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  1. Waitrose Online Shopping:- Do they give a stuff about your refund for an unsuitable returned item? I think not and you won't get a refund easily if my experience is anything to go by. Is this Company Policy or is it the Store Manager who can't or won't manage? I made an online order which arrived in early February, an item was substituted I was offered 2 salmon fillets instead of the 4 that I had ordered. I refused the substitution as we are a multi person family, the driver told me I would get the substituted item credited back within 7 days, (£5.99). This did n
  2. Pet Insurance is a legalised ransom on your pets. Promoted by Vets as a necessity. You don't have it, the animal dies when you can't afford it! The Insurance Companies are losing their taste for this insurance, hence the pull out by Lloyds, and Axa to name but a few leaving lesser known companies to pick up the entrails of the policies of owners who are literally too scared not to have one. Why are insurance Companies doing this? My opinion is that there is too much administration for them when they can get away with minimal work for the likes
  3. I have been paid out, letter arrived today, a full and final settlement. I did detail my claim letter with previous treatments and costs and then estimated prospective operations that may be required and drugs until the average life expectancy for my dog and possible remaining years of life, no argument at all and I was very pessimistic with my ball park figure. I will now put the money into an NS&I ISA and Premium Bonds until required. As promised I will donate once the cheque has cleared some time this coming week. Thanks to all contributors and to The Consumer Action
  4. Stands to reason that they are settling only a few of those affected have taken the time to complain, and it will be cheaper to administer paying out of lump sums than deal with lifetime claims where there is no premiums coming in. Sending off my "offer" today, I expect them to quibble, plus I have new expenses that are not covered that I will fight if they refuse it. This may not be over by a long chaulk. If they settle I will send a donation to the site because without it where would we be? In a dark place.
  5. Thanks for the update TNK, have yet to propose a sum, it's nit like how long is a piece of string? I'll send off this week
  6. I have today received a letter from Petguard as as result of my complaint to them and Thisle where I alleged mis selling of the Lifetime pet Insurance for my dog. They say as fidel outlined in respect of future claims, plus; "Alternatively, we are prepared to consider a lump sum settlement in relation to the claims elements should you wish to pursue that option. In event that we cannot reach agreement on that lump sum, the standard process will continue." While considering my response I have a few questions that may be able to be answered on this forum. Firstly; Anyone had t
  7. So what's the difference between Halifax/Lloyds customers and PetGuard? NIG are part of the Roayal Bank of Scotland, so none imho. Why are the press not reporting on us and why are the FSA not as talkative about us?
  8. FSA tells Lloyds to 'get a grip' on pet insurance fiasco as owners make life or death decisions over their animals Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2112963/FSA-tells-Lloyds-grip-pet-insurance-fiasco.html#ixzz1opCIxatf
  9. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/insurance/pet/8784009/Owners-bitten-by-pet-insurance.html Please remember that The Telegraph is copyright and excerpts may not be reproduced here or anywhere else without permission of the copyright holder. Well done fidel, our way is now open to challange the decision by NIG with some hope of winning provided the Ombudsman agrees.
  10. Had a phone call from Petguard today asking why I had not taken up their offer for pet insurance, (revised policy, no longer lifetime, does not cover previous conditions and 150% more premium than last year) . Not really surpised that the operator who phoned neither knew I had already tuned it down in writing, nor that I had made a wriiten complaint and had a reply from them explaining why they could not offer the same terms that I had originally signed up for 2 years ago. I tried to engage her in converstaion about the policy and problems encountered but I have to admire her profess
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