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  1. It's a bit worrying with these harmful gasses that possible leaks aren't investigated properly. All too easy to bill the customer for a recharge and wait to see if it happens again.
  2. It looks like the vacuum/ evac is more to remove the old refrigerant than test the system. On some of the motoring forums they suggest requesting a pressure test with Nitrogen.
  3. Thank you, I'll give my CC company a call during their office hours. Out of interest is there likely any legitimacy to their argument or are they just being difficult?
  4. yeah it was £80 so section 75. What evidence would be needed for a chargeback?
  5. Before my Annual Service in August I noticed the AC was making a hissing noise and wasn't working properly. I reported this to the dealer and they said the pressure was low. They recommended the AC refrigerant be refilled at a cost of £80 (paid by Credit Card). Three months later and the AC began hissing and stopped working again. After booking the car in again the dealership has found a leak and stated the repair would be covered under warranty. I questioned why this was not detected in august and as this was a warranty issue would the initial recharge cost be ref
  6. We haven't used any wheel cleaner, she only has 3k on the clock and its garaged. We don't live near the coast either. I have a 3 year old cee'd with 63k on the clock, used everyday of the week, not stored in the garage and my alloys have no corrosion. The dealership is basically saying it is up to KIA and their policy is any curb damage = no replacement even if there is a defect.
  7. Hi My partner recently noticed corrosion around the centre on both of her front wheels and also on the outer edge on the drivers side. Unfortunately it looks like there is also curb damage on the driver side wheel (image attached). The manufacturer will only replace the nearside wheel even though both have an obvious manufacturing defect. Would she have any recourse against the manufacturer and/or dealership for the replacement of the driver side wheel? The vehicle is under 1 year old.
  8. Do you mean after 6 months? As this would be up to the buyer to prove the fault?
  9. I’ve noticed a few retailers now including them in their terms of service. Seems a very anti-consumer practice.
  10. Out of interest, what is the legal standing of these “Inspection Fees” if a retailer decides an item is not faulty?
  11. Yeah I’m not going to lose sleep from not getting the postage refunded. Bit disappointed they messed around at first. I have bought quite a bit from them in the past but this experience is a little off putting!
  12. The seller has replied refusing refund and requesting inspection fee: 02/01/2018 12:08 pm Hi Thank you for your patience in this matter with regards to our Christmas opening times. The Drone Doctor engineers have now tested this wand and found that it works properly. They can find no fault whatsoever. They also highlighted scratches on the product and supplied photos. I have attached those photos herewith. Our terms and conditions state that products returned as faulty, which have no fault, are liable to a fee to cover the engineer's wasted time. ('Where
  13. dx100uk thank you for your help. This is the reply I received earlier today when submitting proof of postage and requesting timescale on refund: "We return to work on 2nd January. I will have an engineer test the return as soon as we possibly can as soon as they are back. (If the item is being returned as a change of mind then it needs to be tested to make sure it works, is in perfect condition, has all of the packaging, etc. If it being returned as faulty then it needs to be tested to make sure it has a fault and be repaired). We will get this done for you as soon as possible."
  14. I ordered the item 3rd Dec Received: 7th December Contacted Seller with fault: 8th December - told to contact manufacturer Contacted Manufacturer - 11th Dec - received reply 13th - Manufacturer stated faulty and offered return to themselves for repair. Requested return with retailer: 17th Dec Posted: 18th Dec Seller Received: 22nd
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