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  1. The first line states. The supplier finally sent a courier to collect the Monitor
  2. Tho we all know that just because a company Should do something does not mean they should. Past experience has taught me this.
  3. Not allowed to leave with neighbour as its a covid risk. Even if instructions given to say that. Well at least that is what l have been told by all the delivery companys l have had delivers from. You could challenge why they are charging for signatures when they are not doing them.
  4. There is no law to say they cant chase. After all its not your fault they brought a dud. I would wait until you get something in the post from them. That way you can respond in writing.
  5. The reason you dont have a signature is because like everywhere else since February/ March 2020 they have not done signatures. Just pictures of the item left at your home or even inside your house.
  6. Well as we more likely expected DPD has said she is wrong and the driver never done any of that he was not breaking laws they don't had over the pads now as its a covid risk, not that there was some type of risk before with colds flu etc. As soon as she said l have witnesses they changed there tune and are investigating. According to the person on the phone she could not answer any more questions due to the complaint. She has tried to obtain them yesterday but no one would answer them and kept hanging up on her.
  7. That is the thing with Apple the right to repair did not exist. They always claimed it was not able to be repaired and if you went to 3rd party people, In America Louis and Tessa or people like my partner and l, then you warranty would be void. Tho even the FBI and police forces in America Dont use Apple. If you look on Youtube for iphone repairs then you can find some of the people we have been speaking with and supporting campaign wise. Ipad repair is Tessa.
  8. @BankFodder I take it your not aware of how Apple operates with repairs to the products they sell. This is not just for Phones but i pads as well. What happens is you take your item back to the person you brought it off, eg o2, o2 puts it threw the system. They then get told to send it back to Apple. Apple then looks at it and says it cant be repaired but you can have this item for xx. Apple customers then say yes and they end up having to pay off 2 contracts.
  9. Well you can escalate it with Amazon if they start not being cooperative. I had to earlier this year as 4 times the seller ignored me l asked how many more chances amazon are going to give the company and pointed out they had been contacted 4 times on my 5th contact to Amazon then they said well we will forward this to there managing agent within 10 minutes l had a call back saying getting a refund. Was there next day
  10. I have not spoken to her since we left but she was the phoning DPD to complain about him. I find it strange that no other company needs the picture of it in your house except them. My Hermes guy does not even take pictures as he trusts us. Never had any Hermes issues. Yodel just wanted a name royal mail never does either and amazon well they ant speak English so would not know how to ask.
  11. Hello We have helped a neighbour with a DPD local delivery driver who was insisting that he does not need permission to enter her property and take a picture of her holding the parcel in her living room. Now my thought is why did it need to be in her living room. Surely a picture of the parcel on the door step is perfectly fine it has been previously and is for other companies. Further to this we have not been given any details about how these delivery companies are storing these pictures what they are using them for or anything to do with data protection or the GDPR. It was only after my partner and l went over to find out what was going on that he said on the door step is fine. Yes l get it they dont want to catch covid but this is not the point
  12. Yes its AFTER she got engaged. She got Engaged in November 2002. Must be Sky 1
  13. I get it. I think its funny she asked me and not someone who likes Buffy. I never really watched the program.
  14. No that is the US date. Season 6 was on a Thursday l can find up until Middle of December but it stopped due to the snooker. I need the UK air date.
  15. No paper announcement and its for a suprise so she does not want to give it away she is up to something. He is already suspicious asking what were up to to my partner who knows nothing. Cant remember if it was on bbc2 or sky
  16. A friend has had a head injury and cant remember some things. She wants to get her Long term partner a present to say thank you for all your help during the recovery. Anyway she wants to get him a present on what is there Engagement date. She cant remember it. She knows a lot of things from the day they were going out for a meal at a nice restaurant That day they had watched Buffy the vampire slayer on further investigation it was season6 episode 16 the Xander Anya wedding episode. I have searched the internet for the date but only getting the American date and that is not right as she was not in the country then TV listing searching is giving me American listing despite putting UK. I remember the episode and seem to think it was around November 2002 strangely enough my partner and l got engaged the December of that year and we had the same engagement Ring. If anyone can help l would be grateful. Thank you.
  17. The SAR should say how it was credited. They can also then track it and tell you what bank its with. Eg this was a BGC from hsbc sort code 98-54-21.
  18. Have you sent a SAR to Lloyds making sure you ask about those payments
  19. I agree its a red flag for me they dont know where the debt comes from. The thing l can say is the account number might be a different one from different dca they have continued to use.
  20. Its 32 years old and more likely statue barred let alone nobody knows who the Original creditor is and they have committed fraud *Allegely*
  21. Yeah. I have emailed several times and they are not failing but not answering them. Along with that they turned the phone number off to save money, based on what they said via email last year. What more could l do to try and find these people. I have spoken to the bride and she will look for something else but the problem is size and that stand was perfect.
  22. Agree with Bankfodder. Further to this if they try anything on with we never said that then you have proof. Yes Amazon do try it on. I have something that has moved date of delivery 3 times and they always say it due this day and its the original date.
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