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Found 11 results

  1. I recently started a PPI reclaim on a loan I knew I had from Barclays. I have always banked with Barclays and still do. I took the loan in 1999 for £5000 over 60 months. Initially Barclays could find no evidence of this despite the repayments coming from the account I still have. I found my original certificate of PPI which included all the details including loan agreement number and photocopied this and sent it in. I'm now at the stage where they're requesting further information after reopening my case. My questions are: how can I prove I did not need PPI? My employer at the time did provide sickness pay but I haven't kept my old staff handbook or old statements to prove this. I didn't have any medical conditions and I don't think I'll have taken a day off work for the entire duration of the loan to ever need the sickness policy. So I'm stuck with progressing at the mo. Can I add I was 23 at the time and still living with my parents had no priority bills as such other than this loan. I also didn't have many savings either as a wayward 23 year old. But the further information request is asking how could I have paid for the loan if I'd suddenly become unemployed? Would my lack of savings at the time be worth not pursuing the PPI reclaim for?
  2. Hi, First time post for me but after doing a bit of searching this place looks to be very useful so hopefully I can get some advice on my predicament... Firstly, I'm not looking to blame Barclays as the problem is entirely my own doing BUT isn't helped but what I see is a failure of several Barclay's systems to provide useful information which would have helped my not make my mistake so my request is twofold. ... I had two Barclayloans, one for oustanding amount A and one with an outstanding amount of B. The difference between the two outstanding amounts was £4K. One monthly payment was £230 and the other £380. I took out a third loan to cover some credit card debt, pay of the lesser of the two loans and buy a car. All good so far. After paying off the cards and buying the car I then went into my local Barclay's branch to pay off the lesser of the two loans, here's where it all goes wrong. Looking back at my 'workings out' to decide how much to borrow, what to pay etc I managed to get the outstanding loan values and their monthly values mixed up. Thus I thought the smaller of the loans (the one I intended to pay off) attracted the higher monthly payment. Here's the first 'issue' ... to the best of my knowledge nowhere on Barclay's site does it tell you what the monthly payment for a loan is. Even the Direct Debit statement entries for the loans have no information with regards to which loan they relate. And yes I know I should have referred to the original paperwork (no idea where that it is) for the loan and it doesn't in anyway exonerate my stupidity but I do think it would be useful if Barclays could show the loan monthly payment along with the outstanding amount on the main detail page. So, in the local Barclays branch I instructed the very nice lady to pay off the smaller of the loans and to confirm it was the one with the £383 monthly payment. She again couldn't confirm this as (and I have the print out from the 'payoff quote' from the internal system) their internal systems also don't appear to show a monthly payment either, certainly not the print out I've got. The smaller loan was paid off however but I also instructed her to cancel the £383 / month direct debit.....The reason for this was when paying off loans in the past I've been told to cancel the direct debit 'just in case'. This is where it gets serious. Turns out that by her paying off the smaller loan, the £230 / month direct debit was automatically cancelled BUT by me instructing her to cancel the £383 one too, that was for a live loan (which didn't become apparent for a few weeks later)!!! Again, there didn't appear to be anything stopping her from cancelling a direct debit for a live loan which seems a bit odd. She wasn't prompted with any warnings or anything, didn't question what I wanted to do ...nothing. Nothing more was heard until I received a 'default loan payment' letter from Barclays a couple of weeks ago which alarmed me. I spoke to their team that night and was adamant that there had been a mistake and that £383 was for an old loan which I'd paid off.....clearly not! Big penny dropped.... Person on the end of the phone told me that £383 was for an ongoing loan so I paid it and set up a standing order for the £383 to cover the rest of the loan period. All the credit reference agencies have now been told of my default and I'm blacklisted. Various conversations with people in Barclays have told me that it's a one way thing and they can't remove the blacklisting, even though its down to my own stupidity in cancelling the wrong direct debit and not the fact I ran out of money! Not a huge issue as I won't be applying for credit for a bit BUT and this is the important question.... is there anyway I can let the credit agencies (and which ones should I contact?) to let them know of my mistake and to prove that it's a stupid error on my part and not a financial issue, or is a default a default, there are no 'types' of default? As proof it was an error on my part I have the letter from Barclays confirming the £383 payment had been stopped Secondly is there any 'proper' email address for Barclays that I can send this tale to to highlight shortcomings in their systems? Appreciate this is a fruitless exercise but even if the loan account had the monthly payment shown online I wouldn't be here. Let alone their internal systems not showing it and the ability to cancel a direct debit for a Barclayloan with no warnings. Really appreciate any help (apart from checking my facts and figures in future, definitely learned that one!) anyone can offer on this. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Wanting to try to reclaim PPI (and possibly late payment / exceeding limit charges?) for my girlfriend and confused about exactly how to do it? Have just tried to look around the forum but there are so many links and reems of information and I am not sure exactly what to do. is there a simple step by step guide relating to the below?..... Have been sat on a lot of this info since 2012 when we sent SAR requests - with the intention being to try and sort out her credit rating (due to previous defaults entered relating to the accounts below). We haven't followed up on all of this quickly as just been too confused and stressed with other financial worries - and just want to try and sort everything now. Have recently come to realise that PPI/charges may be reclaimable... .looked into it for a while and then lost all the information due to computer being stolen, and then just haven't followed up. From the paper notes/SAR info I can state the following: 3 Accounts 2 with Barclays - got SAR information August 2012. 1 - Barclayloan 2001-2002. Was paid off fully. Statement shows an "Insurance Premium" of £45 - which I've noted was "added to loan value" (via previous research on this forum?). Have noted £45 charge + circa £55 interest claimable" Must have been a spreadsheet/calculator I used? Not sure which or how to do this now? Calculate it on a spreadsheet + interest - write this into a letter and claim 2 - Barclaycard - defaulted Jan 2005. Passed to HFO services. circa £3000 balance. She ended up giving in to threatening letters and phonecalls and paid a total of around £600 to HFO services over a few months. Hence won't be stat barred until 2018. However - no CCA provided, HFO services seem to have had all sorts of issues....advised on here this is "deadlocked?" - not received letters for over a year. Statements received in SAR show PPI totalling around £170 was charged. Another £25ish was charged for some sort of "CVR accidental death" thing.. ..and then another £160 of exceeding limit and late payment charges was added - £20 per time. (All of this over about 8 months). I have made a note stating "circa "£340 charges + £250 interest recalaimable??" Assume using a calculator on here? Is this a case of calculating/adding up charges on the statement - working out interest somehow - then sending this with a letter as a claim? 3 - Natwest Credit Card. Balance defaulted Jan 2009. Last payment few months prior. Stat barred now, no contact for over a year. We wrote and asked for SAR info August 2012, but Natwest replied saying they had a different address and require proof of address and the SAR resubmitting. Did get some info back in response to S78 which shows PPI was included on the account though - but don't have full statements to see how much. Assume need to resend SAR now, get statement then.....not sure what to do next? Use a spreadsheet to calculate a £ figure and then put it into a letter? Thank you for any help or pointing in right direction!
  4. Hi friends, I tried to search but most of the template letters are designed towards claiming single payment PPI, especially, for fresh cases. Mine on the other hand were monthly payments and they were stopped by Barclays in 2005. Why? Because, I claimed back some of the money Barclays had been charging me in the name of their Additions fee that I had never opted for. This probably prompted them to also stop my PPI immediately. And yes, I did not know what PPI was all about at that time. Now, I wish to take up claiming back the PPI Bacrlays charged me over a period of 9 years (since 1996 to 2005) My questions .. 1. Can one claim back the PPI they regularly paid some time ago in the past? 2. Do I need to first ask for my policy details, or should I simply write to them that this has come to my notice and was a mis-sale. 3. Is there a template on this site for the first letter I should be sending to the bank? Help me. please Hugs Autumn
  5. Hi hope someone can help. I had a CPP for the above in which I have been successful in reclaiming. The only thing is I have today received a statement and Barclaycard have deducted protection amount owed from balance, Tax amount and also the simple interest amount ? The card was suspended a couple of years ago (due to another barclaycard account that I had problems with) and I always make the regular minimum monthly payments that are due on this account. I have had no contact from them regarding what they have done or any further contact from Card Protection Plan Limited. Is this correct what they have done as I thought that any interest less tax should have been returned to me and not applied to the account ? Its not a large amount but its the principle of the matter that concerns me. Apologies if I have posted under wrong section.
  6. Hi, any help would be appreciated! I recently submitted a claim to Barclay's on behalf of my father-in-law who we found had had several old loans with what was listed as 'Barclayloan Protection' - we understood this to be PPI so put in a claim for a total of three loans. A letter of response has come back saying that they could find no PPI on the accounts even though we supplied copies of the original agreements which quite clearly shows the single Premium payment to purchase Barclayloan Protection. Here is an example of one; Cash loan Amount of loan £3,400.00 Total charge for credit £1,287.68 Total amount payable £4,687.68 Monthly Repayment £97.66 Number of repayments 48 Premium loan (being the single premium payment to purchase Barclayloan protection) Amount of loan £600.68 Total charge for credit £227.32 Total amount payable £828 Monthly Repayment £17.25 Number of Repayments 48 Total monthly repayment = £97.66 + £17.25 = £114.91 Am I missing something? As I said, any help would be gratefully received as I am unsure how to proceed? Barclays have so far been very helpful but they insist this is not PPI. Many thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I'm new here so all help is appreciated. I had 5 loans with barclays between 2001 and 2003, I took out 1 loan and then refinanced 4 times. The cash prices not including PPI or interest were for; Loan 1. £1500.00 Loan 2. £2200.00 Loan 3. £6000.00 Loan 4. £6400.00 Loan 5. Unsure I made a complaint 3 weeks ago and have forwarded a SAR to barclays so I have all info incase I need to forward my complaint to the FOS. Does anyone have any images of a barclayloan agreement around 2001 and 2003? I did not ask for PPI and had no idea i had it until i contacted the bank so i'd like to take a look at an agreement to see how i could have missed signing up for it (if i did?)
  8. Hello Everyone. I had a £3000 loan with Barclays that I took out in December 1996. I have the Barclayloan statement that says I also had Barclayloan Protection which cost £720.48 (15.01 per month x 48). I think I was late with payments but no more than twice however they issued a CCJ against me in March 1998 for £3412.91 + Costs + Solicitors fees so a total of £3545.66. This was dealt with on their behalf by Elizabeth Handforth Solicitors and I agreed to repay £68.00 per month and repayed the outstanding by April 2003 and have the confirmation letter. My question is do I have a chance of a claim or is it too late? Also would the fact that they took out a CCJ against me go against me? Thanks for reading.
  9. Hi just a query regarding a claim that i was dealing with for my mum. We sent a SAR off to Barclays in May 2012 and originally she was sent a summary of all her dealings with the bank and whether it had ppi on it we replied by saying that she wanted a full sar which she then received. I then helped her to fill in a FOS questionairre and a spreadsheet for one of the loans. Loan 1 was 1996 for 3 years and then finished and then loan 2 was taken out 1 month after loan 1 finished should of run for 1 year was repaid early after 5 months. Barclays have paid out on the loan 2 as the amount was only small and my mum has received the refund but we have encountered a problem with the Loan 1. She was lucky to get statements going back to 1998 however the loan 1 started in 1996 and was over 3 years so we only have a third of the information regarding payments made each month from the statements barclays have sent us they have said they hold no info regarding loan 1 ppi are they fobbing us off. Can an account be worked out from the figures i have here or is it game over as we have no paperwork to prove them wrong i suppose they dont want to pay out on older loans due to the amount of interest they have to pay on them. Advice please TTS
  10. Hi all i am currently helping my mum to claim against barclays she has 2 claims Loan 1 was 09/1996 - 09/1999 and a loan 2 was 09/1999 - 04/2000 it was not a rollover thay were 2 seperate loans. We requested an SAR she has had the account with Barclays since the mid 1980's and she received details going back to Jan 1998 so loan 2 was easier to work out and she has been paid out for this and it was also only a small amount as the loan was only small and paid off early. Loan 1 is proving more difficult when she received notification about loan 2 last week she phoned up Barclays about loan one as when we put in the claim we put both acoount numbers on one form she was informed that loan 1 had been unsuccessful and a letter was sent out to her on the 1 August which she had not received so the advisor said that he would get it sent out to her again she has yet to receive it he also said that she needs a policy number and we need to prove that there was ppi on it which my mum is pretty sure that there was the second loan taken out 1 month after the first was only for just over a £1000 but also had ppi on it. On the SAR that she received it give her info on the first loan from payments 17 - 36 she was paying about £68.00 per month and it was over 36 months mum thinks she possibly borrowed £1300.00 as she had just moved into a new house and received some monies off her mortgage as it was a cashback one. How likely are we going to be able to get the info back to 1996 will they hold it or are they just being difficult. Sorry for the long post Would welcome advise on this please Thanks TTS
  11. Hiya, I am helping a friend of mine with a debt that she is unable to afford the repayments on due to a change in her circumstances. We wrote to Barclays asking if they would accept a token payment of £5 a month and enclosed a financial statment. No word back. She went into her bank to cancel they direct debit that is due to go out on the 27th Aug. She recieved a default notice the other day demanding repayment of the arrears of £0.00?? I have done another letter to send to the collections dept where this letter has come from and was going to suggest that she encloses the £5 token payment in the form of a postal order. The loan amount is for £3,476.78 and they are demaning immediate repayment or they will charge interest at the rate of £1.67 per day :/. Im trying to not let her panic as I have been here with my debts but this letter is scary lol
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