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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all. Apologies for yet another UKCPM parking charge question. But I would like specific help if you are able to. I would be very grateful. I went to a place called the vista centre and it took me about 30 mins to pay for parking. I arrived at Vista Point at approximately 14:30 for a 14:45 appointment. The site had a ridiculous payment system (via installing an app or calling an automated number - where the computer didn’t recognise my voice) and caused me to almost miss a Drug and Alcohol test for a new job. Not easy for any user to pay for parking. No cash option was displayed. I called and downloaded the app, but both systems were not able to process my payment after several attempts. Eventually, I found the only parking machine and paid using cash (for 1hour). It was the only 1 on site, which was not displayed or obvious. I have email evidence and complaints to the drug and alcohol test company for not informing me of the difficulty. I undertook my Drug & Alcohol test, which overran due to my being late to pay for parking. (Also, you are not allowed to leave the room until the test in finished). Not being able to use the app or leave the room during my test, I could not extend my parking duration. I therefore returned to my car approximately 10-11 minutes after my ticket expired - finding a £60 charge. Without knowing about private parking charges, I wrote to UKCPM to appeal they said I need to appeal to IAS. Which I did - I also wrote back to UKCPM to tell them I wanted to appeal (this was done within 7 days). I also registered with IAS and for some reason they said (im not sure if I did or not) confirm my email address, therefore the appeal can no longer go ahead. 1) Should I pay the charge? 2) I write to them showing my address (and email). Is it too late? 3) If they write back, can I just write "Return to Sender, the Recipient no longer lives here" and forget about the claim? Many thanks, matt
  2. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/markets/british-man-held-over-%C2%A3500bn-wall-street-flash-crash/ar-AAbtv4n?ocid=mailsignoutmd With the way technology has changed the markets, it does not take much to trigger a major finance market crash. Better security is needed as this could be exploited by foreign states, terrorist groups and hackers, who might wish to cause harm to western economies.
  3. Your team's invaluable advice and slicks letter has got me so far now I am stuck and forced to make a thread about my very unique situation. Here the key points: I had been paying monthly to Gold's after initial 12 month fixed period, I moved to USA temporarily last year in Jan 2013. I returned for 1 month to UK and called to cancel (big mistake) in August 2013. I was told my membership was cancelled. I cancelled my DD and a month later i get a £25 admin charge on top of usual bill, I called again (big mistake i know) to tell them I had already called to cancel a month ago so I was AGAIN told my membership was cancelled and i did not have to pay anything. I get back to the UK and this year I get a letter in April 2014 from CRS demanding payment of £400, that's 8 Months later. The letter says 'despite previous letters sent to you' but i have not received any, if i did i would have paid an extra month off last year. OFT Consumer advice said i should speak to Gold's not CRS as the contract was with Gold's. I wrote a letter via recorded delivery requesting a true copy of my contract within 7 days and explained to them the situation: that their advisors had told me on TWO occasions that my membership was cancelled and i was never notified about the cancellation process when they sold me the contract nor the TWO times i called to cancel. I mentioned that Harlands Group that handles the payments and CRS as well signed an OFT agreement with the following terms saying they in breach if : 2. Failing to contractually require its clients (i.e. Golds Gym) to notify prospective members in the sales process, whether ORALLY or in writing, key features of the membership including but not limited to length and cancellation rights. The scanned true copy of that doc is here(this may help others): w w w. oft . gov. uk / shared_oft /consumer-enforcement /Harlands-undertakings . pdf Now, Gold's Gym have written back ignoring everything. Simply stating "please refer to t&C 10a for more infomation' they have quoted the part that says they require 30 days written notice. They also say management contacted me but after no response they referred me to CRS and said any documents with reference to your membership please contact CRS. No copy of contract and no reply to my allegations. I am stuck now. Legally I should have a written notice because i signed. But since this new agreement with OFT isn't there some way I can sort this out ? Also they have not sent any previous letters, I am unemployed since returning from USA and they let the debt build up before telling me 8 months later. In addition I called Golds twice and they still didn't inform me of the process and lied. Golds gym have also told me my membership is not cancelled until I pay my account balance with CRS, then they require a written notice. I am ignoring that and doing it right now. Please help if you can.
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