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  1. Thanks Kiki1, - I am aware that oil leakage into the clutch compartment will cause slip, however it was not the case the first time at 15000 miles, and the failure according to Citroen U.K. was stated as the clutch being subject to wear????? after 15000 miles of careful driving? Now after a similar mileage the new replacement clutch is slipping in the same manner as before - when cliumbing an incline, or proceeding to overtake in 4th or 5th gear and approaching 2000 rpm - I do not and have never driven it in excess of 3000 rpm. It never slips from moving off from start or in the lower g
  2. Hi Guys, Has any of you Citroen C5 2.0 HDI Exclusive 2008 owners out there heard of or had experience of unusual clutch slip at an early age i.e.15000 mls. I have had mine replaced at 17000mls after a difficult process with Citroen/Dealer --- But guess what---- When approaching 30,000 mls. The new clutch assembly has started doing the same??????. The dealer has confirmed this slippage and obviously the vehicle is out of warranty, however Citroen and dealer have the same stance of myself having to again authorise them to investigate the complaint by the dealer stripping down, and sending
  3. :|Hi Guys! Anyone with one of the above cars experiencing unusual clutch slip (at about 2000 rpm when accelerating, as in overtaking)? If so what has been reaction from dealer both in and out of waranty?
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