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  1. I went and forgot about it all and left the whole thing to the last day they'd given me. I phoned them and asked how much I needed to pay and was told the correct amount of 21.99. I asked if I could do a bank transfer but was told this wasn't possible so in the end I did just agree to pay on the phone. After I'd agreed to pay the 21.99 she confirmed the account was all cancelled. I can see all my pending transactions pretty much straight away so I checked and it matched. I've been checking daily since just in case but so far no problems. I figured if they did decide t
  2. While the above post may be correct it wouldn't necessarily stop them from sanctioning you - and then you would have to go through the trouble of getting it overturned. If they won't do this within their own process this could mean tribunal. I think it's generally pretty bad advice to make their life difficult for the sake of it when you've just started claiming. In terms of hardship there's no guarantee you would be granted them, you have to apply constantly and they will ask a lot of personal things. As mentioned above you are not excused from anything while sanctioned and it woul
  3. This is pretty standard and you have nothing to worry about as long as the circumstances you have declared on your claim are correct. Have you kept them up to date of all changes in your circumstances since you started the claim? A compliance interview could be for any number of reasons ranging from an internal data mismatch to suspected fraud. You won't be informed of what it's about until the interview because of this. If you have no idea what this is about then it will probably turn out to be something simple and is nothing to worry about - if something does come up that you aren'
  4. Paid my membership and haven't heard anything more, seems like this went well for me. Just wanted to say thanks again for all the advice Cheers guys!
  5. Their response was a letter. I just find the whole thing really strange after the countless threads on here where they never back down. Perhaps they are learning. Can't complain though! They haven't mentioned how to pay. I think I'll give them a ring tomorrow and see if they will provide me direct bank details. If not I'll send a cheque. Thanks
  6. Okay I'm currently in shock as I have received a direct response to my letter in only 2 days... and it seems they are accepting just the membership fee. 'Further to your recent letter to our offices, Harlands can confirm that if you make your final payment for March 2018 for £21.99 we will be able to cancel the account. You will have till the 5th April 2018 to bring the account up to date to be cancelled. Yours sincerely, Harlands' I'm a bit concerned about the wording as it doesn't exactly state explicitly they are dropping any other charges. However having rece
  7. Thanks Sorry for the delayed response was a hectic week for me. I went and sent the original letter today.
  8. Well my only way to pay them currently would be phone them and they will want the £68.98 quoted to me and I'm not paying that. I wouldn't be happy paying if they corrected the figure over the phone until I had it in writing for obvious reasons. It's been suggested to keep all contact to post so that's what I'm going to do. While the admin fee isn't legally enforceable, as far as they are concerned and their employees would have been told, they are due it. As witnessed in plenty of threads here they will not accept an offer of just the one months membership. My letter *might
  9. I've had a slight change of heart on this matter and have decided to offer them the Admin Fee as well. Honestly - £25 is a minor amount for me in comparison to all the hassle I will receive. I've spent ages debating this with myself as I don't like backing down but ultimately I just don't think it's worth it after seeing what they put people through on this forum. I will definitely not pay anything further however. I've drafted a letter to Harlands as such: Dear Harlands , I refer to my membership at Lifestyle Fitness gym in XXX, which was a rolling monthly agreement.
  10. Hi slick - thanks for the response. Yea when I dug out the Terms after reading Harlands email I did see the notice period. Unfortunately I was just naïve and thought cancel any time / no contract meant exactly that. Live and learn I guess. I'm not really opposed to paying the last months membership so that's fine - but I certainly don't intend to pay anything else. In regards to cancellation I followed the FAQ available which says you can also email harlands. I'll keep the email and I've took a shot of the FAQ as well. The terms I have say to contact their helpline
  11. Hi everyone, I can see this issue is really common and I've already read some excellent advice on here. I just wanted to make my own thread just to double check I do everything correctly! Hope this is okay I've recently decided to cancel my gym membership at Lifestyle Fitness as I am now using a newly opened gym next to my work place. My membership was just a monthly rolling, no contract, cancel at any time thing.. I followed the FAQ available on the Lifestyle Fitness website which states to email any cancellation request to Harlands. I sent an email to cancel on 0
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