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  1. OMG this is still going. Mine dropped off credit file 3 years ago without them getting a penny. When did u stop paying them?
  2. So hang on the travel agents are saying that they sent you a e ticket in July and you should have checked they ticket was correct but they also say the change was only made 24 hours before the flight. So there own argument about the July e ticket is null and void anyway as the changes were made after. Personally l would in writing and asking for a written reply ask when they sent the eticket and when the changes to the flights were made as someone has to accountable for the miscommunication
  3. Cut a long story short. Helping a friend R. He was taken to court by Anglian Water for a stupid small amount. He paid it once realised and had mail access. Case went to hearing and the claimant won costs. Judge refused the £1 a week due to on benefits and said he had to pay £15 a month. He cant afford this and told courts. He had not paid anything. Anglian has now passed the £120 on to LCS who have added a £40 charge and are demanding £160. The £40 is a charge for transfer and admin charges. I did not think they could add anything to the court am
  4. Hi all This is mostly for admins. Trying to access the site on my mobile via chrome, only option on my android. I keep geting told you have no security certificate and the connection is not private. I cant find anything wrong and its only happening on this site. Can u advise screen shots to follow.
  5. Just a query but they are being investigated for IR. I take it that if found they had then anyone who struggled with a loan can claim from them no matter how long ago
  6. So they say no but they are being investigated for irresponsible lending. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4814606/800-000-families-face-crisis-sub-prime-loan-firm-tanks.html?ito=social-facebook
  7. Well it seems like Provident are having issues. Being investigated for irresponsible lending and losing a lot of money on shares. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4814606/800-000-families-face-crisis-sub-prime-loan-firm-tanks.html
  8. TBH l don't know. I know that you can get back dated other things, eg ESA support group, but that's it. In all fairness l would leave a journal entry asking for it and explain why. Say you don't understand the form the mistake won't have been made if you had been able to have the help of someone. If they reje t it then go to MR
  9. To put this in simple terms as it can be confusing. Your claim is based on your cirs between set dates eg 23/6-22/7 you will then get paid based on what you tell them. Its payable the following week as the computer needs to send the info to the banking then it get checked then paid. This is the same every month always based on circs the 23rd-22nd before payment. You will always get paid the same date each month eg the 29th unless its a weekend or bank holiday. Uc is paid monthly like a job will be. You tdsa get paid 5 weeks wages so why 5 weeks benefits. I am not on uc bu
  10. Unless he or l win the lotty then he is not moving. I guess we can just see what happens next. They have just over a year till the court papers say its Statue barred.
  11. Thanks Andy. Just want to check Another dca could not bring a case against d if he chooses to ignore them.
  12. Thanks Andy. Pitty we can't as its cost us loads in phone calls and printing costs let alone the postage. They can tho chase and sell on. Its still a live debt till this time next year. I am sure they will either sell it on or chase it.
  13. Thanks Dx. I am a bit annoyed as l was looking forward to the day in court but then on a plus side l won't have d going threw a anxiety attack, panic attacks and other health issues. The judge said he could not award costs as we did not have a list of costs with us which he said was understandable. Tho he did say he was not happy they had done this so late in the day. Now a couple of questions from d. 1 can he apply for costs, it has cost over £150 so far, and if so what can't he claim for 2 can they bring this back to court or now they have discontinued is this th
  14. Hi All I am posting from the courts so bear with me. The judge requested this hearing with regards to ds medical issues and has said that he want the medical evidence. he was provided it with the application. We was due in at 9.00 but due to a road incident the other side is not here so agreed to a delay. 10am we was ushered into court to start the hearing. about 5 mins later a court usher came running in to say a letter had just been hand delivered to the courts one for the courts one for D. Well the judge reads it and they have discontinued. Judge is in a side room ch
  15. They have paid the fee. Failed to follow all other court directions but have paid the fee. I have since found out they did not send the court the DQ. The courts have said in light of the hospital that l can go with him, like they had the option not to let me, but it will be down to the judge I'd l can speak for him l. Well the judge is not going to want to get up and read notes d has made so.going to have so going to have 2 options really. Let someone seal for him or make the hearing at a date d all be able t do next year. On to the witness statement.
  16. Hi. Trying to help a friend. He has been claiming UC for nearly 4 months. They have transfered is ESA support group over after several months. His next payment will be updated to include the last months payment of limited capability for work payment of over £300. He is the issues. They owe 3 months, about £1000 to my friend. Yes the admit they owe it but l have spent 2 weeks, and a lot of money, trying to find out when this will be paid. Its getting stupid now as l get told evey other day its being actioned and will be by 8pm tomorrow. Today the decision Maker said they don't no when it can
  17. Dqs were ment to be submitted before easter. D's was and copy to other side D has still to receive anything from claimant including there DQ and CPR request. The claim is listed for trial next MTV. Need to speak to courts as D is in hospital and has been put on urgent surgery list and will be done in next 4 wks and not allow anything to cause added strain or stress for extra 12 weeks.
  18. OK l will start on that. I will borrow D's laptop tomorrow he does not need 2. Will the courts want evidence of the ops if so willing tomorrow to see if can pick up Friday
  19. I no that it might not get to court but l will be seeing d tomorrow and l no he will have questions. I have read liverlass thread and can adapt the witness statement from there to D's needs I don't have a search box. I have the logo in top left top right log out then underneath l have a box with consumer forums new post user cp then under that the twitter feed and this thread.
  20. Can't do that as tool bar not there and mobile. Phone is about 5 yes old. Laptop is unfixable. What would u advise re the courts and hospital.
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