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  1. Hello All, Thanks for your help. The Gym in question is Xercise4less which is ironic as I have never paid more for a gym.
  2. Hi All, -I joined the gym on the 18th of April 2017 on an 11-month contract. -I tried to cancel my membership around August/September 2018. (17-18 months of paying) -The harlands online cancellation system kept popping up with errors when I tried to cancel. -I cancelled the direct debit as the online form was not working. -I received an email from Harlands on the 25th of September telling me that I was to reinstate my DD. -I responded and let them know that I had not been to that particular gym for over a year and that I had tried to cancel but it did not work. -I then received an email in October informing me that on top of the original membership fee charge of £9.99, they would be rounding it up to £34.99 due to an "administration fee". - Now they have rounded this up to £104.97 in total. - I would happily pay the £9.99 for the 1 month I missed. -So this cycle is going to keep going on and on as you cannot cancel membership if you have cancelled the dd. After reading on this forum for some time I have realised that they are not a very nice Company, however, any advice that you could give would be massively appreciated. I am an apprentice who makes no money whatsoever, so being asked to pay one-sixth of my paycheck before Christmas is appaling. Silo0o
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