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Found 17 results

  1. Start saving your money under the mattress !! Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England says... https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/jun/25/booming-stock-markets-distract-from-threat-of-excessive-lending
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/jun/17/uk-debt-bubble-queens-speech-consumer-credit-loans-spending I noticed quite a few advertisements for 'no interest' loans taken over 4 years with companies such as PC World/Currys - B&Q and a Carpet store. So, it looks like for companies to stay in business they need to sell - people cant afford to buy - so lets tie them up with MORE credit for 4 years !
  3. Hi All A good friend of mine, charity worker and child who are school friends of my son has got a bit of a problem. A couple of weeks ago my friend and her family were on the way home when they were hit up the backside of the car buy a driver who was accelerating. The car my friends family were in was stationary. They were shunted forward about a foot the tail gate bumper and tow bar are damaged. Repairs are going to cost more than the car is worth but the car is driveable. The car is needed for hubbies work, he was the innocent driver, and to do fundraising for the charities they
  4. Hi all, wondered if any of my fellow caggers could help! I had a crash back in May, car has been repaired and I paid £200 excess. The other party has now admitted liability. How/when do I get the excess back? Tesco Insurance have passed me on to Aegeas Law who are dealing with a personal injury claim (I suffered a good bump and sore neck!) - any ideas as to when the excess will be given back as £200 isn't an insignificant amount of money and since Tesco have recovered all their costs surely they should be sending this back?
  5. Just saw this on the news... An accident on the M9 was reported on Sunday 5th July - Police failed to investigate until yesterday, 8th July. They found two people, one dead, one critically injured (and who has since been placed in an induced coma). The couple had already been reported missing, so you would have thought the Police would have clicked when whoever reported the accident advised it was the same vehicle the missing couple had been using !!
  6. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/markets/british-man-held-over-%C2%A3500bn-wall-street-flash-crash/ar-AAbtv4n?ocid=mailsignoutmd With the way technology has changed the markets, it does not take much to trigger a major finance market crash. Better security is needed as this could be exploited by foreign states, terrorist groups and hackers, who might wish to cause harm to western economies.
  7. I have been thinking for quite awhile that the Banks were not really properly fixed after the 07/08 crash. What happened was that the Banks sold off some of their rubbish debts and some assets, as well as money injected via the bailout and QE. There has also been some tightening of regulatory rules. But I am not convinced that the Banks have actually recovered that much, as the last round of end of year results were not that good. The Banks are still carrying many assets which are probably not as they are valued at. Look at the adverts on TV for loans with interest rates anywhere
  8. Hi all, Seeking a bit of advice for my son actually, so I hope someone can shed some light on this situation. He drives for a courier firm so is up and down the motorway everyday, usually travelling down to London and back. Today completely out of the blue he received a letter from Staffordshire Police offering him the opportunity to attend a 'CRASH' course rather than face prosecution and any attached endorsements to his license. As you can imagine he was totally gobsmacked as he hasn't got a clue what it is about because the letter has no information about the alleged offence, when
  9. I couldnt believe I was seeing this when I was watching the news !! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2432593/Gang-deliberately-crashed-bus-500-000-cash-crash-[problem]-guilty-fraud.html
  10. Hi, I was recently involved in what I believe was a crash for cash collision. Although there was only very minor damage to my car, which I didn't wish make a claim for, I immediately informed my insurance company and made them fully aware. My car has been photographed by my insurance company and I have also made a statement. I were informed that if this went to court it could take up to 18 months to reach that point. I am due to renew my car insurance next month and this issue is not going to be resolved by then. I usually renew on a comparison site but I'm not s
  11. Hey. I recently crashed into a car as it pulled out from a side street without seeing me. Long story short, my insurance company have requested a copy of my CBT certificate which i have provided, however the date on my insurance says i passed 10 days before i actually did on my certificate. My insurance was purchased in March and the CBT dates refer to January, so i had a CBT cert when i applied for insurance and i was wondering if this could affect my claim. Also on my documentation i state i have a provisional license, (which is true) however right next to that box on the docu
  12. NatWest and RBS's computer issues have hit customers and those expecting payments. Here's how it affects you Royal Bank of Scotland has experienced another computer glitch which prevented payments to and from accounts at NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank. The glitch has potentially affected millions of people – both the bank's own customers and those who were expecting payments from accounts held by these banks. What type of accounts have been affected? RBS has not released any information, but when the group experienced a catastrophic IT meltdown in June 2012 it affected all account
  13. Customers unable to withdraw cash, pay for goods or do telephone or online banking NatWest is facing a growing backlash from angry customers who claim they will shut their accounts after another IT problem at the bank left millions without access to their money on Wednesday night. Customers were unable to withdraw cash, pay for goods and services, or carry out telephone and online banking on Wednesday 6 March and into the early hours of Thursday 7 March after an apparent IT error caused the bank's systems to crash.NatWest said in a statement it was "disappointed" with the disruption but t
  14. Had no signal on my phone from around 12.30 and was still off at 3.30am. Was anyone else affected ?
  15. Also was said to have affected Halifax account holders. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2255434/Disaster-Lloyds-TSB-customers-New-Years-Eve-technical-glitch-renders-cashpoints-debit-cards-action.html
  16. Hi all, I’ve been following some of the threads on this forum and was just hoping to get a bit of advice on my particular situation! I hope I've posted this in the right forum, it seemed most applicable. Essentially, my car was parked in my work car park when it was hit by a 3rd –party. They caused significant damage but left without leaving a note. There were, as of yet, no witnesses. With regards to the car park, it is provided for staff only (and signposted as such) and run by a private parking company. We pay a monthly and daily fee for the use of the car park and it is supp
  17. Hi All My Daughter was lucky to escape with her life the other night, when she was hit by a Bulgarian artic lorry driver, Tesco insurance her insurer won`t pursue the case for her unless she makes a claim through her own insurance, it was the truckers fault and she can`t afford to claim her insurance as this would put her already extortionate policy through the roof. It seems the police who took both their details won`t help either by telling her the truckers details etc. Does anyone know if their is anything she can do, she can`t afford a lawyer, the injury lawyers were on the phone vi
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