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  1. Harlands/CRS/Trugym claim I owe £86 from a gym membership from around 2013. The account was with Zinc from 2014 to 2016 and now back with Harlands/CRS. On 30th August I received a letter (via email) of possible 'legal action' or 'outsourced to external agents'. What is my next move? I am not about to phone then and CRS don't have a website as they are Harlands. I go away on holiday on 19th September and don't want any nasty letters on my return. I hear that no gym has ever taken anyone to court so what can they really do to me for £86!
  2. QQ have my address, I have only been getting emails not letters through the post. MMF could give me a CCJ in it's last 5 months on my report : Surely I need the 'claim before court' letter or whatever it's called before they can do anything.
  3. I'm not quiet sure why you think I am trying to hide. As I said I don't remember the last time I paid them anything. Ignore the following: That was for something else. I'd forgotten about the whole stuff in 2016 about the accounts falling off my report. Both are back but only one is defaulted. It appears it may have been written off then put back on, who knows. I am more than likely going to try and offer a F&F on the £489 anyways
  4. Letting agents are not financial institutions so therefore only see public information they can not see your account history. Getting a mortgage on the other hand is almost impossible. So I've made my first DMP payment. Very have passed it to their in house DCA but still sent me my monthly statement JD Williams are just reminding me I've overdue for a payment Natwest nothing so far they have only added my monthly interest.
  5. I have had a qq loan in the past (2012). I disputed it and since then I've had the '60 day over payment' email going back at least as far as 2015. The default is dates May 2012 so due to fall of my report May 2018. Today I have received via email a 'notice of assignment' from Motormile Finance. Should I ignore it, remind them that the account is in dispute or send them the prove it letter? I'm getting confused now. 27/01/2013 Last email sent saying I was in dispute over the balances and the debt being assigned/sold to ARC. ARC couldn't give me a breakdown ref
  6. Everything is with the orignal creditors, I am only now trying to set up a DMP. Is there no advise on how to deal with Natwest other than ask for a CCA?
  7. Everything was applied for online in the last few years, is it worth it/would they be enforceable due to those facts?
  8. So Natwest are deciding to be difficult. The details Payplan gave them aren't the same as they have for me (not true) so won't give Payplan up to date balances etc, they want to me to go into a branch to sort it out - no chance! Think I am just going to write them a letter, the reason I'm using Payplan is so I don't have to deal with my creditors and all the stress/pressure etc
  9. I've not had issues with them in the past. Not that that actually answers my question but thank you.
  10. I'm starting up a DMP through Payplan and natwest is one of my creditors. I have given payplan all the correct details in terms of account numbers,addresses etc but natwest are saying that the information payplan have given them is incorrect so they can’t provide a balance on the account, the details they hold are different. They have asked if I call into a branch. I don't really want to do this as I don't see the need to, other than to confirm to them that I am now dealing with payplan. Will they want me to have a sit down with them? That is not going to happen.
  11. So I've started the ball rolling: 1) Emailed my credit union to see if they can refinance my loan to half from £120 to £60 a month, I have just over £1k left to pay off. 2) Cancelled my Natwest Loan DD and plan to pay them £50 this month. 3) Worked out budget til March 2018 when my credit cards will be paid off. 4) Contacted Payplan to start a DMP. What I still need to do: 1) Contact creditors to let them know I am entering a DMP.
  12. Defaults don't show up on a rental check as they are public information like bankruptcy, ccj, dro etc
  13. Having to move and needing a guarantor.
  14. I don't start uni till Feb 2018 so don't have my loan yet. I convert to a student account so I wouldn't be charge for my overdraft.nothing goes in or out of it at present. I am trying to find out what my best option would be come Feb. I'm looking at just defaulting but would like to know if any would go for a ccj even though I rent.
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