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  1. Is the 'Data Controoler' and official title used by each organisation? That would really be a good start.
  2. I have written to each of the banks and other companies individually and listed the problems that need correcting. I have also written to the CRA's (Credit Reference Agencies) to have them help with wrong linked addresses, addresses I've never lived at, companies I've never heard of. They have been generally helpful, and have altered the data relevant to them and also contacted the organisations involved. They have also posted a notice of correction for me at my request. But, there is a limit to what they can do, as they can't make changes to the account conduct data, as that is the job of the institutions. In writing to one bank that had seven errors on my files, they made one change to one CRA. I then had to write again to get them to update the other two CRAs. The situation seems to be that I have to write a separate letter for each incorrect entry. If I try and mention more than one, they can't handle it. They only make one change. This is why I have written dozens of letters and I amfacing writing dozens more which will take months.
  3. Of course, bad history will be visible for up to six years. However, in my case the credit file is showing me owing money up to last month for many of these financial institutions. I've managed to get some of them to change the status to 'settled' but they show the account as settled in December 2012. They should be showing me as zero balance from July 2010 and settled in 2010.
  4. My credit isn't great, so I looked at my credit reports on Equifax, Experian CreditExpert and CallCredit. I was amazed at how much of the information was completely wrong. I've now written about two dozen letters to financial organisations, including letters to the three agencies themselves, but although I've got some things corrected, there are still dozens of errors. It's pretty serious because anyone searching my file will get a bad report, even though all debt was cleared two years ago. Has anyone else had a similar problem and is there an organisation that will force these financial institutions to make the required changes? Frustrated of Shropshire
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