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  1. Have u told tfl its all fake eg the hire car details. Also its a flag for me that they dont have a address on the website. The facebook and twitter link button dont work.
  2. Maybe we need to find out if they have a over all trade body a bit like ofcom. Then u could go to them also see if they are a registered company. Speak to companys house.
  3. You have a DVLA letter saying you dont have a driving license. You have a DVLA letter saying you have never had a car in your name. I still dont understand how anyone can then believe you are the person as if its a hire car you need to prove you have a full valid license some even require you to have separate insurance. If the hire company have not done the checks then its a flag for me. I know you SAR'd the hire company and was ignored but did u follow it up and make other checks on the company.
  4. Write back telling them to post the documents to you.
  5. Did you establish when last payment or acknowledgement was.? Also by what date do you have to respond. ? If it was 2017 like you think, bank statements might help, then l think they are clutching at straws. If it was then by the end of year the debt will be 6 yrs old and SB. If with the same bank see if you can find a date the last payment was.
  6. I get that the seller would also have a bad time with this. I have done it myself but not deliberatly. It was a massive power cut and l was making the Sunday but it was late so hoping no reply till the next day. I know the easiest thing to do is avoid make offers but l dont thunk its fair to stop people who have never taken advantage of the system is being stopped from using a system and being able to use postage discounts etc.
  7. I know what it says. It is not May its will. I am just wondering if they have broke rules or laws and if they cause any issues come up due to this can ebay be held responsible.
  8. So this came in September but l dont normally use the make offer system so was not aware of it. The system they have brought is is automatic payments for these items. You cant proceed with the offer without giving the payment details and address details. They have said its because they have had seller complaints of buyers not paying quickly enough or paying at all and to provide a faster service for the buyer and seller as they can then list more items quicker. They claim to have listened to feed back regarding this and had no complaints re it. A quick google search says some people have said the same things as me re this. Also ldont know how accepting a offer on something means they cant list another item or even wait a few hours if necessary. My concerns are if on pay pal you have many cards they will take off which ever card is preferred. But if you want to use a different card then it makes a problem eg bank charges, payment fails or going over drawn. Also the seller has 48 hours to accept the offer so who says they dont wait 47 hours to accept to see if they get a better offer. You cant take advantage of cashback sites or bulk postage if your looking at more than 1 item. Also is this legal?
  9. Possibly contact Shell forecourts and let them know of the problem. Pitty transaction are not time stamped. A physical receipt would be.
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