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Found 5 results

  1. Firstly, if my post is in the wrong thread plese feel free to move appropriately and advise. Now, I know that this is likely to touch a nerve with a few caggers but I'm like a dog with a bone so please bare with me. My Nephew (for the purpose of this thread we'll call him John) was researching various traders for a vehicle and having previously been wary of [problem]mers, had successfully turned down previous vehicles because of suspicious activity on said websites. However, unfortunately, he has fell fowl to a vehicle [problem] on Auto Trader (online) to the tune of £7000. Now, please dont state the obvious, he already realises how stupid he's been transferring the funds before seeing the vehicle but the said vehicle was in London and he works long hours. going on past transactions, he's purchased vehicles like this previously with no bother, and all has been ok. On researching this topic I came across a similar fraud https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?469945-Defrauded-by-bank-transfer-by-a-Barclay-s-customer-should-I-sue&highlight=fraud+[problem] and can relate to some of the information contained there in. Action Fraud have been advised, reference etc provided. Auto Trader advised, and during the conversation have advised us that the 'Seller/[problem]mer' had multiple vehicles 'for sale' and they have taken all adverts down because of suspicious activity. Now, my thought is: Wouldn't it have been better if Auto Trader could 'tweak' their website to make it look like the adverts were still live to the [problem]mer but not actually available to customers to prevent anyone else being caught out? Whilst the police/fraud squad did there investigations and even visited said [problem]mer's home address (from the banks records) to retrieve as much money as possible? And even shut them down? We've spoken to DVLA to alert them that certain registration number is involved but they naturally will only liaise with the fraud team/police. We've spoken to Nat West and they won't divulge their policies and processes which they follow in these circumstances (even in a generalised scenario) but considering the vehicle was supposed to be in London the bank account is held in Leicester! Which is not a stone throw away from the link above thread. [problem]mers do not differentiate when it comes to obtaining funds by deception, a drone or a vehicle....... So, moving this a little futher down the line, assuming the police apprehend culptits and retrieve assets through crime. What happens to the cash recovered, property sold whether it be house, car, fancy watches etc? Can the victims not lay claim to a portion of the recovered assets, even pro rata amounts? Where does this money go to? I am in the process of drafting complaint letter up to the bank as like the cagger said above, banks are not protecting its customers sufficiently via bank transfers and just blaming the customer. The banks have a duty to apply due diligence when customers open new bank accounts and I dont think bank staff are trained sufficiently enough to spot fraudulent documents, they should have major training in spotting fraudulent documents and carry out further checks with relevant organisations before permitting funds to be released, and lets face it if you saw an account with transactions of transfer credits being received into an account of multiple thousands, several times a day, surely they can have flags on the software system to alert a fraud team? Would anyone like to suggest how I could draft a template letter to the bank to complain in this regard? Or your thoughts please?
  2. I was taken by a confidence trickster on Gumtree last week to the tune of £730. they got me to transfer the money to a Barclays account and used a passport and Barclay's account statement to establish that he was bonafide. A few days after the money was transferred, I got an email from Gumtree to say that this person was a fraudster. I contacted Action Fraud (which only seems to be a way for the police to do absolutely nothing about fraud), my own bank, Santander (who told me as I had willingly paid the money, I couldn't claim from them) and Barclays, from whom I have just had an out-of-office email reply. First things first - how is bank transfer fraud and different from credit card fraud? In both cases the money is paid willingly, yet you are covered when you are defrauded by credit card. The next thing is, how could Barclays have allowed this criminal to open and operate an account with them. If the details he gave me are as a result of identity theft, then the bank should know this. Anyone who opens a bank account has to supply personal details which the bank has to check vigorously to ensure they are legitimate. So as far as I'm concerned, Barclays hasn't done enough to ensure I was not a victim of fraud by one of their customers. So would it be feasible to sue Barclays to have my money repaid, based on these reasons?
  3. Not at all sure where to post this. The brief gist of it is in the title. I won't go into much detail until a mediator tells me which sub-forum is most appropriate to post this. Council damaged my house, they withheld all of the evidence from the court and made false statements in Court. My claim couldn't continue. and as a result, council were awarded costs against me. I now have the evidence, which the council withheld, I have referred it to the Court. Court don't want to know. Council agree that they withheld evidence, but they won't return my money. Dispute has been going on for up to six years.
  4. Hi, I operate a shop on eBay (pretty much my sole means on income). I recently sold an item. Buyer complained that item was not as described and opened a case in resolution centre. I agreed that the item could be returned for a full refund (buyer has acknowledged that the information in the listing described the item accurately but that isn't the main issue ATM). Buyer then has to enter tracking details for the returned parcel. They buyer enters 'returned in person to seller address.' This categorically did not happen. The buyer actually lives nearly 200 miles away. When I called Ebay customer services they advised me to speak to a different department and have the case 'escalated' I Was told that as the buyer had not entered valid tracking information for the return that the case would be decided in my favour. So I spoke to the relevant department. They decided the case in the buyers favour. I called eBay customer services again. This time I was told that since I can't prove that the buyer didn't return the item the buyer's payment would be refunded. So now I am stuck with a breach of policy report (arising from losing the resolution centre case), the buyers negative feedback and will most likely be out of pocket for the cost of the item without even having it returned to me. I have spoken to the police who put me through to 'Action Fraud.' They stated that although they have many reports of this exact issue their policy is that it is a civil matter. I'm open to any suggestions to get this resolved!
  5. Hi guys, I have a repair & maintenance contract with British Gas whereby if you have a boiler problem, they fix it for a fixed fee of £99. I called them out in February when I had no hot water. The engineer said ideally I need a powerflush and when I laughed at his extortionate £700 price-tag said he should be able to fix it by adding a filter. Being low on money and knowing that exclusions often apply, I repeatedly asked if this would be included in my £99 or an additional cost and each time he said all costs would be included and that I'd get an invoice that would be waived - so I said to go ahead. He said he'd put in a temporary fix that "should" keep me going until he could return the next day with the filter. A week later I got the invoice and ignored it until I got a threat of credit blacklisting and that's when I put in a total of 4 complaints saying I felt misled by British Gas and that irrespective of Ts & Cs they may hide behind, British Gas was in my house assuring me all costs would be covered. Today I came home to an answerphone and an email from a British Gas bod, kindly IGNORING all my points about British Gas giving me their assurance and that I pushed and pushed to make sure there's no extra costs. Instead, as predicted, he hid behind Ts & Cs, claimed the filter was an "upgrade", that my threat of going to OFGEM was moot because OFGEM only cover gas & electric, and included a photocopy of paperwork I signed agreeing to work listed as an "upgrade". Do I have a case? Yes, I signed the paperwork which mentioned "upgrade" but this was after an hour of a British Gas representative repeatedly assuring me all costs would be covered in the £99 charge. He told me the invoice will be sent but that it will be waived and never once mentioned an "upgrade" - only "fixing" the problem. If he had "fixed" my problem and mentioned the filter being an "upgrade|"then I never would have agreed to the work being carried out! That is why I was asking him over and over if the cost would be at no extra cost! My signature was given in good faith and assumed under false pretences (or at the very least, through ineptitude and ignorance). I seem to recall EDF door-to-door salesmen fraudulently obtaining signatures, claiming it was to prove they'd read the meter but was really to switch their gas and electricity supply, and they got hauled over the coals for doing so. If the engineer was uncertain he should've checked with the office, or consulted the booklet before telling me the work would be free of charge, surely? Any help is appreciated.
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