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  1. Yes ... already reclaimed PPI on it
  2. Just searched my old posts and Apex took over the debt in 2009 and I have been paying ever since
  3. Just checked .. debt was originally with Egg credit card - probably originally taken out about 10 years ago. Was defaulted eventually and then debt sold to Apex. I owe a few hundred and have offered them a third in F&F. I have already done SAR and CCA requests years ago and they were valid. Thanks. And yes - I feel a bit like a cash cow - which is why I want it done with .
  4. and cant remember who original debt was with ..
  5. I have been paying them regularly for years x
  6. Hi . I have an old debt managed by Apex Credit Management which I am looking to settle with a full and final payment offer. Having just checked my credit report with 2 companies - I can find no record of this debt. I presume its over 6 years old. Any suggestions please? Thanks x
  7. another quick update .... post just arrived with letter from MBNA explaining amount of refund - interest etc.(got over £1000) Also a lovely letter from Barclays upholding on a very old loan and including a cheque for over £500 -- Short break to Blackpool just booked on't tinterweb !!
  8. Cheque received today from MBNA for Virgin Credit Card. Sent fishing letter in June (not sure I paid PPI) - next letter received 10.7.12 claim upheld then cheque received today. No breakdown included but I wont be complaining!!! Didnt have to fill in any questionnaire or give any reasons for mis-selling - Suited! Hubby gets new trainers at last ....
  9. Hi all, This is probably a long shot but I remember reading a post about a standard rejection letter from Store Card PPi claim that some kind person had gone through and highlighted why the companys reasons for refusal were invalid. Just hoping someone could point me in the right direction as I need to try to refute my own rejections. Hope this makes sense to someone. Thanks.
  10. thank you x Downloaded openoffice and spreadsheet done !! thanks x
  11. erm .... dont think I have excel ?? its XP professional ...
  12. Dont think they will know as they have said they no longer have any records on this agreement as it was in 2003. Still cant open the calculator sheet - might try a different browser?
  13. Also - sorry but it wont let me fill in any details?? and when is the claim from? and what is number of days elapsed? sorry
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