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  1. Dont worry about this paragraph. Every delivery company wants you to by the insurance and none of them are.regulated. all you need to do is read up make sure they file on time and make sure you file when you need to. No One has ever lost a case based on that from what l have seen.
  2. Get your parents to put a note book by the phone to log every call. Company telephone number persons name supervisors name date time. That way they have a log of calls so they can complain giving over these details. Tell them to advise you dont live there and its harrasement. Give the address and phone number for where you live and hang up. Dont let them get a word in edgeways once the details you want are given.
  3. As l thought. Sorry only following as l am trying to help neighbours sons with a first car. So info getting as much as possible.
  4. Excuse me l have a daft question. I thought when the timing chain went you could not move the car. So he would not have been able to drive it in Limp mode. Sorry it happened to a friend of mine in a van and he had to have a new engine/ rebuild the van could not move.
  5. Have you asked AliExpress where rhey are getting the tracking details from and have you sent them proof of what you can see on Royal mails tracking
  6. I buy off aliexpress. Trust me AliExpress are a law to themselves. Its AliExpress that automatically mark a item as received based on the assumption that as its past the delivery date it must be delivered. I have a order that has been stuck at customs for 3 weeks but according to Aliexpress it is delivered. Please remember AliExpress are the middle man. Like Ebay and Esty. They provide a platform for sellers to sell on, for a fee, and as result they think they are above the law. In fact they have also claimed to not have to follow uk law as they are not in the uk.
  7. Depends on the breed if pure breed kc registered blood lines etc
  8. I am glad your daughter has people helping her. Its not the other people fault as if they had who would have known what happened. Make sure you get some you time. I mean your no good to everyone else if your not well.
  9. Thats good. Please try and cut all contact with the family of him as well it will be best as its another way he could contact. I hope your Daughter and GrandDaughter will be able to get threw this. They may need some type of Counselling but they have are are going to go threw a lot. If there is anything l can do to help then let me know l have a daughter who is 13 and some mental health contacts, not that l am saying your Daughter and Grand Daughter have Mental Health problems just know they will have other contacts. Oh and before l forget well done for being there for them supporting them and everything you are doing for them. I know it cant have been easy for you to see this happening. They are lucky to have you.
  10. I am so sorry to read about your Daughter. While l can not offer any real support or any help l can safely say this is a safe space and the people of this forum will help. I don't know if possible, or even a good idea, but can your daughter contact her exs work place and tell them they are no longer together and to stop paying his wages into her bank account. Maybe even ask the solicitor to send a letter to the HR department explaining that. My further advise to your daughter is block him from everything and any way he could contact her.
  11. Following on from what bank fodder said she could for negligence.
  12. Dont accept. Tell them in no uncertain terms that you do not accept the offer and that you will take court action.
  13. Then tou need to make it clear that £30 of vouchers will be useless as your not going to be going back to wetherspoons and that any further compensation will need to be paid by cheque or the same way as the clothes.
  14. Where are you and whats the ipad model. We are always repairing apple products for others just dont have them for ourself. Something that might interest you is in America the right to repair bill that apple are fighting to keep out.
  15. You have said the items were brand new. Was it that they could not be cleaned. I know u can get wine out of clothes l have done it. It does seem that the Wetherspoons staff might need re training in tray carrying but if its anything like my local its very busy, very packed, over worked staff, getting abuse from customers as they are not serving quick enough Also the table service does not help. This is not a excuse for this but just my experience. Are they fully aware that the Manger of the Wetherspoons has accepted responsibility have you got a copy of the cctv. My advise keep everything in writing, not that l am saying your not, Write to them and formally reject the £30 reminding them that the branch has already admitted responsibility see where they go from there.
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