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Found 13 results

  1. My OH received a 'Confirmed Resident' letter from FPC before christmas in respect of an outstanding debt but no details, asking for payment ? I told her to ignore it, in which she did now she is continuously receiving further letters, this time with a balance outstanding on a debt with Capital One, that she vaguely remembers but not sure how long ago. Does she just ignore them or should she now send the standard DCA letter not acknowledging the debt and requesting the original CCA agreement / Notice of assignment details etc ? even if she sends a letter not acknowledging the debt, will this still be deemed as acknowledging it, if it is possibly statute barred ?
  2. Ok guys alot of negatives comments could come out of this but im looking for the supportive comments I took out a contract back in December 2011 phone was a Samsung Galaxy S2 now what really miffs me off with these companies is they only offer a 12 month warranty with all phones and they give you a 24 month contract Now i had the S2 for 9 months brilliant phone i loved it only until one day i woke up and the phone wouldn't turn on took the back off to check for any signs of water damage and all the little strips was white so that indicates no damage to the phone so i sent it off to Vodafone waited for a week to be told it had liquid damage inside the phone and wanted to bill me £100 to fix it i kicked off stating the phone has no damage to it and i am not paying £100 for nothing so then Vodafone said they would pay half to fix the phone again i refuse to pay £50 for something which is still in warranty. They was having none of it so i told them give me the phone back and ill have it checked by someone i know who specializes in Samsung mobile phones he took the phone apart and said there is no sign of liquid damage in the phone all the strips inside the phone was white as i said Contacted Vodafone and they was having none of my findings so i left it at that So the guy i know tried to fix the phone and said that its had its days and would be far to expensive to repair the phone. I have sent Vodafone an email today to Stefan Langkamp asking if vodafone could kindly reset my contract from scratch and issue me with a new phone of my choice way i see it is they get my custom again for another 24 months and they dont get the hassle about the S2 which is now broken. Still not had a reply yet hopefully if that dont work then people here may have some kind advice. I dont want the contract cancelling as i would struggle to obtain another contract due to some debt i have recently cleared off. I just want a phone which i would feel like im getting my monies worth i had paid for that S2 within the 10 month period of having the phone as all my bills was averaging around £45 - 50 a month due to work commitments etc i tried contacting Samsung regarding the issue but i had no reply off them
  3. Hi all i am posting this for a friend who has a problem very old debt abt 5yrs 8 months old now getting harrassed by fpc I beleive that no payments have been made on this account for the time stated above. Original debt was abt £300 they are chasing her for nearly £1600 do i need to do her an CCA request first. Would welcome some advice please. TTS
  4. I recieved a letter from FPC stating they have made enquiries for the confirmation of my current address and to contact them immediately. Pretty scary when you first read it! I can only imagine it is from an old network provider that I changed from two years ago because they changed my contract without my permission or any notification thus running up a bill of a few hundred pounds. As a student at this time I had no where near that kind of money to pay out, so canceled the contract and never received anything from the network provider since. Not sure what my rights are, if I ignore this will it go away as they don't have any legal right to take money from me? I'm more concerned that due to the fact the network provider never contacted me via post with a final bill or warnings of payments due that I will have a ridiculous debt to settle as its been two years! From what I've seen online its best not to ring them whatsoever as they have to prove I owe a debt not me having to prove to them that I don't? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. I have sent a prove it letter to FPC over a vodaphone debt, on there i requested for a copy of the signed contract between me and vodaphone and also an invoice from vodaphone to them but now they have sent me a letter saying i have to get my own copy of the contract between me and vodaphone. Should i reply stating they haven't complied to my request a nd ignore them or dont they have to sent me a copy of the contract. what my rights, Thanks
  6. My son has finished his contract and paid his final bill with Vodafone and has his final statement (dated 20/11/12) which shows the account as a total owing of £0.00 that is nothing/nowt/zero/nothing etc.etc. outstanding. It therefore came as a complete surprise to receive a letter from fpc debt collection services (also dated 20/11/12) chasing a debt of £41.47 Whilst I realise that debt collectors are just individuals who just write threatening letters the matter clearly needs to be sorted out but here is where the problem lies - getting touch with the right Vodafone department to resolve this situation as quickly as possible. Suggestions welcome Chris
  7. Hi, I have fpc debt collection services chasing me for £495.67 I owe capital one on an account I opened in March 2003. I have struggled to make repayments recently as I got into the spiral of debt with payday loans. Is it best to contact them to discuss a repayment plan or get in touch with capital one? thanks Ben
  8. Hi everyone, Since the begining of this month (March 2012) my son has received 3 different requests for payments of debts. One is from FPC(since had one from their "friends" Bryan Carter) This is in the hands of Lee as its a Vodafone issue. A thread under Vodafone and DCAs s already on here. One is from Hamptons Legal on behalf of Red and is for an o2 issue (never had a letter from Red to my address) The other one is from Advantis Credit regarding British Gas. I can not understand why in such a short time so many letters have arrived (has a database been sold on or something) Also I dont know where to start in the process. I have read some threads and my mind is so messed up I would appriciate some guidence of any sorts Thank you JP
  9. hi i was wondering if any one can help....... i recieved a couple of cloak and dagger letters from fpc asking me to contact them in both the letters there was no explanation of why were contacting me so i assumed it was from a captial one account id not paid for a few months due to changing bank accounts. when i spoke to them they at first still wouldnt give me any explanation of what it was for. they checked my details and then asked me to call them back in a few days!!!! i told them i wouldnt do this and that they was to ring me. when they did call back they said it was my capital one account and that i owed them £550 which is strange as i thought my limit was 250 and have been paying it off at 20 odd pound for the last 4 or so years. when i asked for a detailed breakdown of how they came to that figure they said i had to put it in writing and gave me 15 days to do this! the 15 days have passed and they have now sent me a letter saying i have another 15 days to request this info even tho i already have over the phone. since the last letter they are now ringing me 3 or 4 times everyday! so can any body help me with what i should do next? thanks for reading this
  10. Hello, I wondered if there is anyone who can help or advise me in this situation? Almost 6 years ago I started a mobile phone contract with Vodafone. 3 years later I decided I wanted to change suppliers so 2 months towards the end of my contact I got a new phone and when my Vodafone contract ended I rang them to cancel it. As far as I was concerned that was it. In December 2011 I realised Vodafone were still taking payment from my account (I appreciate I should have realised this earlier - I will be checking my bank account more thoroughly from now on!). I stopped the direct debit and assumed that would be it. This morning I received a letter from a debt collection agency (FPC Debt Collection Services) informing me that I owe Vodafone over £900! Since I cancelled the contract I have received NO communication from Vodafone at all. I assume when I cancelled the direct debit in December that they contacted me but I have moved twice since cancelling the contract. Basically I'd like to know where I stand. Vodafone did not inform me that I needed to cancel in writing (if they had I would have done it!). I stopped using the phone as soon as I got my shiny new iPhone (from my new provider) yet the money debited by Vodafone varied from between £22 and £67. It eventually went to £22 consistently (as if they'd put me on a new lower tariff - even though I wasn't using it!!) until last December when I realised and the stopped the direct debit. So in summary, I do NOT want to pay this debt agency £900 for a debt I should never had incurred. PLUS I would like to find out why my contract was never cancelled and money still taken from my account. Any advice or similar stories would be gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation
  11. Good morning all, I'm been doing some lurking off and on over the last 2 months or so as I go back and forth with "Fredpay" over a Vodaphone contract I've never owned. Well, technically. The story goes that my partner's friend required a good credit history to get a contract with Vodaphone and asked me if I'd help. I didn't see the issue as I'd been advised several times that 'Nicole' was a good working person and had met her mother who owned a local shop in the town center. I happily put my name forward after checking the paperwork and speaking with the Vodaphone assistant that this was safe. More fool me. 'Nicole' advised she'd move the contract over the very next week and I went about my daily life happily. I then noticed when doing some banking 3 months later that I seemed to be £30 less off each month than expected and followed this up via online banking to Vodaphone fee's. I proceeded to cancel the direct debit with my bank. I then received a letter from Vodaphone telling me I owed X amount and if I did not pay they'd cancel the account. I of course marched down to 'Nicole's' mothers shop and spoke to her. She took this letter off me and the photocopies of my online banking print outs to show her daughter and advised me she'd deal with it. I even said that the £90 did not matter to me and as long as this was resolved and my credit history was fine I'd go about my business. She paid Vodaphone the X amount and advised me the contract had been moved. 2 months later 'Nicole' defaulted on the account and her mother's shop closed down and then I started getting letters from Vodaphone advised I had to paid 349.89 for the end of contract cancellation fee. I again passed all this on and was advised it would be dealt with until 'Fredpay' got involved. I was then advised by 'Nicoles' mother that I'd have to speak to her daughter (Who magically cannot be got hold of anymore). Fredpay are advising because my credit history was used that it's my account and as of such I am liable. Do I stand any chance on this? Many thanks Septimus
  12. I have recently started recieving phone calls 4-5 times a day by FPC. I have also today recieved a letter saying i owe 191 pounds because of a debt i have with vodafone. I asked for a vodafone internet stick in September 2010 whilst i was moving and wanted a temporary solution for the internet was told the first month was free and then i could cancel the contract. I called vodafone and cancelled the contract and thought that was that. Apparently not though as i now have this debt and have no clue what else it could be since im not a customer. Is there anything i can do to get out of this? I am a student and dont have that kind of money to give, especially when i have done nothing wrong! thank you
  13. Starts at 8:30 this morning I get a text about a "personal matter" that is "urgent". I google the number, and up crops all that bumf about FPC. Phone call from two of their numbers, 6 times today! I called up, and all I said was "hello this is blah blah from blah, its to do with one of your managing staff, please pass me through to relevant person" within TWO minutes I was on to a "Michelle". Explained calmly I had got these calls and texts today. They said some name, I didn’t know who, and then I mentioned that I got the phone from a market stall. "Michelle" mentioned they get a lot of "recycled numbers". And I heard tapping away, and that was it, she took me off the system not to get calls again.. All it takes is a little confidence
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