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  1. Hi I have received a letter from Zurich saying they have mis calculated my payments since 2004. Giving me two options a refund + interest or keep paying what I am and increase cover Can anyone send me link to interest calculator please had it on my old computer which is long gone. Smiles OSW
  2. Hi, back in January 2017 i booked online flights to go to Florida from London. When I purchased the flights i thought that i was booking :- - Direct flight from London to Florida - Indirect flight from Florida to London via JFK. When it finally came to the holiday i arrived at LHR to check in only to find that not only was my flight not direct, but, it had a 7 hour stop at Detroit! Clearly i was very unhappy, and want a full refund of my flights. Fortunately at the time of booking the flights online i took a screen shot of the booking (attached image) you can
  3. Could you please help. I got a quote from teletex holidays for a hotel advertised on their site as The Annabella Diamond &spa annexe. This is a 5 star hotel with amazing reviews and pictures of the hotel. In the description of the hotel, it tells you about the hotel, how many rooms and also indicates there is a separate annexe, (but does not elaborate). The teletex operative was very pushy for me to book and I told him to call back after 5 as I was working and I would be in the car. He called me back whilst I was driving, (I have hands free) and I decided to go ahead with the qu
  4. Myself and my wife have been having major issues with Everest and their ‘customer service’, and whilst researching online for help, I came across CAG. Our story is a little complicated, but basically we have been led into signing a contract for a conservatory with Everest, by a salesman of theirs who used underhanded tactics and completely misleading information. Right at the start, in August 2016, my wife received some inheritance money from a close relative, which we decided to use to build a conservatory, which will act as a playroom for our 3 year old daughter and baby that is d
  5. Ive a debt from 2011 which i have no idea what it is about how do i find out please because it is stopping me from getting a mortgage
  6. I have had a Fee paying packaged bank account with Barclays since June 1999. I had no idea until a couple years ago that it was not a standard monthly account fee but a packaged account. I had no use for a packaged account as I had breakdown insurance with my employment at the time of opening the account (company vehicle), we always bought our family travel insurance and had other normal insurance covers in place. I would never have agreed to pay over the odds for a bank account if I was made aware of this at the time. Please could someone advise me how I should pursue the
  7. The taxman has been accused of using small businesses and the self-employed as a “cash cow” after unveiling plans for a “draconian” new penalty regime. HMRC has announced that millions of companies and individuals with an income of more than £10,000 will have to file quarterly tax returns online. Those that are late in supplying information about their tax affairs will face a new “penalty point system”, similar to that used for motorists. Four offences will result in an automatic fine, which could be as much as £100. Every additional point will result in a further fine.
  8. Please help if you can! I paid postage and packing for some "free items" that I was tricked into buying from Stemologica, now loads of people are telling me that they will clean my bank out. How can I stop them?
  9. http://tracking.findmypast.co.uk/track?t=v&enid=ZWFzPTEmbXNpZD0xJmF1aWQ9Jm1pZD05ODQxNDQmbXNnaWQ9Mjg3NzYwJmRpZD0xMTI2MzMmZWRpZD0xMTI2MzMmc249MTY4MTI4MTgmZWlkPWc3Ym5mQGJ0aW50ZXJuZXQuY29tJmVlaWQ9ZzdibmZAYnRpbnRlcm5ldC5jb20mdWlkPUZNUFVLSW50NDAxMjQxNDkwJnRhcmdldGlkPSZtbj0mcmlkPTExMSZlcmlkPTExMSZmbD0mbXZpZD0mdGdpZD0mZXh0cmE9&&&2000&eu=1500&&&
  10. I visited my local Carphone Warehouse store last year , as the Talk mobile capped contract that I had taken out 12 months before was coming to an end and I needed to replace. I asked for a capped contract again as I explained to them it was for my son and I didn't want any large bills! I said budget was £15 -£20 a month. They suggested a contract with EE at £15.99 a month - at no time did they say that they do not do capped contracts anymore. They worded it as 2,000 mins, so many texts and data capped. My son was with me and he remembers that I kept saying it had to be capped to avoid a
  11. Hi Would like some advice about 2 loans that I took out in 2005 with egg to consolidate credit cards, car purchase etc after getting a mortgage in 2004. Both loans were for just under £25k each and it was more or less implied that if I took out PPI that the loans would be easier to be accepted for and that I would be able to claim if I was not able to work for any reason even though I was self employed. Roll onto end of 2008 where my ex wife and I started having relationship problems and I started struggling to make the repayments but feeling that I had a duty to repay I struggl
  12. Hi Everyone, I’m wondering if someone can help please? I re-mortgaged my flat in 2005 through Countrywide and the mortgage adviser told me that I had to take out a Mortgage Protection Plan as it was necessary for me to get the Mortgage but now as I understand it isn't. The Mortgage Protection Plan summary says its Life or earlier Critical Illness Cover (decreasing) which is with Friends Life (used to be Friends Provident) and as I understand it Countrywide and Friends Life are affiliated (if that makes a difference?) I had buildings and contents insurance at the time, so I think
  13. Please can some advise me on what nessary steps I should take with my problem. Last month "September 2015" I was called by the vodaphone rewards department with an offer on my account. I have 3 lines on my account and was told that I was a good customer with vodaphone and would like to offer me a broadband on the account. Line 1 is my iPhone 5s =£42.50 Line 2 is a iPad =£21.44 Line 3 is a iPad =£21.44 These are i was told by the adviser from the rewards dept that if I took out this broadband account they would cap my total bill to £105.00 a month. I agreed that w
  14. Has anyone claimed or in the process of claiming for miss selling between August 2009 and October 2012 of investments to customers
  15. Hello everyone, I would like to ask, all you out there, who are claiming back PPI on the grounds of miss-selling, this question. Did this premium(PPI) just appear on your statements, maybe it did, maybe it didn't. This story is for those of you who's PPI just one day suddenly appear on your statements, without having spoken to any one from the bank or credit card company about wanting PPI on the account. My story goes like this, long before PPI became generally known for what it's worth, back in 2007 i complained about my PPI on my credit card concerning the previous years
  16. If you were a policyholder with Standard Life when it demutalised in 2006, you would have been entitled to cash or shares. There are still 60,000 people who can claim shares and about 5,000 entitled to claim cash. Those who held a with-profits policy which started before March 2004 and was in force in October 2005 may be eleigible. The last date for claims is 9th July 2016. Anyone with a valid claim should contact Capita Asset Services on 0345 608 1478 http://www.standardlife.co.uk/c1/news-and-blog/uncategorized/dont-miss-money-thats/
  17. Hello I have been struggling with a lot of unsecured debt for quite some time and now find myself unable to pay this month. My credit record is unblemished at the moment but wont stay like that for long. 1 - Should I get in touch with the card companies and explain the situation and that I hope to return to making full payments in three months or so? 2- if ultimately I cant make my payment in the future should i make an arrangement to repay. I owe £85k so i would imagine I'm going to be hassled like crazy. 3 - There is a lot of advice about CCA on here and its great. I've h
  18. Miss-selling contracts!!!! I was put through to the retentions team at end of August to upgrade my phones. They offered me two IPhone 5S's on an unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 4gb data for £24.50. Soon afterward I looked at my online account and it said £31.50, I called their customer service immediately. I was told that it was discounted and that I must ignore the £31.50 it will right itself when the bill is prepared. Lo and behold the bill has come and money has been taken out of my account for £31.50 each. I have spent a long time on numerous c
  19. hi, is it possible to claim back interest from payday loans if u feel that they were miss-sold? any advice would b great thanks.
  20. Hi Guys - Been a while since I have been on the site and was hoping for some help please. I am actually supporting a close friend who tried to reclaim her PPI from MBNA. She actually had 2 credit cards with them and has tried to reclaim on both, they were both running at the same time 2009 - 20011 - they are both paid off in full. She received a telephone call last year from them advising that she may be able to reclaim and did a brief interview over the phone, she then had to complete the questionnaire they sent her, which she did and returned. She then receive
  21. Around 165,000 middle class parents miss child benefit deadline Child Benefit Penalties Faced By Thousands
  22. More than seven million people are in line to share a £1.3 billion compensation pot after Britain's biggest banks yesterday agreed to foot the bill for years of mis-selling credit card insurance cover. But millions more could miss out as regulators admitted the redress scheme linked to the CPP company at the centre of the scandal will not include customers who bought - and cancelled - their policy before 2005. Anyone who cancelled their policy before that time, when the regulator took responsibility for the market, will have to apply directly to CPP or their bank or credit card company.
  23. My 18 month Vodafone contract ended back in 28/05/2013. I only found this out by talking to a chap in a local VF store, who also kindly asked why I had 100MMS and free calls to 0800 number add on as most people wouldn't use this. My response was, I never asked for those services nor knew I had them so you tell me why they are there!? He had no idea and intimated they must have been on since I started the contract. He took the add on's off and advised I would now be saving £5 per month. Confused as to how those services are on my account, I asked what about the past 18 months wor
  24. We found a holiday advertised at £1212 for 2 people (£606 each) from Newcastle to Sharm El Sheikh. The holiday was advertised at £606pp (not from) and the agent quoted us £1212 in total for 2 people over the phone but this did not include bags & transfers. he then asked if we would like to add bags and transfers and we said yes... that brought the total to £1475 which to me seems a hell of a lot more just for those 2 things! so he said he would search for a package holiday with the airline provider Thompson and that was quoted at £682pp. I said I still thought £76pp was a lot to pay e
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