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  1. Thank you very much for your kind reply. Unfortunately this site will not allow me to send a PM - it seems that I need to have made 30 posts before it will allow me to do so. I would be very grateful if you could forward me any details with regards to FCA's findings. Thanking you. Cathy
  2. Initially, I phoned solicitor to ask for advice. I explained my predicament and solicitor said that if I could send background information he would look the matter. Within a few days, he had sent a proposed draft letter which had so many inaccuracies that it could not possibly have been used without substantial modification. After informing solicitor that I would not be pursuing his proposed course of action (involving potentially protracted legal action) I was sent a bill for the work done. I am keen to know if the solicitor should have been required at the first stage of contact to declare f
  3. Hi, I was wondering whether it is common practice or indeed mandatory for fee costings to be declared upfront when contact is first made with a solicitor. Thanking you.
  4. I would be grateful to know if anybody who has been successful in a claim against Santander on the 2008 svr/cap margin issue could explain the grounds on which the claim was made; was it on the basis of breach of contract on the bank's part or the longer-term financial implications of Santander's application of the cap margin increase. Cheers
  5. Hi All, Ignore previous post as I am now in possession of sought-after documentation.
  6. Dear All, I was wondering whether anyone might have a copy of Abbey's Standard Mortgage Conditions booklet edition 2006 (printed December). Thank you
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