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  1. Well I feel I’m just being ignored but will give until end of week . I know this person and she thinks she is above the law . I’m keeping it very polite even said I hoped she was coping ok in the current environment . I think the next text at end of week will ask if she would prefer I contact her via solicitors .
  2. Well I bit the bullet and sent a really polite message asking if all was ok and requesting an update . No response so far so let’s see what happens . If and when this is received a donation will certainly follow . Thanks for responsed
  3. From what I see yes but even if not it should have been proportional . I’ll wait but just wondered what my recourse will be or will they just get away with it ??? Not even given me the courtesy to keep me informed . Last contact was thanking me fo flowers sent to funeral couldn’t go as was right at beginning of coronavirus watched on stream was upset . I don’t Have a lot of money but I don’t particularly need it just know this lady would really be heartbroken her daughter treated me like this . There’s still time let’s wait and see !!!
  4. Yes I do I got on government website for 1.50
  5. Yes I have only £1.50 . It’s not the money it’s this old lady WOUKD be heartbroken .she was my mother in-laws twin and we took her only holiday abroad every year and even when my husband died I did so much for her . I would rather give the money to charity
  6. Still no news . Im going to wait until the year is up. Ive not even been notified of anything but I know for sure the £1000 was left to me. Thank you for all you help. No idea what to do if they dont pay me but ill cross that bridge when necessary
  7. Hi Again I have been left a small sum £1000 in a will. The probate was received on 22nd May. THe deceased only had a bank account so there was nothing un usual in her will. To date I have received no contact from the executor since the day she texts me to say that her mother had died. THere has been quite a bit of ill will between us. My mother in law changed her will and she did not receive the sum she expected. Can she hold this money ? if she does what can I do . My belief is she will find some way of not sending it to
  8. I recently applied fot credit on an item that was marked as interest free for a year I thought I might as well have credit even though I could afford. I could not believe I was refused. I have tried to find the reason but not getting anywhere. I am self employed earn £60k a year have 2 mortgages one of which is a buy to let and a 45K car which is on credit . My credit rating is 999 which is the highest it can be. I have NEVER missed a payment on anything. I also aave credit cards which are at zero balance . I have contacted
  9. Sorry the trust was set up by a solicitor in 1982 when they bought the council house my mother and father in law were living in . One couple had 7 children the other couple (my in laws) had 1 but the trust splits the funds equally between 8 children I’ve had all this looked at ... not right but nothing can be done because they signed the papers adding 2 extra trustees when they were 90 I wasn’t notified and bless them I don’t think they were aware of what they were signing . The whole thing was done very craftily . But nothing I can do
  10. One if the beneficiary’s and her husband the daughter of the final settlor who died
  11. Yes I am . The last settlor died on February 15th but not been told a thing the only thing in the trust is the funds from the sale of the house which was sold about 2 years ago and the interest on the funds was all that could be touched to go towards Thier care. The proceeds from the house could not be touched until the last one died. The 2 extra trustees were made when the last 2 were 90 but that’s another story . As far as I see it the money belongs to the beneficiaries and is nothing to do with the will . I just want to know what should be happening I realise it’s a
  12. My in laws and another couple bought a house & created a trust for when they died as there had been a 2nd marriage. The house was sold when 2 of the guarantors were unfortunately put in a home with Alzheimer's . The house was sold and the money put in trust by the remaining trustees 1 of which is a beneficiary the other is her husband . All have now died . Can anybody tell me what happens now and how long it takes as a named beneficiary I am not being advised of anything . I just don’t want to create any friction. This surely i
  13. We can complain about the court process which we have done In a form 343 but not about the way the judge handled the case which I think is appalling to appeal they advise legal advice which with all the other costs I’m not prepared to do as no faith in the system and quite honestly I can’t pay anymore
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