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  1. Yeah this was a standard debt from a company to a partnership.
  2. The people involved i think are quite bitter (even though they made many many times the original debt in profit from our company, almost 1 million pounds turnover went though them!) .., court costs came to over £1700.. I just received the bankruptcy order (next day) and i've sent it to them!!
  3. No property etc.. we are comfortable. i work from home and my skills are always in demand (multiple offers of work per month) , house rented, car leased, wife has no bank account and works for me My biggest concern is my wife's heath, i don't want her stressed.. so bankruptcy is probably good for us! Plus my dad is terminally ill and has
  4. no idea.. no interest added to debt, or costs..
  5. The pages they gave are headed [HOUSE OF LORD] and reference a case between LOWSLEY AND ANOTHER AND FORBES (TRADING AS L.E. DESIGN SERVICES) 1998 April 21,22,23 JULY 29
  6. NO i fought them.. we were in with the judge for 20 minutes.. But judge in the end said they had a case.. i will find the ruling they based the decision on tomorrow.
  7. My wife is quite i'll i cannot have here worried about bailiffs knocking on the door and harassing her if im out picking up children. So my wife bankruptcy petition has been sent off. it will not affect us or her in any way, so its worth it for the peace of mind.
  8. Ok we went to see the judge today. went in straight away. Judge allowed the enforcement, turns out some house of lords ruling allows the enforcement after 6 years! did not really understand.. So bankruptcy petition completed paid and sent off. So was all a big waste of time!
  9. Sorry for all the questions... ive received no forms to fill out, is the Application for me to be a Litigation friend? What forms do i need to fill in?
  10. ah if its a short meetign it should be ok..
  11. Thanks for all the help.. There's a few issues with attending. First is the time, we have to pickup our children (twins 6yo) at 2:45pm hearing is a 2pm in city centre.. Second my wife really should not get stressed because of her heart condition, is there anyway i can go on her behalf.
  12. we have been back in the uk for 5 years 6 moths and heard nothing from them in that time.. we have lived at our current address for 4 years 2 months, we have always been on the electoral register. Before this house we were are previous house 1 year.
  13. Its a long term condition she will be on medication for the rest of her life.. Can i go in her place. Or should i just wait to see what happens and if its granted my wife could declare bankruptcy.
  14. ive been thinking.. it might be worth just having my wife go though bankrupcy. She does not have any assets / bank accounts and only work part time ( Can she go thorough the process without having to goto court, she would hate that..
  15. Documents received scanned to PDF. Also i got my dates wrong.. it was November 2009 that we moved to Portugal and were only there 18 months.. ALF1.pdf ALF2.pdf
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