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  1. Who is responsible in the following: Person falls behind in payments to Creditor A... creditor A eventually defaults account and sells account to DCA. DCA changes name on default, but subsequent enquiry reveals DCA cannot produce default notice, but refuse to remove as they are not the original creditor and request should be made to Creditor A. But if DCA have bought the debt, surely they also buy the default given they have changed the creditor name on the entry, and it is they who should remove? Maybe I'm wrong...
  2. No, it's an old Aqua card... she took it out circa April 2013, got into trouble with it after losing her job and sorted a payment agreement. When New Day took Aqua over from SAV/Halifax, they stopped taking the agreed payments under the arrangement and defaulted the account. They then sold it to Idem a few months later. Sister says the credit report showed AP when with Aqua, then showed as defaulted in February this year by NewDay. Default disappeared from April's Noddle report, but reappeared in May under the Idem banner.
  3. Cheers dx100uk... Original default was issued by New Day, not Aqua/Sav Credit/Halifax. Sister says the default disappeared for a month from her Noddle report before reappearing under the Idem name. Credit file only shows default from May this year with no prior history, but sister says original New Day default was dated from February then disappeared in April.
  4. Hi all, Trying to sort something out for my sister who has got into some bother with Idem. She originally had a debt with Aqua and despite sorting out a payment agreement with them after racking up some arrears, Aqua defaulted the debt when they were taken over by New Day Credit. At this point, repayments stopped being taken for several months despite my sister's attempts to sort things out with the new company. New Day subsequently sold on the debt to Idem Servicing who have been chasing my sister via Moorcroft to collect the outstanding amount. My sister is adamant she has received no notice of assignation or any other correspondence from Idem, and has only received correspondence from Moorcroft. She checked her credit report a few months ago to see the default issued by New Day was removed, but that a new default had been registered by Idem. She claims not to have received a default notice from Idem and the dates don't tally between that default and the one issued previously by Progressive. She believes the default placed by Idem is incorrect and has been placed in breach of the CCA regulations as procedures haven't been followed. She sent a CCA request to Moorcroft, asking for a copy of the CCA, as well as the notice of assignment , original default notice and a statement along with a cheque for £1. The cheque has been cashed. Moorcroft wrote back saying they had passed the request to Idem, but yesterday she got a letter saying that she should contact Idem directly for the information. The account has been placed on hold for 30 days to allow her time to request the info from Idem. I don't see why she should contact Idem. Surely if Moorcroft are the ones acting as agents then they should supply the requested documents from the creditor (Idem)? The original CCA request was made in August, and nothing has been forthcoming so in my view the debt is unenforceable now until such times as the requested paperwork is supplied. To be clear, she's not disputing the debt and says she owes the money and is happy to pay back; she is disputing the placement of a default that she says has been unlawfully placed on her credit file. All help and advice is appreciated.
  5. This has been resolved. It took a very helpful young lady instore over 90 minutes, but she got it fixed and didn't give up on the case until it was done... even though she could just have referred me to customer relations herself.
  6. Manan Vora, Vodafone Customer Relations doesn't seem to be too interested in dealing with it. If Lee wants to help, he can look up the email I sent to the Exec team with reference #9267610; it's pretty much a copy of what is above.
  7. Last year, having endured poor signal for some time and then receiving a clearly misleading marketing email in September 2014 that Vodafone subsequently refused to honour, I registered my intention to cancel my Vodafone contract. It was due to expire on January 25. Having subsequently received a call from the retentions team later in September, I agreed to a new contract on provision that I received an early upgrade of my handset and a reduced tariff. And so all was well again with better signal, and an early upgrade. However, on Sunday January 25 2015 at noon, my phone ceased to receive any mobile signal. Believing this to be an issue with my bill (I don't owe anything apart from my current bill, which isn't yet due to be paid) I tried to log into my account online to be told that my mobile number was no longer registered. I can only assume that the initial request I made in September 2014 to cancel my contract has been actioned despite my subsequent agreement to remain with Vodafone and renew my contract. This is not the first time this has happened, and the exact same scenario presented itself on my last upgrade also, and I was without phone service for more than one week. Normal customer service channels have been a joke, and they either don't understand or choose not to understand and are accusing me of cancelling and being in breach of my contract, which in utter muck, and trying to charge me the cost of the handset. I've since made an email complaint to the CEO office, and have a reference number. However, they insist on trying to call me on my wife's phone (which is also with Vodafone and is/was linked to my account) which I can't access as she works away. I've tried calling the direct line number they left me to call back, but I'm not sitting in another 30+ minute queue any longer, as I've tried three times already and I'm not getting anywhere. An email response to the original complaint will just trigger another reference number so little point in doing that. An absolute shambles of a company, and I'm regretting sticking around for another two years. The ombudsman beckons!
  8. Can't remember, wasn't many.. 2, maybe 3. We never received any form, we made all claims online. My wife phoned them once she had been given her contract to let them know, and it was followed up by letter.
  9. Thanks, Any additional advice to offer before I put this into a letter?
  10. The letter... All advice on how to tackle Advantis is welcome; I'm versed with dealing with DCAs when its consumer credit, but not so sure with this one.
  11. Actually, yes I do.. I have a letter from Advantis stating that exactly. I haven't paid them anything yet, while I wait on proof of debt from HMRC. I shall scan the letter and post it later this morning.
  12. Hi, Advantis Credit have been chasing me for a tax credit overpayment that I seemingly received back in 2012. We used to get tax credit, but when my wife started working in April of that year we informed the tax credits office of the change and we were no longer eligible to receive tax credits as collectively we earned too much. The payments stopped soon after, and we never reapplied for the new year in June. I thought no more of it until I started getting these letters from Advantis chasing the overpayment. I've written to HMRC asking for proof of overpayment, as I had informed them of all changes and I haven't heard back. Meantime, Advantis are continuing to chase and are telling me that I need to pay the debt and then claim it back from HMRC if I think it's wrong. With the tax credit system one giant mess, I'm not prepared to do that until I have proof that a debt exists, but HMRC are silent on the whole thing; I've written several letters to HMRC asking for proof of debt but I have heard nothing back from them, and Advantis won't back off unless HMRC instruct them to do so. I can't afford to pay this off in one swoop. Any advice?
  13. No, what I mean is this... FSCS are responsible for handling claims against Welcome Finance for any agreement struck since 2005, which I know; for pre-2005 agreements, claims were to be made directly to Welcome/Cattles for investigation. However, I'm sure I read somewhere that Welcome were no longer going to investigate claims relating to agreements made before a certain time. I'm trying to confirm whether that is correct, and if so, what that time is.
  14. I know that another body is handling PPI reclaims against Welcome Finance for agreements post-2005, but are Welcome still handling pre-2005 claims? I'm sure I read somewhere that Welcome were no longer investigating claims on agreements made prior to a certain year, but I can't remember or find out the year in question. I've just found some information from an old car purchase (1998) and 2 personal loans (1999, 2000) that would suggest I would have a claim against them, but given the dates I suspect I may be onto plums trying to raise a claim now.
  15. Now seemingly the insurance provider has questioned whether the broker who sold the insurance was acting as an agent of the finance company and the claim is being disputed again... ffs!
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