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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, HSBC responded to SAR request as nothing on the system for 2003 - 2004. Then after I sent them a policy number for CRP PPI on closed credit card. We have an offer as Full and Final settlement of Miss Sold policy! Premiums total £150 Redress Total £460 inc premium. Does this look about right? Many Thanks
  2. Hi and thank you for reading. I wasn't to sure which forum this should have been posted, my apologies if this isn't correct and please be so kind and point me in the right direction. I'll try and keep it brief as possible but the case has been on-going now for 3 years. Back in November 2003 the CSA miscalculated an assessment although all the information was correct. February 2005 my ex partner (PWC) submitted a complaint to the CSA and requested an appeal which they allowed. My ex-partner returned the completed paperwork December 2005, some 9 months later. I then received notification in the March 2006 from the Tribunal Services informing me that the CSA have re-calculated the assessment and found in favour of my ex-partner and therefore the Tribunal is not required. Now i was under Act 1 as my ex partner and i went separate ways 1996. Due to be on Act 1 my new & current partners income was taken into my assessment as total household income. The November 2003 assessment failed to take into account my partners family benefit of £16.20 per week. This is money she would receive with or without being with me. The assessment increased my liability and was backdated to November 2003 now putting me in arrears. Now with some great help from our local Citizen Advice Service, i placed a complaint under Maladministration as all the information they asked for was provided and therefore there mistake. Now i remember at the time, the gentleman who helped me used some Law or Act that stated that as it was there error and being government, they could not claim the back arrears from me. Did i dream this? In my letter of complaint back in 2006 I did state that the arrears were not collectable. I received both an apology, applanation and told that they will not be collecting the arrears along with £50 for the trouble. I am not sure if this means anything but i was awarded Joint Custody and Care but the family courts in 2000. I mention this as i have been told my payments should have been at a reduced rate as my girls stopped over from Friday night through to Sunday evening tea. i have been fighting the CSA/DWP who decided that i owed money and they want it. The thing is, my case closed in 2014 with a £0.00 balance. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone,This is my first time on this topic .I am currently paying off two loans on reduced payments, one with Welcome which is almost finished and one with Norwich Union which is halfway through. The Welcome document shows an optional payment protection insurance for £344 and healthcare for £170.The Norwich Union shows an item for Norwich Union Creditcare Gold for £369.Would I have case to reclaim these charges.Both date back to 2001.
  4. Hi Ive received out of the blue a court claim form from Arrow Global saying that I owe nearly £22k to Egg but Ive not heard anything for at least 10 years until now. Please can you advise me whats the best course of action as Ive acknowledged the claim on moneyclaim to get another 14 days on this. Can this debt be Statute Barred because of the age of it? I need to file my defence before 18 October before 4pm online. Ive sent a CCA request to Arrow & their Solicitor Restons and had a reply from both of them to say theyve requested CCA paperwork from Egg but so far I havent received anything since 4 October. I look forward to hearing from anyone soon. Thanks!
  5. Hi, first post on something I need a little help on please. I receieved a court claim about a credit card I took out 14 years ago but I had kept no records of it. I did a CPR and CCA request to get some documentation. What they sent through was a copy of the application form. All my details were legible within the white boxes of the form, strangely legible when compared to the rest of the form, but the surrounding areas with their information is illegible and very grey and pixalated. You can make out my signature, but not the date. They also sent me some terms and conditions as a separate photocopy. Am I right in thinking that pre 2007 it has to contain proof that the t's & c's were signed by me for it to be enforceable? I came across an old post in the forum about a similar issue and I'll quote it below, but does this apply too:
  6. Hi, I have just received a letter from Agilisys Revenue asking me to contact them to update my address details confirming that I stayed at a bed and breakfast. i went into B&B with my 3 children in 2001, i was on full HB as i was single parent of 3 school children. I assumed that I didnt owe anything when i was moved to temporary accomodation 2 years later.. .I did have contact from the temp housing services a couple of times over the next few years saying that I owed over £1000 , (dont remember exact amount but i questioned it as i was on full HB and was told it was the £30 per week that i received food brought by the letting agent. I then told them i refused the food after 2 weeks as it was of the lowest standard possible . . from a shop called Kwik Save and their basic range of cereal, bread, sugar, tea bags, and milk which when i went in store at the time and added it up came to about £3.50 ,i refused it and bought my own food. I was then told I should have informed them, and i thought the dodgy letting agent should have done this anyway! I agreed back in 2007 to pay what i could and i believe they were taking £2 a week from my benefit for about a year but i then needed a loan from social fund to buy a fridge and wardrobe so they couldnt take it anymore as i was paying back the maximum to social fund . Long story short I moved into permanent housing in 2011 and they last contacted me about 4 yrs ago, i told them i couldnt pay anything as i didnt have enough money after bills etc were paid and i heard no more until this letter today. My question is this, can they force me to pay this debt as the original amount was from 14 years ago?
  7. Hi my partners car has had a warning light show up. It is a picture of a cog. Upon research he has found out it apparently means "fuel additive to be checked every 37,000 miles". Can anybody tell me what this means, and which fuel additive we're talking about and what additive needs to be added and where? Also a steering wheel with an exclamation mark in the picture of the steering wheel Many thanks
  8. Hi, I'm new here so all help is appreciated. I had 5 loans with barclays between 2001 and 2003, I took out 1 loan and then refinanced 4 times. The cash prices not including PPI or interest were for; Loan 1. £1500.00 Loan 2. £2200.00 Loan 3. £6000.00 Loan 4. £6400.00 Loan 5. Unsure I made a complaint 3 weeks ago and have forwarded a SAR to barclays so I have all info incase I need to forward my complaint to the FOS. Does anyone have any images of a barclayloan agreement around 2001 and 2003? I did not ask for PPI and had no idea i had it until i contacted the bank so i'd like to take a look at an agreement to see how i could have missed signing up for it (if i did?)
  9. Old loan to clear off cc from years ago. Just about to pay last £30 they grabbed £450 out of my account which included £420 late payment charges from 2003 - 2009. Talking to indian call centre is a waste of time, told them i was disputing the charges and i would make the last payment of £30. sent me a paying in slip(would not give them my new account details). On the same day got a letter from dca asking me to ring them.(as if). any advice on getting these late charges sorted.
  10. Hi, Working in the creative industry, I recently decided to become a freelancer using an umbrella company. I have been offered a one month assignment by a recruitment agency. However they require me to sign a conduct regulations 2003 opt out form Can anyone explain what this is? Not sure if it´s just some bureaucracy or something I truly should worry about? Advice is very welcome! Thanks, Mia
  11. Any advice will be much appreciated! I was made redundant in 2002, where upon I became self employed. A year later I sold my house and bought another via a Self Certified Mortgage (with a large deposit), as I could not substantiate my income. The mortgage was brokered by an estate agency in Southampton and was provided by Sun Bank Plc, who have since been taken over twice (now under Nationwide). Having much difficulty being self employed, I sold the house again a year later and settled the outstanding mortgage. What I cannot remember is if I had been provided with MPPI, which I now understand would have been completely inappropriate with this type of mortgage. Having been through several moves since, and many ups and downs, I no longer have any documentation. I contacted the estate agent that brokered the mortgage to request information/documentation, who passed my enquiry on to their compliance team. I am now being told that they are not required to retain any paper work after a period of 6 years, and they cannot help with my enquiry as a result. Is there no chance of finding this information out now? if so, and if anyone has the knowledge, please point me in the right direction! Many thanks in advance!
  12. Hi there I am trying to reclaim PPI for my Mm from Ford credit on a finance agreement from 2003. We have the credit agreement. Have received a reply from Ford Credit stating that they have destroyed the documentation in relation to the finance agreement as its over 6 years ago so they are not in a position to consider this complaint. This is their final response. I am going to write back and ask that they reconsider and send a copy of the finance agreement but does anyone have some ideas on what I should write please. Thanks x
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