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  1. We can complain about the court process which we have done In a form 343 but not about the way the judge handled the case which I think is appalling to appeal they advise legal advice which with all the other costs I’m not prepared to do as no faith in the system and quite honestly I can’t pay anymore
  2. Hi Andy nope the original amount of the loan was £5000 which my deceased wife had no idea where money went or where it was paid into . But the claim was fir 3850 plus interest and cost which at the end with the final court cost would have been £4559 I paid 5520 which was £5000 plus costs no interest was added . So an absolute mess all round judge just not prepared to listen asked me where my proof of payments were even when the claimant said he agreed I had paid just said his spreadsheets were a mess and said he was going back to the original amount I believe he didn’t add interest but the court fee was 335 and issue fee 185 which made £520 costs . All done now but can we claim the overpayment if it has been ordered in a judgement ?
  3. I would like to be able to claim the money I have overpaid back but can see no way of doing it . Ok I have had to pay my deceased wife’s debt which may I add I knew nothing about until after her death but why did I have to pay £5000 plus costs when the claim was. For 3850 plus costs it just does not make any sense . I know I have to live with the decision now and move on. The judgement has been paid now and at least my credit file will be clear if and when I ever need to remortgage . Nothing can be done now onwards and upwards
  4. Because it would have cost more money and also meant another hearing . I have lost all faith in the judicial system as I was sure I had a cast iron defence .
  5. Well he’s now written to the court stating that the debt has been paid but it looks suspicious as paid by someone he doesn’t know but quotes the judgement number . If that isn’t vindictive nothing is . What I would like to know is other than an ex343 firm which I have completed . How can I claim the overpayment back . This guy knows he’s received money he wasn’t entitled to . The judge just was in a rush and hadn’t even looked at anything other than my witness statement . We both stated the amount had been paid but he brushed both of us aside . 2 hours was quoted as the estimate for this case which took a few minutes and all because my wording in my statement said I agreed to honour the debt as I was being pressured 1 week after the accident when my wife was killed and I was at home recouperating . I wasn’t aware that I was responsible .apparently that created a new contract !!! There was no will only her personal credit card debts which I paid as again I thought I was responsible . The house became mine under survivorship . Sorry to go on but a bit angry now .
  6. My partner has paid this judgement out of her bank just to get them off our backs is this ok ?
  7. There was no will I was paying this debt monthly as it was bought to my attention a month after she died and like a fool I agreed to pay it thinking I was liable I wa also laid up myself after the crash and vulnerable I paid off her credit card debt etc as I thought i was liable . The family were fine until I found someone else. It has been hell but I’m paying the judgement to get rid of them but I feel there should be some way I can get the payments I’ve made back . The judge didn’t want to listen even my ex brother in law admitted I had paid it maybe he’ll repay it when he gets the money let’s see I just want rid of them my wife would be horrified at their treatment .
  8. No paid by bank transfer but as I hadn’t included my bank statements proving payment . I did question the judge and stated that they weren’t required as the claimant admitted I had paid it but he just acted as if he couldn’t be bothered as there was a lot of huffing and puffing in court from my dead wife’s relatives . He just wanted it out the way when I said I couldn’t pay that he just said that he couldn’t deal with that and that was it . I’m gathering the money together with help from my new partners family and paying him off I don’t want it on my record . Can I take him to court for what I’ve already paid after that ?. Still not received judgement paperwork .
  9. Still waiting for the judgment paperwork . The claim was for 4100 which included interest . The original amount my dead wife borrowed was £5000 so the judge said as I hadn’t proved I had paid some off he was putting it back to the original amount even though brother in law admitted I had paid . I have now got a debt of 6200. Let’s see what paperwork says and how much they expect me to pay each month . Who knows . ?? No faith in the system at all !!!
  10. Hope this is ok has taken me ages to try and get sorted .
  11. How is it a judge can increase the amount of the original claim ??
  12. Trying to create 1 file there are 19 pages not having a lot of luck but I will keep trying
  13. Do you need copies of all or just the CCA . Thank you
  14. I am Pensioner and have been paying off an old credit card debt to TESCO credit card for a few years at £5 a month cleared off some of the debt with Previn ppi but still over 4K it just seems never ending tried to get it written off but no luck My husband died suddenly 12years ago so was left with debt no insurance etc . I’ve just looked at copy agreement they sent me from 1998 and it states application form . Everything else is just printed copies Original copy of credit agreement (which is the application form 1998) Original Copy of terms and conditions current copy of credit agreement as varied current copy of terms and conditions as varied current statement of account (which is the first I’ve had in years) is this enforceable I’m 77 now and I will be 157 before this is clear . I don’t have any assets . If I stop paying what can they do ?
  15. Well I lost my case and to make it worse the judge put the debt back to £5000 even though I had already paid 1900. I didnt take my bank statements showing payments. I now have a judgement of £6000+ . I cant pay so will have to wait for paperwork and see what next move is . He had a load of witness statements which were in effect character assassinations nothing to do with the debt. Took 27 of my dead wife's family and friends with him. Whole thing very traumatic . Cant believe the judge put the debt up more. Said I created another contract with my wording in my statement I said that I would honour the debt when He pressured me a week after the accident when I had lost my wife and at an all time low. I was honest in my witness statement a lot of good that's done me. I also had to take a load of verbal abuse outside court. All this because I have found someone else. Can I do anything about claiming my £1900 back.? Still not received my judgement paperwork back . This is now going to affect my remortgaging in 2 years time I presume. I just feel numb and have lost faith in our legal system I would have been better off not turning up at all.
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