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  1. Hi, My girlfriend recently moved to a new flat. The block of flats has a car park where each flat is assigned a specific, numbered car parking space. The flat she moved in to is a 2bed and her flat mate was using the assigned car parking space for their flat. Therefore, my girlfriend needed to apply for a parking permit to park on the road out the front (this application to the council, rather than to the private car park). Having moved from the same area, she had an existing permit for the area and needed to change the address of that permit, to this new location. Ho
  2. Hi Slick, On what grounds could they force the sale of my dad & uncles share of the house? My Grandad's care fees is not their problem; it would be the equivalent of me randomly forcing the sale of my neighbours house, like their 50% share is nothing to do with my grandad or the care home, I don't understand how the care home could force that, if my dad & uncle outright refused? Can they sell only 50% of a house? He does not have a SS rep as far as I am aware, and no, he does not pay rent to my dad or uncle.
  3. Thanks dx100uk - I looked into this today, and he has an assessment soon (NHS) - if that gets rejected, then we will get compass involved for a reassessment - Compass require a substantial upfront cost of £4,000 to perform an assessment, hence we'll only try them should the NHS-assessment fail. But should this assessment get rejected, and my grandad cannot receive "continuing health care", will he be forced to sell his house, and can they force my dad & uncle to sell their share, and make them pay for the trouble of it?
  4. Hi, My Nan died 5 years ago. Prior to her dying, she put her, and my grandads' house as "tenants in common", willing her half of the house equally 25%/25% to my dad and to my uncle. My grandads half is also willed 25%/25% to my dad & uncle. Since her passing, her 50% share of the house is now in my dad & uncles names. Recently, my grandad attained dementia and the NHS has insisted he cannot look after himself and put him in a home against his wishes, and against our wishes. We would much rather my grandad be in his own home with carers coming in, and we know f
  5. Hi both, I got a response from the Energie Fitness site from the message I submitted as an email accepting that the cancellation of direct debit was cancellation of the membership. See below: So.. will this alone get Harlands off my back? I havent been contacted since. Do I still need to submit a written letter? Seems pointless now if they have acknowledged it's cancelled? Cheers, Ryan
  6. Hi, I am moving out on the 23rd January and am going through the process of letting all my utilities etc. know. I want to cancel my Virgin Wi-Fi contract. Note - my contract is £30.50/month but goes up to £44.50 on the 27th February. While looking online, I saw that there was a "note" saying "if you cancel before 26th February, termination fees may apply" I want to have my contract end on the 23rd January and avoid any fees (I'm moving in with a friend, and no longer need the services. However, Virgin don't cover the new address anyway even if I wan
  7. Hi, I have a gym membership at Energie Fitness in Brentford, west london. (Mods: I've provided this specifically so you can check my issue). I asked back mid December to cancel my membership to one of the guys in there, and he told me to do it online. I wanted to cancel as I am moving away. When you go to EnergieFitness online, and go to the "Cancel your membership" button, it gives you the message "This feature is not available at this club. Please contact your club directly should you require further assistance." Which means although you can start, and pa
  8. Hi all, My younger sister and her friend were due to go away (on their first holiday without parents) to Ibiza on the 1st July 2020, this summer. On the 17th March the FCO changed their travel advice to "against all but essential travel". She was supposed to "pay the remaining amount" by the 8th April 2020. However, because of this travel advice from 17th March, they were worried their holiday would be cancelled, their understanding was that "if they cancel the holiday now, they lose their £200 deposit each and the £100 on top they had p
  9. It says on that link, that chargeback has a limit of less than £100 - this was a £200 payment
  10. How do I go about a section 75 recall? Do I ring my bank?
  11. Yes, I've been through that Andy - but they've removed the "Cancel Order" button from the Recent Orders page, and when you go on live chat, you will never get through to anyone.
  12. Hi Andy, Yes exactly - but they are not providing me with any method or way to cancel my order. That's where I'm stuck; where do I go from here? Thanks, Ryan
  13. Hi, My girlfriend ordered a table & chairs on the 11th April. The delivery date has been missed 3 times now; each time with us spending over 2-3 hours on the phone to ring up asking a) where it is and b) them "categorically promising it will be delivered tomorrow, its already on the lorry" - and then it not turning up again. At this point, we want to just cancel the order and get our £200 back. From my knowledge, when I order online, I have am legally entitled to cancel my order from the moment the order is placed until 14 days after the goods have be
  14. Thanks for all the help so far both of you, much appreciated. She's written the letter, stapled a copy of the DR+ Letter to the back of it. The address I found for Euro Car Parks Ltd is: 30 Dorset Square, Marylebone, London, NW1 6QJ - I just wondered if you knew if this was the correct address to send to? Likewise, this is the address I found for sending the V5C to: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BA She'll take this letter & the V5C to the post office tomorrow morning and get them sent off 1st Class, and get a certi
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