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  1. Thanks dx100uk. I'll try the ppi method and the consumer contracts regs as well Never done anything like this, though PS. does it matter if Ive already paid up?
  2. Yep, but theyve all referred to admin charges on a credit account. I got charged for returning items outside of their 14 day period (not for anything credit related)
  3. sorry, Im still confused. Why does this count as a penalty fee? Cant they say I agreed to it in the T&Cs Haven't contacted them yet, just emailed their CS
  4. How would you go about reclaiming it? Ive tried contacting them but they dont seem to understand and I just keep going around in circles.
  5. Hi guys, is it possible for a company to charge you fees for doing a late return under the new Consumer Contracts Regs? Ive ordered a bunch of clothes and they got back to the company (Jacamo) late. I know that Im in the clear with regards to timing because the first parcel arrived on the 19th of Jan and I used their own collections service (effectively giving them notice of return) on the 3rd of Feb, which is within the 14 day period (if I am counting it correctly). Even without that, Ive got multiple parcels, one of which Im still waiting for, so I would be able to still return. My question is, can they still introduce a late return charge, even if the new regulations allow me to return at a much later date than what they state?
  6. Yeah, it appears it was entirely the fault on my employer and HMRC just used the info from the payslip (as expected, lol).
  7. They said it was a mistake and have told me they will look into it. Thing is, I haven't got my payslips either so I'm just waiting on them.
  8. No..thats not how my employer did it. They paid me late - in one lump sum so instead of me having £153 untaxed (the lower band for NI), I paid tax on the whole lot - an extra 18.36. E.g. I get £200 p/w. £153 is tax free and I pay 12% on the rest which is 12% x £47 = 5.64 Instead, they paid me £400 in one go and I was taxed 12% on £247 = 29.64. Even though I earned this much over two weeks, the guy from HMRC said I cant do anything about it.
  9. Hi guys, just wanted to get something clarified. I was paid for 2 weeks wages in 1 week so was taxed more NI than usual. I just got off the phone with HMRC who said there's nothing I can do as thats the way it works...it seems quite unfair to me. What if I had a payslip showing that I earned that much in one week and the second amount in another week? The guy on the phone seemed unhelpful and short.
  10. I just got a Dunning letter from my university regarding this and I have seen a few email invoices in my spam folder now. I graduated in 2012 and returned the books in April 2013 - about 5 months late. The only reason I was able to do this was because I had a placement after my graduation. Usually I would've have renewed the books online but my account was revoked so I didn't receive any notifications via email (all correspondence with my uni was via the uni email). I emailed the university to tell them I could not return ASAP because lack of transport but I got an ambiguous reply that "I could return the books but this is not right". Luckily I have kept the receipt of my return but atm I don't know where I stand. I want to contact them but I'm afraid they will refuse and just keep asking for the money. I am willing to pay the late fines but I think they are being unfair with the amount they want now - it currently stands at £177.
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