date on it which welcome put on :-?
  6. I could be totally wrong but I thought if a DN didn't have a specific pay by date on it - not the pay within 14 days stuff - then it didn't comply with the CCA 1974. One of the legal eagles on here might want to confirm/deny this ..........?
  7. Oops - I posted a copy of one that they sent in my CCA under my thread Ís this right'- shall I remove it too ..... though would like someone to have a look to make sure it is a secret commission and if it is what do I do about it ..... I'm kinda in limbo at the minute waiting for advice from folks as FSA can't/won't help ......
  8. Hi all - I know there are lots of people on here and everyone is busy but could someone just have a quick look at the stuff i've uploaded and give me some advice - i'm beginning to feel unloved !!!
  9. Does anyone know if welcome use a company called Mackenzie Hall - I've just had a message left on my phone. I've never heard of them so googled them and found them to be a debt collector, they also have a reputation for getting very nasty - the message doesn't say who they want to speak to or why they are calling. We're supposed to be ex-directory !! Also if anyone could have a look at my stuff I'd really appreciate it
  10. Hi - my rewrites don't have any car details on them, and one doesn't even have any customer details i.e name or address. Waiting to see what folks think - I've uploaded them in my thread 'is this right' hopefully it will be good news for both of us !
  11. Hi - can anyone help with my 'agreements' ?
  12. I also have default notices that say 'within 14 days' as opposed to a date. At first it asks for the arrears to be paid within 14 days then goes on to a section headed Further Action. Under this it basically threatens that if we don't pay within 14 days they can reposses the car etc etc and gives a figure to pay them if we want to end the agreement. Is this a false DN - there is no Without Prejudice on it. They have also put a default on hubby's credit file with experian. What do we do now ?
  13. I've now got the right documents in the right place - any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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