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  1. Hello Thank you in advance for any advice on my situation. Between 2009 and 2013 I was registered as self employed, in the earlier couple of years i was going through a stressful personal break up was having problems with work because of depression, also spending my money to go to court of access to my daughter. At the time I was couch surfing and frankly forgot all about tax returns. The HMRC fined me in total £4,524 over this period which I can't afford to pay. I find these charges extortionate, is this even legal for a start? All i did was not se
  2. I got a letter from CCS Collect stating that I owed £86 to Vodafone. I have not borrowed money from Vodafone. I am on a pay as you go phone, not a contract. I called their company and they said the debt was from a contract, so it cannot be mine. I am an 18 year old girl living with my parents. I have never borrowed money from anywhere. Where do I go from here?
  3. I owed hmrc £400 income tax (self employed) and was late paying it Paid £200 last week and the rest today. Today I also got a text message from ccs asking me to call them and quote a reference number. A friend of mine had a similar text and ended up paying ccs their tax plus ccs charges for collecting the tax! As I've now paid hmrc directly, can ccs still chase me for their charges? I have not replied to their text message What is the best way to deal with ccs
  4. Hi all, i have recently started receiving letters through the post from a company called CCS Collect claiming that I owe money to them on behalf of The Department of Work and Pension for £97.50. Thing is, I have no idea what this is for. The letters gives no explanation, they only abruptly demand that i pay it or face legal action. Quick search shows that the department of Work and Pension is government related. I pay all my taxes, National Insurance etc through PAYE and have no other dealings with the HMRC. The only thing i can think of is that i was on J
  5. Morning Everyone, This Forum has helped me on a previous a Previous occasion and i was hoping for further advice on a new problem. Ive been contacted via mobile text from a company called CCS. Upon searching , I Discovered that they are a debt collection agency for the DWP. I Called The DWP debt dept this morning and asked them if I owed them funds. I was informed that I had indeed taken out a social fund loan of £250 out in 2008. I had just left a spell in rehab and had forgotten all about it. I did'nt claim benefit until July 2013 Until Nov 2013, J.S.A, so no repayments
  6. Hi i had a letter in the past from CCS Collect saying that i owe £250 from the dwp back from in 2009 when i had a budgeting loan from the jobcente r and that if i dont pay or arrange to pay by installments then they will take legal action against me,CCJ etc and have to pay court costs etc. They also said if no contact is made then they are getting the papers to file a case against me. I am not working and my partner is working part time and we only paid them once as we got scared they will take our stuff or take us to court. Should i contact them and pay them? will th
  7. Hi, My husband has had a letter from ccs regarding a debt of £397. When my husband called them they told him it is a crisis loan from 1999. He has spoken to dwp and they said he has to go through the ddbt company to pay it. Is it enforcable as it is a loan through dwp, even though its from 1999? Dwp has said that regardless of whether it is over 6 years they csn still chase it. My husband and i have been together 14 years and this is the first weve heard of it. He cant remember that far back, but i know hes only been on benefits for about a month in the whole entire tim
  8. Hi, just hoping for a little guidance on how to deal with this company.. i moved into my flat over a year ago and changed over all suppliers. I then started getting odd letters saying there was an error on national records and i needed to confirm my name and also the name of the previous tennant. This sounded dodgy to me so i ignored these letters, 2 in total. I then received a letter from CCs saying their client British Gas had instructed them to revover debt of £930 from this address and if i am not the person who was living at the property on the dates specified, i should have an
  9. Just before christmas i received a letter from a company called CCS regarding an alleged debt to the DWP and that i should contact them immediately. This i ignored. I have not been out of work in the last 15 years, have only moved house once and have never claimed a penny in benefits in this time a nd have certainly NEVER had any correspondence from the DWP regarding anything at all. Surely if any money was owed to them for anything the DWP would have informed me ? after all i have not changed my name, national ins no or employer so if they wanted to find me they c
  10. in the past month or so i have had 3 letters from ccs collect regarding a debt to dwp from 1993, I am still in dispute regarding thi s matter yet from time to time a debt collector seems to jump on the band wagon and try to claim this debt, on the dwp behalf, so far ihave ignored these letters, as far as iam concerned I will carry on in this way as there is no law in the land says ihave to reply to this firm , am i doing the right thing in ignoring them , any help would be gratefully accepted.
  11. I had a letter from the DWP back in July stating that I owed them £403 from a social loan that I had been paying from JSA. I am no longer on JSA and wrote back to them making a sensible offer of repayment at a rate I could afford. They ignored this and the letters and calls from CCS Collect started. I wrote back to the DWP with a copy of my letter from July and asking why I have not received a response as I wanted to set up a payment plan. I have just received a response this morning stating that they have passed the file to CCS and I must deal with them directly. Fr
  12. I am being chased by Capquest for a debt of £550 which came about due to bank charges with Natwest from 2006. Back then I had no income and was unable to pay the bank charges. Natwest closed my account in 2007 and I never heard any more about it until December 2011 when a demand letter arrived from Capquest. I ignored the letter because I had never borrowed any money from Natwest and therefore considered that I owed them nothing. Many more letters arrived threatening me with all sorts of terrible things but nothing happened. In Feb 2013 after 15 t
  13. Hi All, This is my first post. I received this letter this morning. I have no idea what the hell it's about. They haven't said anything about what it is? It seems very ambiguous. The first two letters from them were trying to ascertain whether I lived at that address or not. Do I need to send them a letter asking for further details of this supposed debt? I would appreciate a nod in the right direction. Regards,
  14. HI, This is just a general question about CCA's. I've noticed that CCA's only really apply to loans etc... (which makes sense), but how come, say in the example of a mobile or utility debt which is sold on to some random third party there's no CCA involved? My reasoning for wondering this is because: 1) The debt no longer lies with the mobile, phone, utility company 2) You now have a debt, a totally new one which wasn't agreed Surely that debt is 'credit' and is governed?
  15. Early last year I received a letter from Ruthbridge on the 16th and they said roughly, they were trying to contact the named person on a personal matter, if I am the person named I should contact them immediately. If they didn't receive a response within 7 days they would have an agent telephone me. On the 24th I received another letter from them saying: We note you have failed to respond to mail directed to you. YOU HAVE BEEN TRACED AS LIVING AT THE ABOVE ADDRESS CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. If you have not established contact with this department within the next five days an agent may t
  16. Hi Need some advice guidance as im at a loose end at the moment. This is in releation to my now wife, who in 2002 claimed for housing benefit she wasnt entitled too, as a result she went to court in 2004, who found her guilty and she got community service. She moved back to her mums address in 2003 (so prior to court so all documents went to this address), she served her community service however there was no mention of paying the money back to DWP. Fast forward to april this year, where we bought a house in 2011, we recieved a letter from DWP stating that you owed £3500, she
  17. Hello My husband has received a letter from the above DCA, which reads as follows: Dear xxxx Your unpaid account has been sent to us by our client Department for Work and Pensions who has instructed us to recover the full amount stated abouve on their behalf. We have confirmed your current address in case you have forgotten to inform our client that you have moved. Our investigations show that you are currently residing at the above address. Although the balace of (£3k+ !!! ) is due in full, we would like to work with you to find a sustainable repayment plan tha
  18. Hi All, HMRC paid me some Tax Credit a few years ago - They said they had paid me £700 too much and they now want it back. They have passed the matter to CCS Collect DCA. I have been receiving letters for a while, from the above DCA They also have phoned me a few times. I have not entered into any conversation with them on the phone. I have paid them £50 one month and a further £50 the next month. And I intended to pay them another £50 this month But, apparently that is not enough as they have written to me to say they will recommend "further recovery act
  19. Firstly I live in N.Ireland I know laws can be different here at times. The other half recieved a phonecall from ccs collect the other day ( she had learnt from me never to answer security questions ) The guy was rude but she insisted she wouldnt give details to a total stranger . Today a letter arrived usual Dca threats . Court seizure of earnings seizure of goods. letter is about a dhss loan in the region of 13 years old and quoted the Social security act 1992 N.I ???????? Anyone know what this act refers to? Its my understanding that Dhss canno
  20. Hi, my credit file is showing a loan with nat west as settled in 2009. However, I am being sent threatening letters by CCS who claim to have bought the loan. I thought that if the loan was showing 'settled' then that was it and it couldn't be sold on. I have moved house since and afraid I don't have any paperwork from Nat West to prove it, just what it says on my credit files. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks
  21. Hi I recently received a letter through the post asking me to verify my identity for a debt which is undisclosed. There is no reference to an amount or to who the debt is owed so I have nothing to go on to establish if its authentic or not. Should I respond to them at all to tell them I am, in fact the person they want to talk to or should I just ignore the letter at this stage until a formal notice explaining the debt is sent to me. Thanks in advance
  22. Hello All, Needed advice on the following for which I shall remain grateful as ever. For my studies I took some loan and put the remaining on my credit card (at that time I was not eligible for student loan). Since then I have paid a few, satisfied few, one CCJ issued against me and one no correspondence for last one year or so. There are some that I am paying as £1 per month, 3 of them including the CCJ one. Today I received a letter from CCS on my new address trying to fish for details starting as ''we are trying to contact the above named person regarding a personal matter.'' C
  23. Hi, Thank you for accepting me to the forum...I've been a reader but not a member but I now got to a stage where I felt I best register to gain other views... I've lived with my boyfriend in the same town since 2004 lived in our most recent place for the past six years prior to this 2 other places. Few weeks ago he has received a letter from CCS collect saying we need to contact you about a personal matter please contact us. I've looked them up straight away knew they were a DCA and as we have built up a good credit rating and nothing on the file chose to ignor
  24. Hi All, I had a Next Directory card which I had been paying with no problems until we faced very hard times and the account went into arrears (this was early 09). The debt was sold to CapQuest and I received two letters from CCS Collect chasing on behalf of CapQuest. I can't really afford to make payments to anyone at the mo as we barely get by as it is. What should I do, please help me? They are threatening to take legal action and I really don't want a CCJ as in two years time, most debts will be statute barred and we would have paid off our mortgage a
  25. hi received a letter from ccs collect this morning. .saying a sum of 2886.59 is due to cabot.. as they are pleased to inform me i can settle for 1400 ...i have no idea what it is for. .but i think about 8 years ago it was for a loan..i really cant remembe r...there is no details on letter just reference no.. .i am assuming its for this when i lived somewhere else and personal matters escalated and moved.. .this i believe is first ive had anything about this ..and cant recall having any dealings with cabot.. ..any suggestions thanks..
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