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Found 23 results

  1. Please can anybody advise. Exactly 12 months ago my son was involved in a car accident. He was driving with his girlfriend when two girls in a car behind him threw something at his car (he didn't realise at the time just heard an almighty bang). He braked and the girls went into the back of him. Apparently it was a can of coke they threw. Very little damaged to his car but apparently their car was a write off. The police came and both drivers were drink/drug tested unfortunately my son failed drug test (cannabis) although he had not smoked that day. Rightly he was arrested and subsequently taken to court where he was heavily fined and lost his licence. Can I make it clear this was the best thing to happen I am anti drugs and since that day my son is also anti drugs, he has not touched cannabis since that day. Fortunately nobody was hurt in the accident. A few weeks after the crash my son received a letter from the police stating that the other party was responsible for the crash and unless she agreed to go on a driving awareness course she would be prosecuted. no action regarding the crash would be taken against my son. He did speak to the police who explained that even though he had tested positive it did not give her the right to drive dangerously. My sons insurance will not accept liability (rightly so because of drugs) but now exactly 12 months after accident Admiral (other persons insurance) has sent a letter to my son saying because his insurance wont pay they are starting proceedings against him. Please can anybody advise what we should do.
  2. Hello group, I have had a letter from debt and revenue services saying they will visit my property ( i'm not unduly concerned as I dont live there ) However this is for a supposed debt of an auto renewal house insurance of £50 which they have now pushed up to over a £100 with their terms and conditions : I had previously told Admiral last year that I did not wish for them to continue after 12 months and cancelled my DD so they couldn't take it ( they tried) and I insured with another company. My question is ...does this situation go on and on ? are these idle threats? does Admiral seriously take people to court for this and win ? what is is the law on auto renewal? and should I just ignore this or write to admiral CEO ? Thank you very much for your advice and help ? Gem x
  3. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can advise, back in October I applied for a loan through Admiral but the application was unsuccessful. My credit score (i use Clearscore) went down this month with a note saying: What changed in July 2018 : Hard Search performed by Admiral Loans for Credit Application The October application is showing the exact same information - why would they simply perform another hard search without my consent? and is there anything i can do about it? Thank you H x
  4. I'm seeking some advice... Cutting long story short - a couple of years ago someone else (my partner) was driving my car (with my permission) with me as a passenger. Partner had a fully comp insurance and wrongly thought it contained a third party insurance on my car (i accept it was a very stupid mistake, and we have learnt a lesson to check all details on insurance big time!). Partner was not listed on my policy. My vehicle was involved in a minor collision with another vehicle while being driven by my partner. No visible damage to either of the cars and third party driver and passenger assured they were fine and had no injury. Police were not called. Afterward we called partner's insurers to inform them of this minor collision it transpired partner was not insured on third party vehicles, including my car. Eventually third party made a series of claims including whiplash and damage to vehicle. Admiral sent me form of indemnity which i did not sign. Partner never had any communication about this from any source. Now Admiral are pursuing me for just short of 10k for their "outlay" in this case. Third party was also insured with Admiral. I am concerned they have not investigated this matter at all and as far as i'm aware no medical or other evidence has been presented by third party and this claim has been just paid out by Admiral without any consideration to minimise the costs. My question is: does this mean all claims have now been paid out by Admiral to third party considering they seek "settlement proposal" for their "total outlay"? Also my understanding is Admiral would only be able to act as RTA insurer and pay out to third party IF they obtained either signed form of consent and indemnity or obtained court judgement against the driver (my partner) BEFORE paying out the claims to third party (considering i was not the driver, partner was not a named driver on my policy, and form of consent has not been signed). I have obtained legal advice from solicitor who advised not to sign the consent and indemnity form as it is effectively a blank cheque. He gave me advice as above i'm still confused as to why have Admiral paid out to third party as RTA insurer (which they say they did) without any signed consent form or court judgement? can Admiral now legally pursue me for their outlay? Can they now take legal action and obtain court judgement against my partner (we are still together) considering they have never even sent them any communication (although they were aware of driver's details)? The solicitor seems to suggest they Admiral effectively do not have a legal leg to stand on now as they have paid the claims out without taking the required steps as above, if anyone has any similar experience or knowledge i would be grateful for this. I just don't know where to go from here and how to finally resolve this.
  5. My friend had a black box fitted through Admiral. He had 10/10 scores throughout. He went to cricket and the car was parked up. He got a score of -10 as they said he drove 13 hours straight no breaks and that is dangerous. They also said he drove at 130mph which he didn't. Why would he when he knows there is a black box fitted and only got 10 out of 10 scores. He tried to speak to them but was simply told. The black box doesn't make mistakes. They cancelled his insurance and banned him from the insurance company and anyone under their brand. His insurance shot up and he needed to take out a loan to get insurance. This happened two years ago. So last year insurance was high but not as high. I have asked for a DPA and all information relating to the black box. Has this happened to anyone here before? How can I prove he didn't drive 13 hours straight. Can anyone drive 13 hours straight lol
  6. Hi, This is a frustrating situation and time is pretty limited so hopefully someone may be able to help. Lol due to the fact that i'm the family banker this post is on behalf of my partner last year our daughter acquired some equipment and used Admiral Leasing, (my partner was the guarantor). The equipment was not proving to make the profit that was required and our daughter contacted Admiral Leasing, explained that she could not afford to keep up the repayments and asked for a solution. She was informed that they would collect the machine and it would be resold. She was then told that they would negotiate a payment plan for the balance after the machine was sold. In August 2016 our daughter and my partner received a letter of termination, this included the outstanding amount. Our daughter phoned and enquired about the letter and was informed that this was a default template generated by the computer and that there was nothing to worry about, they would negotiate the balance as soon as the equipment was sold on. On December 29th 2016 both parties received a letter for a county court summons from Admiral Leasing for the amount of £6,479.48. We were a little bemused because on reading the Plaintiff comments: - have contacted parties on numerous occasions to resolve outstanding balance, have supplied all necessary paperwork, no resolve. Prior to the court summons my partner received no correspondence what so ever from Admiral Leasing or their acting solicitor. Our daughter did not receive any correspondence either. She contacted their acting solicitor and was told that he had sent her numerous emails, she said that she had not received them and could they resend, to date she has not received them. She also pointed out that she had phoned several times to check on the situation with the machine sale, she was told not to worry as they would contact her as soon as it was sold. Furthermore she offered to make a payment plan which they would only accept if we put a voluntary charging order against our property. We were not prepared to do this. We spoke with a solicitor and explained the situation, they contacted the Admiral Leasing acting solicitor and offered payment of the outstanding amount which was left after the machine sale £5577.26, they stated that we would not pay costs as we had not received any correspondence. The acting solicitor refused and said they wanted the whole amount. Our solicitor then just said pay it as its not worth the cost of proceeding. (should we just give in and pay the extra £1000.00?) We do not dispute the machine balance and have offered to pay, we do dispute the costs on the assumption that had they sent a request of payment to us after the machine was sold, we would have paid. Also should they not have sent us a default notice or a letter before action rather than a court summons? does the credit agreement not protect us against this? It seems like their solicitor has just jumped the gun to stuff an extra 1000.00 in his back pocket! Any advise would be grateful, unfortunately due to the time it has taken to process information with the parties involved we now only have until Thursday to reply. Thanks in advance
  7. Hey all, Looks like this forum is the answer to all my problems.To be honest would like to thanks dx100 uk & Martin 2006 for all their support in answering all the queries posted.This forum certainly points you in the right direction. So to begin with Admiral insurance i received the renewals pack for my multi car insurance ,the price they quoted me looked too high,so like usual i rang them to check if it was their best quote, i told them i got a quote elsewere which was 2200 ,my quote was 2500 ,so the gentlemen applied some discounts and quoted me a little above 2200 (wish i had said 1200). Now the interesting part on my renewals which i noticed was that the cars were kept at my old address although i had called to change my address a couple of times,once i asked the advisor why this was as such he said theagent might not have changed this and would need to check further ,so when he put this address in where i was living it bought the quote of 2200 to 1100 (Lucky me) which i was pleased with. However my concern here is i am with them from over 7 years & have changed the address twice in a year & also have changed the car ,i queried this with the advisor that if the "Post code where kept" hasnt been changed over this year then its not my fault and i had paid the wrong premium during this address change to which he replied he will have to check the call(i remember calling & changing my address in june which he confirmed) He further advised he will have to go through the call log & will come back to me with an outcome. Now i know they will try to put this on me saying i have not updated the details & its my fault which i dont think it is coz as soon as i moved to a different address i had called the insurance to change this & the agent has onfirmed. I just want to check what the insurance company can do in this case to prevent them from giving me a refund? i m sure they have their own tactics in relaying this back and putting this on my head Shall i complaint? Will they accept their liability? what should i wary of when they call me back? how shall i proceed? Any help or direction is much appreciated again As always many thanks again
  8. My Car was damaged in March by a 3rd party while parked. Car was booked into repair Insurer cancelled the repairs for more investigations (they wanted it checked by a specialist engineer) Time moves on, and we end up in July. My car is involved in another accident, and is written off. The original repair is then scheduled and I say I don't need it any longer and want the claim settled in cash Original claim is against Admiral, while mine is underwritten by Markerstudy Second claim was my fault, and it was valued at roughly what I'd expect for the state it was, and the valuation said it was valued at the present condition prior to the incident. My Insurance company paid that out. My insurance company now say that since I no longer have the car, i'm not entitled to anything from the first incident. Even though my car was damaged and I had to drive with a banged up car for months, other party admits liability, and I'm roughly £2k out of pocket since value of my car at second claim was lower. Edit: They also now states the engineer didnt take any prior damage into account. Even though I have in writing that he valuation was as at present condition, if it wasn't I would have argued the valuation. Are they entitled to say this?
  9. Had an existing policy with Admiral for my 2001 VW Golf. Sold it and purchased a 2007 VW Golf newer model but same engine size. Still have 2 months of existing policy to run so contacted them to give new details and was told that there would be an additional premium to pay of £83 plus an admin charge of £19.50 ? When I asked why the increase, I was told that it was due to the fact that it was a new car and that I was not use to driving it ? Now I have been driving for more than 30+ years, have a clean license and 21+ years no claims. I decided to pay the extra premium as I didn't want to incur anymore costs due to cancelling the policy but advised that I will be reconsidering at renewal. I requested a fuller explanation in writing in which was received today. They further explain that they rate premiums on car grouping, value, year of purchase and year of make / model. Then they quote :- "The main cause of is the year the car was purchased. Our claims statistics have shown this is an important factor. The claims statistics show the longer a person has owned and driven a particular car, the better risk they are ? The trends show the first year in a new car is the most risky. This could be because you may still be getting used to the car. Even though your new car is the same make / model and grouping as your previous car, the type and market value of the car is different." Ok I do accept that the value has increased by about £1,500 but how can they justify such a large increase and also charge an admin fee ? Has anyone recently been given the same explanation as it is the first that I have heard of this ? Thanks for looking
  10. Dear all My car was involved in an accident whilst in parking position in a car park, a delivery lorry took the front bumper of my car. Bless him the lorry driver left me a message on the front window apologising and he already opened a case through his company, I spoke to the third parties insurer and I called the audi garage where I bought the car from They wee quite helpful and they involved accident exchange. Immediately I received a phone call and we arranged the car to be taken to the garage and I was given a courtesy car. They have done everything perfectly and I was quite happy. I was informed that is will not affect my insurance as the other party and the 3rd party insurer accepted the full responsibility I received a letter from admiral yesterday stating that they have been informed by accident exchange and this is recorded in my file on their system and I asked them what does it mean? They said it will not affect your no claims bonus however it will affect your next 3 years insurance premium, I always pay the premiums up front So basically the claim is 0 but I have to answer yes to the question Have you been involved in any accident I believe this is unfair, admiral said it is in T&CS that they have to be informed As far as I am aware these guys own some other companies therefore they will be sharing information with other insurers, I asked them to remove this note in the account otherwise I will peruse through court action Their response was feel free to take the action I need an urgent advise from you guys whether they are allowed to do? Kind regards
  11. Hi All I have car insurance with admiral and pay it monthly by direct debit. I received a default letter from Admiral this morning stating that they had communicated with me last month and that i have ignored this communication, so am in breach of my credit agreement and require full payment. I called their customer service and was advised that both an email and hard copy letter were sent to me the previous month stating the bank had rejected their direct debit. i advised them that i had not received either the email ( which i keep all of) or letter, the customer service rep basically said that their system says sent, so i MUST have received them. Now i find it strange that i never got one or the other about this and advised the customer service rep that had i known about this i would have contacted them straight away, he stated that it was not Admiral's problem. Now, after investigation it looks like the better half had cancelled the incorrect direct debit! I contacted them again and paid the outstanding balance as per their request. i have 2 questons here; 1 - what impact is this default going to have on my credit rating?? it was 999 last time i checked (not registered anymore) 2 - should i chase them to find out what happened with regards to the phantom email and letter....i have still received their sales emails no problem (this makes me suspicious of their claim they sent one to me) i even got one wishing me happy birthday this afternoon!! Sorry for the rambling post, just really annoyed at the moment Thanks in advance
  12. greetings, i have a problem with admiral i took out a policy on december 2012, i was told i had 90 days insurance abroad and after this i would have to ring them to arrange cover on a monthly basis, after the 90 days i rang them and arranged 1 month and was told they would take it out automatically after this, also they took the money out from spain which i find suspicious avoiding taxes ect. at 150 days into it or 5 months i put the car on the drive, and used a different car, but then a woman decides to crash into my car, i rang my insurance to tell them what had happened and they cancel my insurance , the car was on private land and insured by them .and she admitted liabilty as no one was in my car therefore admiral cannot cancel my policy. i need my no claims bonus and they won't speak to me as im no longer a customer what do i do , as im paying double insurance now on a damaged car which the insurance pay out didnt cover the repair. i wish i didnt ring them now as they wouldnt be any the wiser, also they said i have commited fraud somehow, but that is also slander and can i sue them for this, i really am stuck as to what to do? if anyone can help me it would be much appreciated.
  13. Let's keep it simple! Do not use Admiral Van Hire in Walsall. You have been warned!
  14. Hi all Here is a bit of background as to the problem I am facing. Someone recently reversed into my car which was parked in a pay and display car park in a town centre. Luckily (?) for me, he left a note on my windscreen and has admitted full responsibility. He's given me all of his details and even reported said incident to the police. I've made my claim and am currently waiting for my insurance company (Admiral insurance) to contact me re getting my car picked up and repaired / loan car issued etc. I have 14 years NCD which is protected and when I was speaking to the guy, I thought I would make sure that this didn't affect my renewal premium next year (I've only just renewed about 2 months ago, so it's not due for ages yet). He said he didn't know and I would need to speak to another department, so I did. They told me yes it would but said because the renewal was so far away I would have to call the New Business department and get a dummy quote (which would give me an idea based on today's figures). Before I did this I told them I really wasn't happy that I was getting punished for someone elses incompetence , they told me about all the statistics and how I am now a higher risk and more likely to make a fault claim in the future because someone had backed their 4x4 into me. I asked (for about 40 minutes) various people to explain, logically, why this it. They couldn't. Anyhow, I called new business and they ran through a cloned dummy quote and I was shocked to say the least. The difference was about £150 on an aprox £302 policy. Yep 50% roughly - I think the guy said renewal without the claim would be £302 and £450 with the claim. Seriously - what?! Like I said I have 14 years NCD (yep, I understand this is still protected and applied but now to a much higher premium) and have no convictions or points on my licence (not to mention, I wasn't even in the car when this happened and it was legally parked). Sooooo.... my question would be, how would I go about recovering this extra money they are loading me with? I've read a couple of stories where people argued with their insurers and they basically waived the increase in the end, but Admiral just seem to be reading from a script and not able to make decisions like that. Can I claim this from the other party's insurer? How long does this loading go on for? (If 5 years, then I would need to claim £750). Lastly, I also know that not all insurers load premiums for No Fault Claims, does anyone who has had experiences with this kind of thing know which insurers do and which don't? (I've heard eSure do as Elephant (which I think are part of Admiral anyway)). Would it be a good idea for me to speak to the financial ombudsmen? (I tried calling them but they are closed today). Thanks for bearing with me, would be grateful if anyone could shed some light on my next steps and I would also be interested to hear from anyone who has experienced this kind of thing - good or bad. Thanks all!
  15. Hi there. I renewed my car Insurance in March, I was origionally with Admiral in the first place however as a named driver as the car did not belong to me it belonged to my mother, and she drove it more. I applied for Insurance on my own car In March when the previous expired, with Admiral again as we were quoted just under £1000, which I paid in full. However, four months on and they are asking for over £400 more, as they have 'got my details wrong', I on the other hand know that my details are completely correct... And I am incredibly worried about paying this extra £400.. as they were the lowest quote we could find, and now, at £1400 (what they are asking), they deffinately are not. Is this a common thing? Will I have to pay? Is there anything I can do? I just don't feel this is right, i agreed to their quote of my car insurance as X, I paid X in full and now they are asking for more? Any help is greatly appreciated
  16. I was insured with Admiral (car) for the last two years. This year, as last, my renewal notice came through and it was ridiculous, so I shopped around. The notice told me that payment was due on the 30th of June, which is when my current policy would end. I found eSure undercut them by around 50% so set up my new policy with them on the 23rd, rang Admiral and told them not to renew. This they acceded to, and I downloaded and sent my No Claims proof to eSure. All fine. Until I check my bank balance on the 29th (tonight) and notice that I'm a bit short. £620.10 short, to be precise, due to Admiral debiting my account for that sum (the increased premium) on the 19th of the month. While I'm aware that they have the right to automatically renew my policy should I not tell them otherwise (their way of "helping" ensure I don't wind up uninsured courtesy of the recent changes in law), there's no reason for them to take the payment a fortnight before the policy is due to expire and before the due date they listed in the email. I've also been onto their website and the policy which I was told on the phone I would not have (2013-2014) is there for all to see; cover note, policy details and all. As a result, I am likely to go overdrawn and be unable to pay some bills until this is rectified. Do I have a right to compensation as they've obviously screwed up? And is it worth my while writing to the Ombudsman?
  17. Hi everyone. I was a bit stunned by a demand from Admiral Insurance this morning demanding a cancellation fee of 65.00. I did not cancel, they did. I wanted to add an item, as named item with a value of 4K to my contents policy. It was accepted for about 14.00 but was referred to underwriter. I then got a call telling me the underwriter would not cover the change, a new policy was offered @ over 340.00 compared to the 114.00 I had paid up front. I refused this, said I would not insure the item and wait for the policy end, about 2 months. I was then told that this was not acceptable, that I was being given 7 days notice of cancellation. OK, nasty but I accepted it. Took out a new policy direct with an insurance company (L&G) @ 184.00. Now, a cancellation charge for THEM terminating the policy...... The small print does state "for any reason" but this was not me cancelling. I find this scandallous & legal theft.... or is it legal? I'm not paying it. Any advice on how to deal with this? Cheers
  18. Hello fellow proletariat, With my car insurance almost up for renewal (14th) i decided to use a comparison site and switch if i could find one cheaper which i did (substantially cheaper). I called admiral today to let them know of my intention to switch providers, the lady on the other end offered to run a quote to see if she could get near the other providers price, i allowed her the curtsey of doing so as she was polite. She asked me a bunch of usual question to run the quote, one being do you have any fixed penalties to which i answered "only the one you know about" she said "we aren't aware on any" i am sure i alerted (called) them to the fix penalty shortly after it occurred (01.02.2011) as i know my insurance would have been void if i hadn't done, but i have nothing in writing! The upshot is they (Admiral) want around £350 for a premium that will expire in 11 days. The £350 is the difference in what I've paid since 01.02.2011 compared to what the premium would have been if they had been alerted to the penalty. Now finally my question, where do i stand legally? Do you think they have standing? Your thoughts would be welcomed. Nick
  19. Hello, June last year I had a total loss right off involving no other parties. The vehicle was valued at £265 and the excess was £250. I contacted Admiral who processed the claim within 24 hrs. Obviously nothing ventured nothing gained or lost. Several weeks later I received a new certificate of insurance and policy documents for my old right off and a letter saying I owed them a premium of £620. When I referred to my exisiting documents I found that they had all expired in April 2012 including my certificate of insurance. My policy had been automatically renewed but no paperwork had been sent. I appealled to Admiral stating that clearly I have no documents in relation to the future premium you wish to claim and considering the low value of the car it clearly wasn't in my interest to have claimed because you now pursuing more money than the car was worth!!!!!!!!! The explaination given by Admiral is the the paperwork sent after the crash was an admin error, they claim to have sent it back in April 2012!!!!! I never go it!!!!!! They also say that because I made a claim, I was aware I was insured through them and this means I have agreed to the terms and conditions of the credit agreement. The argument for me isn't whether I was insured or not.......its the future premium they are dicking me over for with the late documents they sent after the claim was closed!!!!!! They have since refered me to a debt collection agency. Any suggestions???????
  20. Hi all my daughter needed car insurance and rang admiral for a quote ...Being 17 and a new driver it was very high, She was asked how many vehicles inthe family , and was told about a multi-car policy where she would receive adiscount as other members of the family joined the multi-car policy….At this point I took over the phone call and asked for annual quotes for my wife’s and my car and was given competitive quotes roughly the same as we currently payfor 12 months cover, The sales person explained that as our current policy’s expired we would have to renew with them at the pre-arranged premiums or my daughters discount that she had earned would become void and they would want the discounted amount back….. Well time has gone on and the first vehicle was insured ….. But when the paperwork came and I checked the details the expiry was in six months…..the same time my daughters insurance expires…..It now transpires that my insurance which goes on in Aug 2012 will only be valid for four months….at no stage through the initial telephone call with admiral did anybody explain this, it was sold to us to appear to be 12 months insurance for each car…At no point did any person from admiral say that all the policy’s would end as my daughters insurance ended. Admiral apologises and say it was all clearly written out on the schedule, which it was amongst the thick small print on the back of a page hidden away…… we have clearly been ripped off question is can we do anything about it? Any help appriciated many thanks Jules
  21. Hi does anyone know anything about multicar policies? My son asked me to join a multicar policy with him to make his car insurance cheaper as he is 25 + his insurance is usually about £1000/£1200 per year which he pays in monthly instalments. My insurance is £230 per year full comp which I pay on a one off payment. I said to my son Martin that I didn't really want to be bothered with all the hastle as I was happy with my insurance company deal + paying my years priemiums up front but I told him when my insurance was due for renewal which wasn't for another 6 months or so. When my insurance was up for renewal my son Martin gave me a quote of £300 for to join him in the multicar policy with Admiral I said I'd rather stay with the AA + I certainly would not give them £300 when mine was only £230 Martin said he would pay the difference so I told the AA I was not renewing with them + gave Martin my £230 for my years premium + left him to pay his monthly insurance fees persuaded with Admiral. About 2 months later someone wrote my sons car off they admitted full liability so my son no longer had a car to insure he picked up a cheap runabout the next week to get to + from work when he phoned up Admiral to insure the car they said they wanted £1200 upfront payment Martin said he couldn't afford £1200 all at once that was why he has always paid monthly instalments, they said they could only accept full payment so Martin said well I will have to insure else where. a week later I got a letter from Admiral saying my car insurance was ending the next week!!! so I wasn't happy as I didn't want to go with them in the first place + now having given Martin my years premium upfront I have been insured 2 months + now just been told it would be ending the next week, so I phoned up the AA who I was with before + didn't want to leave + took out a years insurance with them + paid it upfront again, Martin did give me back the money I gave him for the years insurance for Admiral as I only had been insured about 2 months with them. Then the problem arises Admiral kept sending letters for Martin to pay £1200 for a years insurance when they are the ones that knew his car had been written off + when he got another one they said they would need the years insurance paid upfront + Martin said no he could not afford that + would have to insure elsewhere which he did + they cancelled my policy without even asking me anything. Martin phoned Admiral up + said why are you sending me a bill for a years policy when I cancelled with you due to my car being written off + even when I got another car you said you would need the money upfront one off payment + I told you no can do. After weeks of Admiral sending Martin letters requesting £1200 + trying to take it out his bank by direct debit but being unsuccessful as he never has that kind off money in his account, They have now started sending letters to me in my name demanding £1200 + threatening me with balliffs. I phoned them + said it was my son who took the policy out not me I never signed anything I am not paying £1200 when my insurance for the year is £230 + I gave that to Martin + they cancelled my insurance after just 2 months when Martins car got written off + they didn't consult me + why would Martin be responsible for a years insurance anyway as when his car got written off they stopped the insurance + didn't let him insure his new car with them unless he paid the whole years priemium upfront which he said no he could not do so he had to go else where so why should he have to pay a years premiums for no service + have to pay another company to insure him???? now I am getting letters from this company called C.A.R.S. who are debt collectors for Admiral + in my name when it was my sons policy I never signed anything with Admiral + I won't pay them a penny as I don't think Martin owes them anything the policy was cancelled when his car was written off + it was his policy not mine..........HELP PLEASE !!!!
  22. Hi All, I've been directed here by a good friend. I am having an issue with Admiral Car insurance and am hoping you all can advise me on what to do. A couple of years ago I had just started a new job and got given a company van. In my first week I was pulled over by police when going into Clacket Lane services as they were doing spot checks and told me I had two illegal tyres. They only fined me for one but also gave me penalty points for it as well. Because I was a bit naive I didn't think I had to say that I had points on my licence because of a work van I didnt declare them. However its only this year where my sister has just come back from travelling that she advised me that my insurance was void if I didnt declare them so I did. Admiral have said that because this happened two years ago and I didn't declare them before that I am liable for a back-dated charge for the previous two years which comes to £309.66. I actually cancelled my renewal after this as I hunted around and got a lot cheaper quote, but they are now saying that I am still liable for this charge. I know I am more than likely the guilty party here, but I just wanted to check if I do have to pay or not. Many thanks in advance for your help, Luke
  23. Hi, I had a policy with Admiral at the beggining of last year. I was with them for a couple of months when someone crashed into my parked car. My car was only worth £200 so it was an instant write off. The person who crashed into said they would pay me what the car is worth. I called Admiral and told them what had happened. I explained it was undrivable and it was a write off so I would not be needing the insurance anymore. They said as I was cancelling early I would need to pay one months payment which was £80 and then the policy would be cancelled. After the next months payment was taken from my back account I cancelled the direct debit and didnt hear anything from the again (This was May 2010) I purchased a brand new car in May 2010 and I have been driving this since. In June this year I started receiving texts, letters and calls from a company called DRS. They said I owe Admiral £70 and they had been told to collect it. I explained the situation to them and they said sorry and didn't call again. In July this year the called again and asked for the money. I told them I am not paying as I don't own anything to them. They have continued to call me every day for over a month, text and write to me. They have even said they will be coming to my door between 1st August - 1st September between 8-8!!! At the beginning of August a company called scottcall starting calling, texting and writing to me saying they have the debt of £75 and to ingore DRS and give them the money. I have called Admiral today and they have said that I did not call last year to cancel my policy!! I know I did and my partner was also there at the time of the phone call. They said they can sell the debt to as many companies as they want and they call call me as many times as they want and will continue to until I pay £100 I have been told 3 different amounts to pay. I do not own anything but how can I prove it? Also I was told there is a limit to how many times you can be contacted. I feel like I am being harrassed. They call me of witheld numbers, 0845 and even mobile numbers. Any help with this would be great
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