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  1. Just had a letter through from CRS saying that they may pass my account to another Collection Agency who will take further action? Also says they may file a CCJ against me? Can someone advise me a letter to reply to them? I have 10 days to reply and getting worried even though I don't think I should be?
  2. Hi Guys, I have complete what slick said to me and sent an email to the gym with regards to my gym membership and I'm happy to reinstate but they have just said to contact Harlands/CRS the email is below. Email I sent: I became of member of excersise4less around april. At the time, I was living near to the gym and it was convenient for me to travel to the gym after work. However, I subsequently moved and it was no longer viable or workable to get to the gym. As a result, I had no option but to cancel the direct debit. My membership number is W. Whilst I appreciate that cancelling the direct debit would likely incur a cancellation fee, which I can ill afford, I had no option as I didn’t want to be paying a monthly direct debit for a service I wasn’t able to make use of. I am also now renting a property and simply can’t spare that additional money each month. Since cancelling the direct debit I am now being constantly harassed by a Company called Harlands/CRS. They are telling me you have put the matter into their hands. As a result they are demanding an outrageous £250 in fees! I have taken advice and this debt collector has no legal right to pursue this erroneous outstanding amount. I have also been advised not to discuss my situation with them. That aside, constantly being bombarded with phone calls, emails, even calls to my parents’ home, demanding money is causing me unnecessary stress and worry. As a result I am contacting you direct. I have disclosed from the outset, that I am happy to pay the cancellation fee and a further month to put an end to this matter. Please can you confirm the outstanding balance due, and I will arrange to settle the payment once and for all. Reply from Gym: Thank you for your email. As stated in our T&C you should not cancel your direct debit at any cost. As a result this would incur further charges. In relation to the debt collection company, we as X4L have a third party company who deal with any arrears owed to our club. As a result you will need to address this matter with them. This is all in our T&C which you would of been sent via email once you initially joined the gym. Not sure were to go with this? I don't know what to say back to that, just want CRS/Harlands of my back to be honest. Sorry for the wall of text, hope you guys understand it. Have just spoke to someone from my company and apparently it is possible I could get a CCJ from this? Is this true because I'd rather pay it than get a CCJ?
  3. Thanks, I will wait to see what they come back with and let you know. That would be a good idea to go on the Facebook group if they continue to harass me.
  4. Ill send them an email staying I will pay the months cancellation fee however will not pay for admin fees! Ill also advise if they continue to harass me Ill take action under Protection from Harassment Act 1997. I sent this "Hi, I have received an email from yourselves advising that I owe you 73.98 due to cancelling the Excersise4Less membership. This was cancelled due to me moving house and then being unable to pay this, I will re add my DD as I am now in a place to pay for the gym monthly. The charges you are trying to charge me are unenforceable and I will not pay them, I will give you 14 days to agree to this. If you do not then I will revoke my offer to re add my DD to xercise4less . If you continue to Harass me after this 14 day period I will take legal action under the Protection Harassment Act 1997. Thankyou" Ill let you know the reply I get
  5. The forums are just advising to ignore them, is there nothing I can send them just to try get them to stop contacting me? or could I maybe block there email address?
  6. What would I need to reply with them, these sort of things worry and will just play on my head I don't know whether to just ignore them or send a email to them.
  7. Hi, I have cancelled my Direct debit with Xercise4less around 4 months ago due to money problems as I had just moved into a new house and didn't realize how much bills were going to cost, I did not have the money to pay them so I cancelled the direct debit through my bank account. I received the email below from the Harlands company. "We refer to our previous letter and note that you have not contacted us. You have now incurred a further £ 25.00 charge and are £ 73.98 in arrears. Under your Membership Agreement, you have promised to pay this debt. If you continue to refuse to honour that commitment, we will have no option but to take further steps to collect the outstanding balance. We want to help you resolve this situation but you must call us. Ignoring our letters is only resulting in further charges being added. Please call the HARLANDS HELPLINE on 01444 449033 to clear your arrears by Debit/Credit Card and reinstate your Direct Debit. If you are unable to clear your arrears in full then we may be able to help you but you must call us to discuss this. If you do not contact us by 17th September 2017 your balance of £ 157.91 will be passed to a Debt Recovery company who will add their fees to your account." I have checked my emails and can not see any emails from them previously? I would have dealt with this sooner, they are threatening to charge me 160?! I am now in a place were I can pay the 11.99 a month to Excersise4less but surely I don't need to pay the admin fees, that is too much money, can they make me pay these? I do not know what to do and can't afford to pay £73. I would be happy to pay 11.99 a month again to the GYM
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