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  1. TfL have already said the won't settle ooc. With that being said, I plead not guilty and I'm just going to go there and say everything truthfully. Hopefully, I won't be punished to severely since I feel like I got scammed by that person anyway.
  2. This is an anonymous forum, and I have absolutely NOTHING here that can prove who I am. It hurts me to see that nobody seems to believe that I really didn't alight the bus. What would I gain from lying on here? I'm going to say this for the last time: The bus was approaching my stop, the inspector asked for my date of birth but NEVER asked for my name or address. After he asked those questions, I even told him that it's my stop and that I'll be getting off - the inspector nodded his head and let me get off casually. I got off the bus with absolutely no ru
  3. From the start of this thread you've expressed your annoyance about helping me. Constantly saying how everything I'm doing is wrong. I was accused something which I DIDNT DO. My father who is familiar with the law has also noticed that and has advised me to plead not guilty. I made this thread because I knew taking in other opinions and advice will be helpful to me, but I will obviously have my father as my main adviser in this situation. And now you're acting like the victim because I decided to take my father's advice in a situation where I'm being accused o
  4. Well TfL said they don't settle out of court, and said that if I didn't know that the oyster card was not valid then I wouldn't have provided wrong date of birth and alighted the bus. I didn't respond to that, but I never alighted the bus and that's what I thought the date of birth would be on their side of the system. Well my dad has said that they are accusing me of this, even saying that i alighted the bus to avoid providing details, but this is not true. I sent off a not guilty plead to the court and I believe they will reschedule a new date. I am w
  5. I called up TfL on Wednesday and asked about settling out of court. They said I will need to email them about it so I did that on the same day. Today I sent off the court letter to court with my plea. I was never given a letter asking for my side of the story though, some users here said that I should've received one prior to the court letter but I never did. I emailed TfL briefly explaining my story, apologising and asking for settling out of court. Sent the email 7 days before the actual court date, but my father said that if they do want
  6. It seems like forum will be going down soon for at least 2 days. I want to contact TFL today. I was wondering what number I should call to discuss OOC?
  7. I thank you for helping me and giving me guidance, but I haven't received any advice for what to say when I actually call TFL and try to settle out of court. I just want to know how I should approach the subject when I call them and what parts of my story I should say.
  8. I plan to call TFL tomorrow, or on Tuesday if I feel like I'm not prepared enough tomorrow. I will attempt to settle out of court. I'm not sure what to say honestly. I'm assuming I'd have to be very brief and get straight to the point, but it's difficult to properly explain this situation from my side whilst also making it brief. I've explained this situation to my father and he has encouraged me to plead not guilty. He says I've been s c a m m e d, since I paid for an application to be made for a student 16+ oyster card, but yet I received an invalid one which is not what I though
  9. If I plead not guilty I will definitely attend the court. I wanted to know; if I do plead guilty, does it definitely result in a conviction or something that goes on my record, or can I plead guilty and get off with just a fine and no record? I do realise that I certainly made a very stupid mistake by getting the card online. It was something that was very irresponsible of me and I regret it terribly. Not only because I am now in trouble for it, but also because I allowed myself to fall for something which should have been otherwise obvious. I should have been more vigilan
  10. I only received one letter, which had lots of paper work and it was from the court. I will send pictures as soon as I can. I'm not sure if the letter was asking for my version of events or if it was just a statement. I will check and get back to you. Also, is it still possible to settle out of court when the court date is less than 2 weeks away? Furthermore, if TFl do agree to settle out of court, is it still possible that I'll get convicted or anything will show up on my record? Thank you for your help, I will be providing more information regarding the court letter.
  11. Also regarding this, is pleading guilty really the best course of action for me? I do admit that my actions were extremely irresponsible and I deeply regret them, but I don't think I'm actually guilty of what I am being accused of? I mean - As far as I know I'm being accused of using a fake oyster card which I was not entitled to and intentionally tried to make it appear valid, then alighted the bus when asked for my name and address. I was entitled to these discounts/free travel, didn't intentionally try to make it appear valid (It's just what I thought would be on the system),
  12. 3 days before the court date, which is on the 6th of March. So they have to receive it at least by the 3rd of March
  13. I did get a letter which is asking me for a statement. I don't know what to write on it really, other than just apologise for everything and admit that I was extremely irresponsible.
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