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Found 5 results

  1. Another one that slipped past me.. Did you take out a joint loan with a partner - then later you divorced? Was there PPI on that loan and did your partner claim and get all of the money back.. with you being non the wiser? http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-3871798/Thousands-divorced-women-deprived-PPI-payouts-NatWest-Royal-Bank-Scotland-receive-compensation.html Other banks apparently complied with rules and shared the pay-out between separated partners.
  2. Dear Friends I have found myself in murky waters. Married in 1990 ,Upon purchase of new house in 1992 wife and I took out Life assured policies for ourselves. Both polices in both names. As main breadwinner I paid for both premiums. In July 2010 my dear wife decided marriage wasn't what she wanted any longer so she abandoned me and the family home. After two years she demanded I sell our house and split the proceeds. As of March 2012 I was struggling and the premiums on our two policies were in arrears. At this point my wife took over paying the policy premiums. I knew that one of the policies matured in March 2015, the second policy maturing in May 2017 . After the mature date in March 2015 I have't heard anything from the FRIENDS PROVIDENT or my ex wife . Recently I spoke to the financial adviser who helped us take out the original policies and he produced copies to show both policies had been cashed in. one in August 2012 the other Sept.2012 . Since both policies were in both our names, both signatures would have been needed to cash in both policies. And I never signed anything of the sort .Doing so at a premature date would result in a shortfall. Who would knowingly do themselves out of a larger cash payout at the time of matured policy ? So I'm not sure what direction I need to go. So just to recap, March 2012 ex wife takes over paying premiums on our joint policies. August 2012 and Sept 2012 both policies cashed in. ??? What would you do ?
  3. The Court case amounted to little more than a rubber stamping exercise by the Judge. All of PE's evidence was accepted without question and all of mine dismissed. "I never saw the signs".......... ..There's plenty says the Judge. "The PCN wasn't sent in time"....... .....On the balance of probabilities it was, etc etc. Only I know the truth. The way I see it Morrisons have unloaded the cost of solving their parking problems onto unwitting customers. How long will it be before you're charged for being in the store too long?
  4. insurance company have cancelled my policy due to going 10 miles per hour on the speed limit on my black box policy. they are not giving any option to keep the policy and not refunding any money. I am only a student an have nearly paid 1,000 for 4 months on cover. I have not done anything wrong. Please can anyone advise they have charged me £1000 for 4 moths. Please help Mashmallow
  5. I Feel that there has been a miscarriage of justice against me by Medway and Maidstone council. Last January i came down to your lovely part of kent for a job interview and parked in a car park in Maidstone. I went to pay the machine would not take my cash i had to risk leaving it. I got a parking ticket which i contested was rejected i paid, using the online method as we are all urged to do now on my bank card. in October i got a letter from a debt collectors trying to get money from me for the ticket i rang them straight away to resolve the matter was told to email proof of payment. I sent a copy of my bank statement showing payment thought the matter was dealt with again. on Thursday a bailiff turned up to take my car away, i told him what has happened so far and he went and made some calls. Apparently i had paid Medway council and not Maidstone council, I then questioned how they could have taken my money as i had entered parking ticket numbers and car registration etc when paying online. I have since spoken to both councils to resolve the matter but have had a "Tough luck" response from both. I paid in good faith even though i thought it unjust in the first place and am amazed that Medway council can just take money from people willy-nilly, i wonder how much they have got of other peoples as they have never tried to give my money back that was taken incorrectly and is now going to cost me my car and possibly my job. I donated another £1 today to Medway council via their online payment sysem, daylight robbery. I appreciate that this seems quite trivial but i feel i did everything i am expected to do and i am just having two fingers stuck up at me from two major councils. :evil:
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