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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, I am looking for some experience or advice from anyone around cardonebanking. I set-up my business with them back in July and although their charges are high, they have been reasonable enough. Today I have been informed by their customer services team my account has been closed due to 'ATM Abuse' and must transfer the funds to another account. They have stated I have commited no actual fraud but they received a fraud flag from a card processor company on Tuesday 13th March. On this day, I had issues with an ATM which I tried on 3 occasions but there was a dispenser issues and the money come out. I subsequently, withdraw money from a halifax ATM some 30 minutes later. I just can;t get my head around how they can juse close my account with no reason. It will be an absolute pain to transfer business accounts and now my invoices are now held up as can't pay it in. Can anyone offer any advice, it just seems the worst customer service ever. I feel so helpless. Thanks, Willo53
  2. could anybody help, i need a sort code and acc no. to set up a standing order to kandco so i can start paying off this debt. thank you in advance
  3. i recently had a claim from a county court the poc are vague it simply states; On or about you owed the money under a "contract" between the bank and you for a current acc. i put a defence in to the court stating i knew nothing of this debt asked for copy of assignment also copy of agreement/contract, the debt company wrote back with copy of assignment from bank also one from them(first id saw any) it also stated a current acc has no credit agreement, terms and conditions would have been provided, once id used the account i would be bound by them this forming a contract. i did have cpl account years ago which i tried to reclaim ppi and charges, they paid out on another account but refused me on the current acc which had o/d facility, i queried this as far as i was aware the account was in dispute i was sure at the time they owed me more than i owed them which i repeated to several other debt collecting company's who all ceased correspondence, not heard any more for a good time now, this claim came out of the blue, after reading many threads im wondering if i would be right sending a sar request to the bank or to this debt collection company; also as poc says owed under a contract which they dont seem to have should i write back to the court stating this as it seems misleading to say the least, i would very much appreciate some advice which way to go many thanks
  4. Hi all! This is my first post as I'm new to the site so bear with me I'm trying to get a default removed (Santander) The default was almost 4 years ago. I sent them off a letter asking for my credit agreement, which they provided and also requested my default paperwork. I got a rather blunt letter back saying they had sent me a copy of my credit agreement as a goodwill gesture (very kind of them) They advised they are not obliged to keep the default letters issued as the account is settled and closed. As such they say they no longer hold the letters but they gave me the months they were sent. Apparently this is all the information they are required to hold. This doesn't sound right? Can any kind soul out there give me a bit of advice?
  5. Hi, NW have terminated my business account and are demanding their 3.5 K overdraft back. In the first instance, I need to get a new business account asap in order to process payments owed to myself. I also have a current acc with them, but no notification of termination of that yet !! Termination due almost certainly to the 13.5 K credit Card disputesI have with RBS.( unenforceables imho and 3 years down the line). Seems I am now a High Street Bank no no. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Trout
  6. I've had six accounts with HSBC since first banking with them nearly 20 years ago now. What I would like to know is do I have to send off 6 SAR's thus costing me £60, or can I just send off one with all the account numbers in it? I've read the SAR and it does say to hand over ALL information on me. Well all info would be all accounts...Yes...No? Thanks
  7. [Apols, I haven't the foggiest where to ask this. So if it's in the wrong forum please move it. Thank-you. ] A close friend separated from her husband about 7 years ago, give or take. She has asked to be taken off the joint account many times. On at least three occasions over the passed four years she and her estranged husband have signed whatever form they were asked to and returned it to the branch. On one occasion, at least, this was done in the bank with a member of the banking staff. The husband has since run up an overdraft of £7k. Unfortunately, my friend's name remains on the account and NatWest claim not to have any record of any request(s) for her to be taken off it. There is some concern that the husband may default on the debt and go bankrupt.Where does my friend stand? Is there anything she can do to protect herself from a debt she had nothing to do with? What steps could she take to try and prove that Nat West have repeatedly been appraised of the situation and she has asked to be removed from the account long before any debt was created?
  8. Hi all, is there anywhere on here i can find the Acc number and sort code to pay a natwest loan by SO? cheers
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