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  1. Thanks for that BankFodder is there a letter template for this and who do I address the letter to would it be the Data Controller. Many Thanks TTS
  2. Hi could do with some advice as to how to get this removed and dealing with this company please. It is my husbands account from Barclaycard opened around 1998/1999 anyway due to reduced income he ended up defaulting on the Barclaycard Aug 2000 and default was put on his credit file Feb 2001 balance is abt £1700 on the default. For a number of years this has been paid as a token payment to Mercers or Barclaycard in Jan 2013 this debt was assigned to MKDP LLP Balance now abt £1200 this is now where the problems have started. They ring our house abt 4 times a day on abt 3 different numbers I refuse to speak to them as we have found out from routinely checking my husbands credit report that they have put a default on there for this debt dated May 2009 total fabrication we have spoke to Experian abt this and explained that we have previous credit reports showing correct default date and the original default letter from Barclaycard they did contact MKDP LLP and they are refusing to remove it I do not want to contact this company so Experian have asked us to scan our documents to them so they can have a look at it for us. I do not as I have a few original statements here that there are charges on this Barclaycard account and PPI who do I now contact for the SAR and should I contact MKDP LLP regarding the default have not made a payment on this account for a few months now should I restart token payments. Sorry for the essay TTS
  3. This is the questionnaire that my friend received http://www.mbna.co.uk/uploads/docs/PPI_Questionnaire.pdf
  4. HI just a query my friend has received a letter off MBNA who have identified her as '' a customer who belongs to a group of customers who may of been mis sold ppi. Our records show that you purchased your ppi during a period when the sales issues we have identified may of occurred.'' There is then a questionnaire that my friend needs to send in she no longer has the account it was closed down abt 3 yrs ago as the card was no longer getting used and unfortunately have no details for it now whenever it was used the balance was always paid off when the statement was sent. They have given a pre populated date for the start of the ppi claim as 2006 on the form sent however they card was used from around 1998 onwards. Would I be right in helping her to write to MBNA asking for a SAR first so that we have some details to work on rather than returning the questionnaire. Would welcome some advice please. Many Thanks TTS
  5. Hi all i am posting this for a friend who has a problem very old debt abt 5yrs 8 months old now getting harrassed by fpc I beleive that no payments have been made on this account for the time stated above. Original debt was abt £300 they are chasing her for nearly £1600 do i need to do her an CCA request first. Would welcome some advice please. TTS
  6. ok many thanks will give them a ring tomorrow will let you know how i get on with it thanks ims tts
  7. Who would i be best to contact as they have already sent her a letter saying they have no details i did write to the sar dept after she got this letter but they said they did not hold any details so i suppose i can take it no further for her. Many Thanks for your advice IMS TTS
  8. i do have a sheet here off barclays as part of the SAR request called consent audit details and there is a change of consent the same date as the loan 1 was taken out in 1996 it says consent activity code c and then marketing consent witheld and then product code 0075 barclayloan protected and then the buisness unit identifier number and select postal. Is this any use ?? TTS
  9. My mum is pretty sure that there would of been ppi on this as she took it out in the branch and she paid off the loan and 1 month later took out loan 2 for only £900 to clear her overdraft and they put on £81 ppi we did not get copies of the loan agreements in her sar should you ?
  10. Hi IMS thanks for the swift reply all we have is the account number and the dates of the loan confirmed by barclays but in the ppi column they have put u meaning unconfirmed but they put this down for loan 2 aswell. My mum remembers taking out a loan as it was when she first moved into her current house it was to do home improvements as she has some cash off her mortgage as it was a cashback one so she was careful not to borrow to much because she was careful as she had not long got divorced. I have the monthly payments on her statements that they sent her from feb 98 - oct 99 but that is it when she got her letter re loan 2 she phoned them up and the guy on the phone said oh its bad news as we do not have any details for loan 1 !!! Can she go any further with this the amount she was paying roughly £70 per month x 36 comes to £2520 i have here the monthly payments and the monthly interest and i feel that barclays are being difficult cause they are setting a limit as to how far back they go. TTS
  11. Hi just a query regarding a claim that i was dealing with for my mum. We sent a SAR off to Barclays in May 2012 and originally she was sent a summary of all her dealings with the bank and whether it had ppi on it we replied by saying that she wanted a full sar which she then received. I then helped her to fill in a FOS questionairre and a spreadsheet for one of the loans. Loan 1 was 1996 for 3 years and then finished and then loan 2 was taken out 1 month after loan 1 finished should of run for 1 year was repaid early after 5 months. Barclays have paid out on the loan 2 as the amount was only small and my mum has received the refund but we have encountered a problem with the Loan 1. She was lucky to get statements going back to 1998 however the loan 1 started in 1996 and was over 3 years so we only have a third of the information regarding payments made each month from the statements barclays have sent us they have said they hold no info regarding loan 1 ppi are they fobbing us off. Can an account be worked out from the figures i have here or is it game over as we have no paperwork to prove them wrong i suppose they dont want to pay out on older loans due to the amount of interest they have to pay on them. Advice please TTS
  12. Just wondering if anyone has been successful in getting get info off barclays from 1996. TTS
  13. Ok just an update my mum has still not received the rejection letter that she was told was going to be resent to her am i best contacting the sar team at barclays to request the statements previous to the ones that was sent in the original SAR the 8 weeks are now up and mum has had no written cinfirmation about the first ppi claim. TTS
  14. Hi in 1999 i needed a new car not having a brill credit rating we went to associates capital after producing reams of paperwork and waiting ages we got a car apparently within our budget we were there for hours and totally fleeced into signing for an agreement with associates agreement in joint names with ppi ( in one name only) and mechanical breakdown. The agreement ran for 30 payments roughly £180 per month about £70 a month was just the insurances plus the interest we eventually voluntarily terminated the agreement. I have the account number, details off credit report and have done abit of research and am i right in thinking that i need to address my claim to the citigroup at canary wharf is this account too old to claim on as i can remember lots of details about the sale to put on the form and i have the total amount of the agreement from the credit report. TTS
  15. Hi all i am currently helping my mum to claim against barclays she has 2 claims Loan 1 was 09/1996 - 09/1999 and a loan 2 was 09/1999 - 04/2000 it was not a rollover thay were 2 seperate loans. We requested an SAR she has had the account with Barclays since the mid 1980's and she received details going back to Jan 1998 so loan 2 was easier to work out and she has been paid out for this and it was also only a small amount as the loan was only small and paid off early. Loan 1 is proving more difficult when she received notification about loan 2 last week she phoned up Barclays about loan one as when we put in the claim we put both acoount numbers on one form she was informed that loan 1 had been unsuccessful and a letter was sent out to her on the 1 August which she had not received so the advisor said that he would get it sent out to her again she has yet to receive it he also said that she needs a policy number and we need to prove that there was ppi on it which my mum is pretty sure that there was the second loan taken out 1 month after the first was only for just over a £1000 but also had ppi on it. On the SAR that she received it give her info on the first loan from payments 17 - 36 she was paying about £68.00 per month and it was over 36 months mum thinks she possibly borrowed £1300.00 as she had just moved into a new house and received some monies off her mortgage as it was a cashback one. How likely are we going to be able to get the info back to 1996 will they hold it or are they just being difficult. Sorry for the long post Would welcome advise on this please Thanks TTS
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