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  1. I had an interest only mortgage with Rooftop Mortgages which became overdue for repayment. Always planned to sell to repay...no problem, and Rooftop was aware of this. Never missed or late with payment. However a few months ago I had a letter from their Solicitors simply asking what my proposals for repayment were, and then stated that if not repaid, repossession proceeding etc would be taken and IF THAT happened there would be legal fees. Nothing happened, the house has been sold and the mortgage repaid. However, the redemption statement included fees of £926!! I have raised a
  2. Nothing incriminating(!) but I do plan to take the matter to the Ombudsman (or should that be to FCA??) if their complaints department do not remove these fees which are unjustified, and I wanted to point out that I had not been informed of the recording - and of course request it in a future SAR. thanks
  3. Not sure if this is the right forum to ask this but.... I have a dispute with Rooftop Mortgages over fees they have added to Morgage Redemption Statement. Anyway, late in a long converstaion yesterday with them I asked whether the converstaion was being recorded and was told yes. Q: AM I right in stating that I should have been advised of this at the start of the conversation and given my consent?
  4. I had an interest only mortgage with Rooftop mortgages that expired March last year. It was always planned that the repayment would be from the sale of the property (never late or missed payments). Unfortunately did not sell until this month. Redemption statement shows £726 in 'fees'. In September last year I had a letter from solicitors appointed by Rooftop - in that letter they asked for my repayment intentions (which Rooftop already knew) and stated that I would be liable to costs IF the actions appended (ie court hearing/repossession) were proceeded with. None of that happened
  5. Well....if they bought the debt and can demonstrate the documentation is correct, surely if I stopped paying they could then instigate legal action for recovery through the courts? That's why I need a legal reason to stop.
  6. Well I am afraid \i need more than people just just 'telling' me to stop payments - I need a legal reason to do so. I weigh up that I pay an agreed £1/month.......at 70 let's say I get another 10 years...so £120, then as no assets left in my estate it dies with me. Maybe that's a small price to pay if I do not have a legal reason to stop payments. Sorry I troubled you all. Perhaps it's time to go.
  7. With respect I am not just going to STOP payment without due reason. I did quite a bit of research before sending that letter. WHY is it a load of old twaddle?? If there is no constructive answer then no point in replying. Are they correct or are they not? I have rebuilt my credit record and do not wish to jeapardise it by stopping payment and risking any furrher bad entries.
  8. Regarding the Halifax CCA details sent by Cabot (see previous thread for redacted document). I sent them the following letter: -------------- I have now had an independent review of your letter and documents dated 23rd January 2017 in which you claim that this account is enforceable. The document provided: The document provided is not complete. Page 1 refers to signing the agreement on Page 3. The alleged agreement in your submitted version is actually the second page. The Prescribed terms are also not complete in the document. You will be aware that pre-April 2007 agre
  9. .I made 5 CCA requests to Cabot for each debt. All before 2007. One was provided and has been the subject of posts above - still pondering this. One they admitted they were unlikely to provide and agreed that it was unenforceable and that they would not continue to pursue payment, although the debt was still owed. Payment stopped on that one. The Three others - request acknowledged by them 23 Jan, stating it would take longer than 12 days and would write to me after 40 days. Nothing received from them simce. I know people state just stop paying, but I do thi
  10. Going back to the comment that it is not one CC agreement.....I came across this: https://www.handbook.fca.org.uk/handbook/CONC/13.pdf It seems from s 13.1.4 (1) (2) that a creditor CAn actually reconstitute an agreement from a template. Any comments?
  11. Sorry...have to post agaian as the 'whiteout' of he product used still did not hide details. Here is a fully redacted document.... 3392484_AgreementRedacted.pdf
  12. Appreciate that - I am going to wait and see what (if any) response I get to CCA's for other debts with them......40 days up end of this month as they said they would ahve to contact original lenders......mmmm
  13. yeah well, it's a big step to simply stop paying if I am not 100% confident they cannot obtain judgement against me.....!
  14. No...not even stamped.....if I stopped payment and they DID issue a claimform, given all the above, is it likely they would succeeed? Or would their claim be refused due to the cc comments above?
  15. When they sent the hard copy of CCA to me p2 (as the reverse of p1) was blank.....not sure if this is significent. ok.....so legally, because the fonts are different on p1/p2 and p1 refers to page 3 (pages not actually numbered) it is unenforceable? COuld I just ask whether the fact that Halifax did not sign the agreement is usual or does that also make it an invalid agreement/contract?
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