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  1. Trading Standards Institute say they are a membership and training organisation and do not give consumer advice - they say I need to contact the Citizens Advice consumer service, which does handle consumer enquiries. Does Trading Standards actually do anything these days?
  2. Extreme solution, that I would only try if everything else was exhausted. Bound to cause a neighbour dispute that you would have to declare on your house selling documents when you move, which might be the only solution. Declaring this would make a house sale difficult - catch 22. I would put up keep quiet, hope he moves, if not move myself. That's just me, others may deal with it in a better way
  3. This company has a very strange interpretation of Sale of Goods Act. If the item is 6 months old it only gives partial refunds. So if your item failed after 7 months you only get a 90% refund. Thats not the half of it. They originally tell you to contact the OEM for returns, again shirking responsibility! Its only when I insisted under the SoGA, that they had to take the RMA, that they arranged a courier collection. What happened to me was that I asked for a replacement item as I knew if I would only get 90% back if I put refund on the RMA. But someone at ebuyer changed the status of the RMA to 'refund' even though they had plenty of stock to give a replacement. They deny any wrongdoing and refuse to replace the item saying I asked for a refund. Rather than put the situation right regardless of whose fault it may have been, a decent company would have said OK whatever, who cares who put refund, the situation is that now the customer is asking for a replacement and we will honour that. In the end so many weeks passed of eBuyers stalling on the replacement, that the item then became out of stock - discontinued (funny that!) They say you have to place a new order, but the items have doubled in price since I bought the old one! Again, very convinient! Are there any grounds on which I can sue using small claims? I have lost only about £5 but I want to do it for the principle and to protect other consumers who have lost far more! People need to be aware this is how they manage to offer low prices.
  4. Hi I sympathise with you. Neighbours who are not considerate to others are usually a pain to even approach about the issue. I don't know of any law that covers this. I think all you can do is try and mention it to him. Even if he ignores you at least he knows there is a problem and you have the satisfaction of having tried. Isn't there anywhere else he could park this car?
  5. I'm sorry that nobody has replied to you sooner. I am new on the forum. I can't really help because I am having problems of my own with ebuyer's refund/replacement policies. Did you get anywhere with this? Its so frustrating when a company does this sort of thing. I am only about £5 down but I want to fight my case because of principle. Ebuyer surely cannot treat customers in this way and get away with it. They deserve to go bust.
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