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  1. Morning all, hope you are all keeping well and safe, thoughts please, a company called “capquest” sent me a text message on Sunday advising that I need to speak to them “about my debt” i briefly looked online and it appears as they are a debt collecting agency which is very odd - I am lucky that aside from my mortgage I have no other open/rolling debt. I have paid off years ago the loan I had for the house refurbishment. No balances on credit card, no defaults, no CCJs. Also I have never dealt with Capquest. are they scammers? Have they just bought mobile
  2. The CMC only enquired as to the fact that if there was PPI in the EGG account, the reply from Canada Sq ops took till early October. Then I was asked to fill in a questionnaire, sent back on the 14th of Oct. and now over the weekend I got a reply I’ll add the email here to give you a view. Of course I have removed my name and account. “Identification needed for your Canada Square Operations PPI claim“ Dear Mr ******* Customer reference: ****** Canada Square Operations Canada Square Operations have told us they are unable to respond to our information request
  3. thanks dx, I hear what you are saying on the CMC. They did some good stuff for me while I was out of the country and physically had to lean over them for assist. Saying that, they only take 10%. so my next step is what? Take this up directly with Canada Sq Ops? If so what type of letter should I be writing? And can they turn around and say sorry but you can’t claim? cheers red
  4. Simply for a reason convenience since they where successful with HSBC and AMEX, I thought i'll keep using them
  5. Hi Everyone , keep up the good work , Need some views/help here. back in April March last year I submitted a claim for PPI against Canada Sq Operations who are in charge regarding the PPI for EGG. I used ReclaimPPI.co.uk which worked with HSBC and AMEX- so I did the same for EGG and my Citi group credit card. Months and months went by, Canada Sq Ops admitted that I had PPI. But now they have written back to Reclaim PPI saying the following "Canada Sq Ops are not able to respond to the information request because my details on m
  6. Afternoon all, a while back I had a mortgage with Future Mortgages a spin off of CITI bank, who after the 2008 crash sold its on to Engage Credit. I sold that property and covered all that was open, but I had doubts since it wasn't a standard Mortgage product. anyhow. long story short - i wanted to check for any PPI, or if it the product was miss sold to an extent. so i sent Engage Credit a SAR request on the 15th of March, we are on the 27th of April and no reply from Engage Credit. i know we had the Easter break - but the 30 days for responding are well and truly over
  7. Hi dx, thank you for the advise and glad to report that all sent everything ( SAR, CT bill, and all previous addresses) off via reordered delivery. let see what comes out - as I sent everything off today I should receive a reply in a month time. hopefully I won't need to chase. I have a reminder for the 10th of May on my phone. I will keep you posted on events.. Cheers Red11
  8. Hi dx, thank you, I got the template from the site and i'm about to fill the SAR request, 3 questions, 1 - the SAR template makes reference to Account number/Reference Number, I don't have any, can I still send the SAR without? 2 - EGG seems to have Split the loan business and Credit card I assume that I need to send 2 SAR's? and does anyone know where I can find the address where to send the to? I filed the Canadian Square Operation to find details, but if we find anything we will comeback! 3 - what time limit in terms of searches shall I put i
  9. Hi all, I found an old bank statement and I used to have an egg credit card, and a loan, this is a two part question advise. 1 - I don’t know if there was PPI of any sort on both - who owns Egg now ? or has it disappeared? 2 - and this is the ugly part at the time I was going through a very difficult separation and I had some Financial hardships and I do Remember that I ended up defaulting this as back in the early 2000 Should I try to look into this or better to leave it alone ? Thank you
  10. Hi dx100uk - thank you and apologies but what does "Sat" mean
  11. Hi All, just peace of mind really, since i'm not sure about it. back in the day 3 years ago. I had a mortgage which started off with Future mortgages, but the after the 2008 crisis became engage credit. eventually I sold the property at the end of 2015 - ad paid off all of the Mortgage. looking at the paper work I can't seen any PPI on it of any kind. Even when it was moved over to Engage Credit. Any Though as how I could verify if Any PPI was on my Mortgage Account? Cheers Red
  12. Evening All, question, i'm not sure if its fake news or just to catch people attention, but I saw an article claiming that if you had an over draft you might be entitled to refunds, in a similar fashion to PPI. does anyone have a view, is it true/false.. I mean many moons ago I used to use my over draft and from time to time I used to go over and of course our good friends at HSBC used to charge me the earth for it. frankly I don't see the correlation between PPI and having an overdraft and where I could be owed anything. cheers - Red
  13. I don't know where people are looking to find information or how they are forming their views - but I looked for some official material on these premiums issue, since I had some free time. Unfortunately for the insurance industry, the Office of Fair Trading has looked into reasons of high insurance premiums, discovering that there may be more than a few discrepancies between how much insurers claim it costs to actually insure a driver and all the potential variables including the reasoning offered while a driver has points or not. In fact, thanks to many complaints made
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