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  1. Hello, I rented a studio over 4 years ago through a London Agent; standard AST. The Agent secured my deposit (over £1000) with TDS. After one year my LL decided she did not need the agent anymore and offered to rent the flat directly to me. This, according to her, saved her some money to proceed with the needed repairs. I have been renewing contract (no changes in there) for the consecutive 3 years since then. Due to her numerous failures to carry out repairs (leaks, mold, poor insulation, lack of heating - literally she removed electric heaters from the walls to make the fl
  2. Hello. I am new to this site, and after some advice re 3, red and Lowell. Back in 2009 out of the blue I received a call from Red DCA regarding O2 outstanding balance. I was told that the final amount I owed was only £10. I paid the debt by debit card. I did not hear from them until October 2010. October 2010. First letter arrives We are Red DCS and Lowell Portfolio I has asked us to collect the money you own them on their behalf. You must now pay us £300 in full or set up a payment plan” Original Creditor: 3 Original Balance: £310 Balance Outstanding : £300:???:
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